Plentyoffish Serious Member Profile Upgrade…

In the next serval days i’ll be releasing a paid feature on plentyoffish.    With this optional upgrade you can signal to the community that you are serious about meeting someone.  This upgrade will last either 3, 6 or  12 months.

1.  On paid dating sites most buys are impulse and in the signup process.    Paid sites monetize on Impulse,  plentyoffish is going to monetize on user intent.   I believe we will have far more members that are serious than paid sites.   Its one thing to be tricked into paying (paid sites),  its another to go out of your way and pay for something.

2.  There will be no addtional features and funcationality for users,  this upgrade will be strictly to signal intent to the community.

3.  There will be no changes to existing users or new users.   The site will continue to work as it always has,  except some members can now choose to stand out more.


201 Responses to “Plentyoffish Serious Member Profile Upgrade…”

  1. Eldho Says:

    here we go…
    that’s a smart move.But i think you have to be more cautious now onwards and convince new users that pof is not a site intended primarily for paid users.
    one way to convince is give the upgrade free for a certain period to users who are trying hard in finding a date.

  2. Henry M. Says:

    I’m sure you’re sure about what you’re doing. But personnally I intentionally skip listings that have been paid extra for. On classifieds and on dating sites.

  3. Dave Evans Says:

    My thoughts as usual at

  4. Kebie Says:

    It’s smart because it is a super lazy solution that if it is fails it is super easy to stop offering and if it catches on in the POF community there will be lots of easy money. It takes to costs or real effort to startup, but can have a large social impact on the website and make people feel like they need to buy it, if it is priced right (cheap).

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  6. Gilles Says:

    Actually at Meetic’s CEO speach at le Web last year the way he described the reasoning for being a pay site was about precisely intent and trust. As a user, if you know the person on the other side is paying, then it lowers the chances of wasting time on a faker or someone who’s not serious about it.

    I hope that you can give us a glimpse about how well it worked or not a few weeks down the line. I’ve just launched premium membership on my own website (different vertical) this week and the sign-up rate exceeded my expectations, particularly in such dire times.

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  8. JD Says:

    Good luck but:
    At the expense of being rude, and that is not my intent, this will follow your paid gifts into the sunset.

    Sorry can’t see POF members spending money to stand out…
    they are on and lava for that already(?)

  9. Samuel Agboola Says:

    This is a smart move. The future is Fremium and for all the noise (and boy will there be noise) from people who are upset their are now tiers to membership, the revenue should more than offset any loss. Given the tiny value of an advertising funded membership base the economics should be startling.

    The real question is where to stop? Why not ad services which justify an optional monthly premium from more members? The only reason I can see is the damage it does to PoF’s core sales message – we’re free. Either by acquisition or build-out it looks as if PoF now has a pay-site in its future. May I suggest “Plenty of Koi Carp”

  10. Mike Says:

    This tends to be counter productive for the purchasers. It is a ‘desperate’ flag, which most
    users will steer clear of.

    If you integrated it into search, so it was one of the top options to search people on, ie. has photos, distance, has_kids, is premium, etc- maybe people would get more attention with it on, and it might do ok.

  11. casualencountersblog Says:

    Honestly, just surprised you hadn’t done this earlier.

  12. Stever Says:

    Smart move Markus, I think it will work well. Having used the site for over a year, got some dates, had some fun, seen the good side and bad side, and all the different intents of various users, and am now in a relationship, from POF, I think this has great potential. It’s the best of both worlds.

  13. JB Says:

    Sure, I’m sure tons of people can’t wait to pay for what they already get for free. Especially in this current economy. People that pay want to be on sites where they actually see quality uploaded pics for the most part. Not compressed pics that hurt your eyes.

  14. Andy Sutcliffe Says:

    I own SelectAlternatives, a series of hyper-local (paid) dating sites designed primarily for alternative newsweeklies.

    I agree that most paid dating sites “monetize on impulse.”

