Hour Long Interview with Meetic CEO


Helen Fisher also presented,  anyone have a link to her talk?

Found it.

So why can’t we get these kind of speakers at the dating conference?

11 Responses to “Hour Long Interview with Meetic CEO”

  1. Alan Says:

    I’m a french guy doing websites for money, I’ve listened to the meetic CEO several times talking in conferences, he is the most popular of the net-entrepreneurs here, because he managed to sell his former company ifrance for 185M EUR in 2000.

    When he says he’s got no diploma, he’s kinda lying, he did some engineer degree, then in his last year, he had to get some work experience in a company, he did some network stuff, and it was in the early 80’s, long before the internet. He saw then that there was a big opportunity in providing services about networking for companies and started his company. His company was doing ok, but not a great success, so when he saw the internet coming in the 90’s, he decided to start the french equivalent of Geocities (personal homepages), called ifrance. His goal at this time was to allow people to create personal homepages on ifrance so he would get traffic, then he would redirect the traffic to a dating website, because it was his big idea since 10 years before… he really wanted to do a dating system the day people would be able to connect together through some computer… With the internet coming it was the great opportunity, but he didn’t create his dating website. Indeed, with his ifrance website, being one of the first in France to offer personal homepages, he got incredibly popular, and with the 2000 era of startups craziness, he had some offer to sell ifrance If he managed to sell it for such a price, it was also thanks to his partner because he admitted that not coming from a rich family, he would have been ready to sell it for a lot less. Anyway, he must have been really bothered by the story about the journalist criticizing him, because he always tells about it, when he talks about the begin of meetic.

    I was also able to listen to some of his former/current partners through conferences here in France, and bottom line, to be successful in the internet business, it comes down to 3 things : doing it, being pragmatic and being lucky.

  2. Mark Brooks Says:

    Marc Simoncini was scheduled to speak at the 2005 European iDate but canceled because of the Meetic IPO keeping him busy in October.

    Helen Fisher will be speaking at the next iDate conference in Miami. She’s the keynote. I confirmed the engagement last week with Mandy Ginsberg, the GM of Match.com USA. Mandy will be introducing Helen at the conference and the Helen will keynote. We’ll get it listed on the agenda shortly.

  3. bobbydass;er Says:

    I would think POF would be an acquisition target for Meetic!

    That is, if they could afford to pay for you🙂

  4. Mike Montague Says:

    Hi Marcus, I sent an email to you earlier today. I can see here that you get many requests for your time. I hope my message gets a worthy read.

  5. Ross Williams - WhiteLabelDating.com Says:

    Hi Marcus,

    We’re the Platinum sponsor of iDate and have been for some years now – we’d love to get more high profile speakers to attend the event, but the senior people at Match and Meetic that I speak to have traditionally seen it as slightly second rate.

    I think the organisers of iDate also need to recognise who the serious players in the industry now are – I’ve certainly felt that too much favoritism has been shown to those who didn’t deserve it and I understand iDate is now addressing this.

    I think iDate also need to check the content of presentations before the event – too many times they accepts speakers who just plug their product or service, rather than taking the time to craft a unique presentation for iDate to benefit the audience at iDate.

    I understand that Mark Brooks is taking a more active role in iDate and applaud this move – Mark is well respected in the industry and should be the face of iDate to encourage the larger, senior people to join.


  6. David Evans Says:

    Yes iDate certainly needs a shot in the arm. We’ll see if this years CEO speakers and yours truly can spice things up a bit.

    Helen Fisher is fantastic. I worked with her last year setting up the Chemistry.com blogs. She knows more about matching than just about anyone I’ve ever met.

  7. HippoCrocApig. Says:

    Hi Markus, I was wondering if there is anyway I can register at your site without having my account removed almost immediatly? Ive tried to register on several occasions but to no avail, now fair do’s if I was a spammer or something, but i am not.

    Happy Crimbo!

  8. James Houran Says:

    I tried to organize a panel discussion for the Miami iDate conference on compatibility theory and testing with the biggies like Glenn Wilson, Pepper Schwartz and Helen Fisher. It didn’t work this time for logistical reasons, but I’m doing all I can to help bring more scientific issues to iDate.


  9. Ezequiel Hernandez Says:

    totally enjoyed finding this post…

  10. US and EU Dating Companies Differ Says:

    […] reading this I saw that Markus Frind, founder of Plentyoffish, linked to an hour-long interview with Marc […]

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