    SelectAlternatives doesn’t do that. We encourage non-registered users to browse/search the site without having to create a profile. And, we allow users to register and create a free profile. If that un-paid member is contacted, it’s free to respond. We only require a paid membership to initiate a first contact with another member – user intent.

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  16. John Smith Says:

    Good luck. People are cheap and ingnorant. You’re wasting your time.

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  19. Massimo Says:

    @John Smith: not a lot of time, really. Seems like a smart move to me: try this, and if it doesn’t work go for something more elaborate.

  20. Kebie Says:

    I like all the “you are wasting your time” people. What time? what investment? this is like a couple database fields and a few IF statements in the code. Done. No investment of time at all, easy to implement, easy to test, easy to fail or succeed, no risk or real down side, only upside.

  21. Markus Says:

    actually its a lot of damn work. Rewriting about 100 SQL statements and having to test them all.

  22. Dating Site News Says:

    Look at this as just being the start of POF’s downfall. Paid = Users could care less …

    Give the poor site design and interface, being free is the only thing that keeps users there.

    Once the site goes to a fully PAID site which it will eventually, the 10 million users will turn into 10 million people flocking to the next best thing.

    Best of luck.

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  24. casualencountersblog Says:

    What the hell, Dating Site News. Transparently trolling much.

    He says, uh, responding to the troll.


  25. love conquers all Says:

    I’ll be honest here. I think it’s a horrible idea. I don’t quite get it. Seems illogical to me. What would make someone want to choose a gold member over a regular member ? Especially when all the functionalities are the same. I hope it works you, but I just don’t quite understand the logic behind it.

  26. Dating Site News Says:

    @ love conquers all

    The rationale behind it …

    10 million members, 10% will opt for the option (approximately) @ $1.00 a piece, that $1 million, $2.00 = $2 million, $9.95 = $9.95 million extra revenue for modifying 100 lines of sql code. Do the math.

    Best of luck to Markus if it works. He will have to remove the “100% free – no charges ever” moniker that is plastered throughout the site .

  27. Stever Says:

    @dating site news

    I think adoption of the pay side of things could reach 20%.

    all the naysayers don’t really understand POF. Have you used it, like actually used it to actually go on dates, or even quicky hook ups, and getting to actually meet and know some members of opposite sex???

    And ask other users, while trying to get to know them, their thoughts on the site?

    Have you had offline conversations with other single friends who use it? There’s a lot of them, and they like it.

    After using it for a considerable amount of time, months, have you noticed the people who leave and then come back to try again a month or two later? There is lots of those.

    Have you noticed how there is a wide range of user intent on the site? Some trying it out for first time, some looking to just get laid, some looking to meet friends, some there just for the forums, and some looking for serious relationships.

    Many of those looking for serious relationships will embrace the “serious member” badge. It will help them filter out the jerks, and those just looking to get laid. And it will attract attention from others who feel the same, those they are looking to attract in first place.

    The vast majority of users could give 2 shits about the design and look of the site. What matters is how well it works. And it does work very well. That is a large reason why it is so successful. There are a million other free dating websites out there, and where are they in the realm of users, traffic, and revenues???

    Go Markus! I’m rooting for ya, and hope the new pay model works out. I think this one is a good one.

    The payed gifts experiment though was a bad idea. Price points were way too high. And I don’t see how people can see value in paying for intangible digital pseudo gifts, unless it was a micro payment deal for like $1 each. But then the gift has such low value to the person receiving it. But paying a monthly fee to advertise their “serious” intent on the site, I think enough people will pay for that, and it should have little overall impact on the rest of the free users who will stick to free.

  28. Michael | Esprit riche Says:

    I like that move.
    I think that’s the best option you had because you can’t change the POF business model without disturbing people.

    You have a bless : you website is associated to you so people will be less reluctant to buy from you if they are serious.

    Anyway, you will need some marketing work too🙂

  29. David Says:

    The added paying feature is an awesome idea Markus. If I was still on POF I probably would have switched over because in my opinion I think that would show others that you are serious about meeting someone. I think once you see a few people paying, and their profile standing out from the rest, more will follow. Wishing you much success Markus and thanks to POF I found my sweetheart : )

  30. Ricky Says:

    you know whats funny all the time plentyoffish seemed to put the user first and never to be geedy and called other paid membership sites

    now how much do you want to bet that the free members in time will be limited to what they can do or see

    plentyoffish is a poor user friendly website it looks dated full of google ads but the only thing which is great about the site is its members

    Now your trying to make money out of loyal users trying to make out that if they upgrade they will look serious in return free members will look like spam

    markus stop worring about your back balance and put the users first of they will be another website round the corner who will

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  32. Mike Says:

    Like one of the other posts said, this probably signals people being desperate more then anything.

    It also does nothing to stop the biggest complaint that I hear over and over again from all my friends that have used dating sites, which is, the huge volume of dumb-ass guys bombarding them with emails looking to get laid or have a threesome and wasting their time. Those guys will be the first ones to pay so they can fool women into thinking they are “serious”.

  33. casualencountersblog Says:

    @ Dating Site News

    If you don’t HAVE to pay a fee, and there’s still no CHARGE to use the site, isn’t the site still free? I don’t see why the tagline has to go.

  34. Anand Says:

    Surely everyone starting free dating websites there is no quality prospects and also the no of members in each site is pretty less. but having thrusted paid site improves guinue prospects hence the quality of members and having greater rate of success leads to more quality members.

  35. Sascha Says:

    How much is it for 3, 6 or 12 months?

  36. Ken Says:

    This is going to backfire, PoF has gotten big because it is a free site.

    I remember a site called Campuskiss or something similar. Anyways, it was a MySpace type site that was basically a dating site aimed mostly at those in the Ontario region. It eventually had a paid option and little by little they took away more and more from the free non-paying members.

    Eventually the site because useless and has resorted to spam that is typical for the big dating sites. “You have a new message from someone, log in to see!” only the catch was, I had to sign up for the paid option to read it. I forgot I even had a membership on the site until it came into my spam email account(that I use for sign ups and other various things) since I hadn’t signed in for a good three or four years, ever since they went pay.

    Another thing is, you get alot of guys that will send messages only to have the read, deleted. Think they get pissed about that with a free site, just wait til they pay and have the same thing happen. They’ll cancel their membership and that’ll be the end of that.

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  40. Says:

    I agree with Ken that Markus has to be careful. It’s not like he’s doomed to turn the site into a pile of steaming doody though, is it.

  41. JT Says:

    Smart, smart move Markus. Easy to do, easy to test. If it doesn’t work out, you pull it. No building an all-new site elsewhere, etc.

    Clever as always. The naysayers have no clue.

  42. connectedthought Says:

    Paid sites setting up free sites and free sites setting up paid sites. It will be interesting to see how all of this pans out. I think the winners will be those that start adding features that add to the customers experience. Let’s face it nobody actually dates online, they search then flirt, tease, tempt and chat in a preamble before actually meeting. There has to be loads of scope to add to that experience without simply trying to add social media tools. Markus has the advantage as he has been a champion of the customer from day one but now is the time to take POF to the next level.

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  44. Cory Says:

    Very interesting. I commented on my blog about this. I didn’t think you were making a good choice here but I think many of us were wrong.

    My Blog

  45. College Town Menus (CTM) Says:

    Awesome idea! Keep up the hard work!

  46. JamesT Says:

    and has anyone read the POF terms of service

    just goes to show how in the end absolute power corrupts absolutely

  47. Stever Says:


    What specifically in their TOS worries you? Looks like a pretty standard TOS to me. Haven’t read it all word for word, but in scanning through it I don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

  48. JamesT Says:

    and if your lookign for someone “serious” its pretty simple to filter youtr searches to only show people interested in long term relationships.. but of course that makes to much sense yes?

    I see the gold stars on profiles with no pictures.. on profiles in which people are looking for “hang out” and “intimate encounter” i have msged every gold profile in my area and not one of the ladies even knew it was on there profile, let alone bought an upgrade, so where does his research facts come from about increased views and email. its all randomly given out freely. and to anyone who did pay. if this idea does not work you will not get any refund. so i imagine this will be around for 1 year so as to forgo any kind of disputes..
    just goes to show all these were randomly seeded by POF to make people think others are buying this when in fact no one is buying it its a big scam.

    dont believe what you see people just common sense

  49. JamesT Says:


    its carefully worded to allow himself to charge people money yet still call his site 100% free

  50. Paul C Says:

    I’m a real fan of Marcus however it appears that the majority or women who I am seeing with the upgrade seal have been given 1 year upgrades for free. (this assumption made after 3 women who I know say they received email from Big Fish informing them of the 1 yr free trial.

    Possibly Marcus is using these to seed the site to entice others to upgrade?


  51. Dede Says:

    Marcus is very smart and I say why not?? I think he definitely will make alot of money on his new idea!

  52. HDTV Shows Says:

    Marcus, you are a brilliant marketing and leader person! I love your site and you did an awesome achievement with POF!

    We can all be jealous at your success🙂 KEEP IT UP !

  53. Jason Says:

    Ladies how “serious” are you really if with upwards of 40 different emails a day from interested guys for months you still cannot find a date?

  54. gets paid | Red3delta Says:

    […] […]

  55. Says:

    Paul, it would make sense to rock it out that way. How would you suggest it be deployed otherwise?

  56. Karl Says:

    Paid Strategy for POF

    I have been an internet dater for over 4 years and a user of POF all the way through as well as Match, E-Harmony, LavaLife, Lavalife Prime, Chemistry and a few others. The ONLY reason I have joined paid for sites is to get a fresh set of dating prospects in any given period of time. In fact, anyone I can find on their “free” trials who is also on POF, I always contact on POF. So I sign up for 3 months, maximize their database while all the time being on POF as well. Overall POF has resulted in the most dates and the most 3+ month relationships. I am a “serious” dater in that I am truly looking for someone to marry. I have come close, just not quite there. So, I love your concept of “serious” dater.

    As a former senior manager at Microsoft Canada and now on my fourth start-up including being president of one that went public on the TSX Venture Exchange, I have not only seen the technology/internet business close up but I have also seen lots of the business mistakes people make. As an individual, you have had amazing success as a sole proprietor. If you decide to become a “real” business, you will face a multitude of new issues and most of them in one way or another will deal with managing people. I would caution you on increasing headcount quickly. Instead, look for a model in which you can hire the best possible people slowly. I have been involved with up to 200 developers/consultants in one of the businesses and the sad truth is that when you get to that size, your ability to hire better people disappears and you keep getting closer to the average. Today, I have a model in which I will have no more than 20 people in any one endeavour. I outsource what I do not need to do so I can concentrate on what is important with the best possible talent I can find. If I was in your position, large user base, lots of cash and lots of opportunities, I would be salivating.

    If I understand your demographics, POF tends to appeal to slightly higher income brackets, slightly higher intelligence and slightly higher age. Being 52 now and living in Calgary and having counted the number of “hits” on the other sites for similar women, I have found that POF has as many and certainly more active people in my age bracket. And since I have dated lawyers, nurses, teachers and other professionals from the site, my limited data sample seems to bear out the first statement of POF appealing to a slightly “better” audience.

    I also understand that the difference in revenue between your site and any site with the same number of paid subscribers is probably more than an order of magnitude difference. Hence the appeal to go paid.

    Here is what I would do if i was in your position.

    I would leverage what you already have. Lots of traffic and lots of users in the dating game. I also really like the idea of the “serious” dater. I think that is bang on. But I think you need to have some real value add services for the serious dater who is paying. Over time, the site might look like this.

    I would have 3 categories of users.

    1. Basic free user with everything you have now with other free users

    2. Entry level paid user with extra features

    3. Premium user – a premium dating experience

    The basic user model is what is already in POF. For the entry level paid user, I would build a set of features that allow them to have some control of who contacts them. This is where I like the “smile or wink ” concept. A free user can message other free users but can only smile or wink at a paid user and then the paid user makes the decision to engage or not based on the profile. Entry level paid users can email other entry level paid users. In addition, the paid user can hide anything and everything. So for example, the paid users favourite list can have a hide button so that the person who has been favoured does not even know that they are on your list. Pricing would be one third to one half of Match and Lavalife to maintain your value leader position.

    The premium concept would offer similar but hopefully slightly different “serious” dating concepts to rival Chemistry and e-Harmony at a lower price. I think of the differentiating features could be to allow the premium user to tap into your entire user base and engage “free” users who they would like to learn more about. Pricing would be one half of e-Harmony to maintain your value leader position.

  57. Paul Says:

    but karl your forgeting that marcus is lazy, and what you propose sounds like alot of work🙂

  58. Says:

    There’re different kinds of lazy, though. Markus is smart-lazy, not stupid-lazy.

    To whit: Laziness – The quality that makes you go to great effort to reduce overall energy expenditure. It makes you write labor-saving programs that other people will find useful, and document what you wrote so you don’t have to answer so many questions about it. Hence, the first great virtue of a programmer.

  59. Steve Says:

    Is Plentyoffish down right now? I have been trying to get to the site to open an account (a friend told me it was awesome!) But when I type in the address it says that “Internet Explorer Cannot Display Page”. I’ve tried it with both of my computers, and it is the same with both.

    Please, any help would be appreciated.

  60. gazduire web Says:

    could not even sign up from outside usa, so there is an annoying scam thing in your form…. makes you think you did mistake but no, it’s jus AI ;))

  61. Says:

    I think your answer is serendipitously located beneath your post, Steve.

  62. im4real139 Says:

    I have no idea how this ridiculous looking “serious member” gold star appeared on my profile! I assume I clicked something by accident, but I wasn’t prompted to ‘ok’ or approve the change, but it’s really REALLY annoying that there seems to be no way to remove the stupid thing !!!! and of course I can’t see any way to contact the site admins – the HELP section has no contact address to send complaints like this. does anyone know how to contact the site or Markus, apparently the owner?

  63. Calzro Says:

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  64. Steve Says:, so what is the answer to my question? Why can’t I access the website? I seem to have gotten an answer from gazduire web, and you seemed to have understood his answer, but I don’t. Maybe I’m missing something, but his answer didn’t make any sense to me.

    Any help would be awesome, I’m really looking forward to trying this site.


  65. Says:

    Where are you at.

  66. mistermuggles Says:

    It could fail, but if you never fail it means that you never do anything… So why not try it? Ppl were paying to send virtual gifts to their FB friends… for virtual desk/tv whatever.. Why not! Good Luck Markus!

  67. Money Maker Says:

    Congress!Good Luck Markus!

  68. Says:

    @mistermuggles Yeah and put that one up there with “shit I will NEVER understand”…

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  70. Jennifer Says:

    What?? Im confused. I have recently been hearing talk that POF is buying Im assuming that isn’t true now since you are offering paid memberships???

  71. Jen2 Says:

    I can’t access the website either ever since this weekend? I get the same page that asks if I want to access a cached version but then get an “OOPS, no link”

    Anyone have any ideas???

  72. Toon-c Says:

    Smart move Markus ..
    Hope it’ll work well for you ..

  73. Says:

    Yeah, snap Jen2. Sigh.

  74. Podcast #47 - Blog - Stack Overflow Says:

    […] Markus is looking to acquire a pay dating site at this point. On the other hand, he’s adding some pay features to his free site as […]

  75. Michael Says:

    The most important factor in deciding WordPress theme is the ease of installation, user friendly and search engine optimised. You can find those Premium WordPress themes at DailyWPTheme.

  76. Steve Says:

    I reported a fake profile today and requested to be contact with their info as an ongoing police report is open in a harassment/identity theft case… by the time I got home the profile was removed and no email with info sent to me.. how can I obtain this information? please email me for details so I can forward to the detective to furthur pursue this.

  77. Clifford Richards Says:

    Why has my profile been deleted?

    I did not spam or offend anyone. All I did was complain about one user who sent me a rude message. I never replied to her, or initiated contact, I just reported it. If you have a problem with infidelity on your site, you should not have a dating category called Intmiate Encounter.

    If you are to delete users, especially after complaints, you should at least hear both sides as I suspect in this and many other cases, it is vindictiveness on the part of the person who did not like my profile. I only ever reply to users intially, I do not contact them first and I am polite and courteous when I do. You can always temporarily suspend the profile under scrutiny until the case has been heard, as it were and inform all parties concerned.

    I know you reserve the right to ban people and all that but you should not play God, you should be transparent and explain yourself and be seen to be fair, despite your personal feelings. You have advertisers now, so you should at least play by some rules.

    I assume you will probably just ignore this, but I deserve a reply and an explanation, as I have done nothing wrong. If you think I have in some way, then please tell me how, I would really like to know why? I think I deserve that as I cannot second guess subjective judgement, if I have broken the rules, I need to know which ones to avoid doing it in future.

  78. ed Says:

    So people who dont pay are not serious about dating? hmmm

  79. Jennifer Says:

    I am a member of plentyoffish I can’t tell you how upset I am over this “serious member” stuff. I have tried contacting someone from the site with no avail. Very convenient how they make it that way. I went to take the survey to become a serious member and was shocked to see YOU HAVE TO PAY! Inn no way should being able to pay give you the title serious member. I was so happy to find a dating website that was free. Now I’m so upset because especially in this economy it seems little charges are coming out of the woodwork. I just wanna say a big F U to the CEO of plentyoffish. What the 10 million you say you have isn’t enough??? Always gotta shit on the little guy. Way to go plentyoffish!

  80. Dating Site News Says:

    Jennifer, why not tell us how you really feel.

  81. Miglet Kaboosh Says:

    I’m so glad I finally met someone really cool on POF, just before it’s demise.

    Yes I believe that sadly, this serious Member stuff is the end of POF, because it totally undermines the whole working structure of the site in so many ways. It’s now neither one nor the other.. lacks the frills associated with et al, yet is going to lose the sheer weight of members that flocked because it’s 100% free. Do I think it matters that really, all features are still available to all members still? Nope. I just see gold stars, I see ripoff, I leave. Does a big fat gold star make a member look attractive to me? Nope, it’s an identifier that tells me that this particular person is either desperate, or foolish enough to fall for any old online scam. Would I like to let her into my life, hey, maybe even let her share the use of my bank balance?

    Then again if it’s just a cash grab, I cheer and applaud

  82. Miglet Kaboosh Says:

    Why do I also get the feeling that a number of the supportive replies in this thread are made by sock puppets?

  83. Colyn Says:

    Judging people’s “intent” by the dollars they spend is a mistake. Intention is subjective and depends on many individual factors. Your presumption is that you can gauge someone’s intent by what they are willing to sacrifice and that a service fee is a sacrifice. Spending a couple bucks on your site for one person represents a lot of money while for another person, it’s not a sacrifice at all. Just because someone has the money to spend doesn’t qualify their intent or their character and that doesn’t seem fair. Look, if you realize you’re not going to be able to stay profitable in a couple years as a free service, just be open and upfront about it. Don’t try to justify it with a spurious argument.

  84. Steve Says:

    I think it was a big mistake to start charging, and a big mistake to discontinue the IM feature. POF was not always as large as it is today. It’s “free” feature was the draw. Now it wants to charge, and concurrently offers fewer features (no IM?)! I used the IM feature every time I signed-on; sometimes to just say “hi” to an old friend, other times to contact a “new friend.” I think pof has overestimated the loyalty of its members. They will seek-out other free sites which still offer IM, such as datehookup, etc. POF will soon be categorized (and in competition) with the paid sites (, Yahoo Personals, etc). A shame, it was a nice place to meet people, and the notion that just one individual started and maintained it, made some feel flattered that they were part of a success story and proud of Marcus.

  85. carmt Says:

    why cant i contact those who i have talked to anymore do i have to pay no if so not fair

  86. jim boggie Says:

    hi my name is jim please can you tell markus this i cant get in

    to plentyoffish they tell me this we do not allow signups this IP

    range sorry and i get this from tila harassment and behaviour

    and fake that ias fake about my profile i a telling the truth why

    that is my profile please go and see the jerks on your plentyoffish

    they are one your stte why pick on me all i want is back

    on your stit please get me back on thank you markus

  87. Jennifer Says:

    All I have to say about the comments from jim above is . . . . OMG . . . WOW!

  88. Mike Carroll Says:


    ‘Serious Member’ sounds and looks lame. It sounds like something a non American would put on their site (yes i know) and i think you should reconsider the lingo. Dont ask me what but serious member sounds corny and altogether lame. Keep up the good work and take this as constructive criticism. Im still wondering why you dont just sell the damn thing and move to a small island and retire?

  89. Harleykat~ Says:

    Well, in spite of getting wrongfully booted from the site today and being HIGHLY IRKED and ready to BLOW A FUSE…I will say that I feel it is the best singles site around, free and paid. I have no problem with the “serious member” or “VIP” status…I DID have a problem with it being referred to as “Serious Dater” initially, but obviously Markus did not go with such. (A CC does NOT make one a “serious dater!”) I also found the allottment of “gift memberships” to be bogus. I actually WOULD HAVE paid the membership just to get the increased number of photos, and unlimited points….but I wanted to pay monthly and still get the (reasonable) lowest rate. I honestly think committing to 6 or 12 months tells the world that you PLAN to be SINGLE for that long. LOL Also, I did NOT want the yellow dot! I think THAT should be optional.

    But oh well…my opinion no longer matters, and in reality, never did. In fact, I wonder why there was even a thread on such?? What would be nice is to have the people loyal to the site, treated with some respect. I have been on this site as a member for a LOT of years…and the FIRST TIME I post something that was slightly out of line, not outrageously so…I get booted off. Oh well…so much for the kick ass events in the St. Louis area!

  90. witchy woman Says:

    Harleykat, are you sure you were booted off? It seems that the site has been having big issues today. The site’s been down for hours. Problem seems to have started about an hour before you posted this.

    In either case, seems that there are a number of people having trouble. Most can’t get on. I can’t.

    Just a waiting game now….till he gets it fixed.

  91. Amy Says:

    What happened to your website? Where did it go?

  92. Harleykat~ Says:

    Hey WitchyWoman…yeah…my profile was actually deleted and POF replied to my inquiry email of such.

    There is a growing rapidly joke in the St Louis area that Markus figured without Harleykat~ on, he might as well fold! ROFLMAO OK…I guess you gotsa be a a Missouri fish to get it! ;O)

  93. witchy woman Says:

    What was that phrase used not too long ago….

    busy fiddling while Rome burns…;)

    I guess it’s his site to do wish as he pleases…but really…what next?

  94. CY DIGGIT Says:


    You are a smart man and have become successful beyond your dreams.

    I agree with Mike Carrol, “Sell the thing and move to Costa Rica and retire.

    The “Serious Dater” thing has no value added benefits to a to a user. What benefits do you offer for this charge? I love your site because I have been on every site that charges and got tired of paying to see the same old faces on every site in my town of over on million people. The way I see internet dating is that it is a big bubble that emcompasses a lot of smaller bubbles (the World broken down by country and then by state and then by local area. Long distance relationships went out long ago. People are seeking people within a certain geographical area. They are not going to move to another city to be with a stranger and end up on the nightly news. POF works just fine the way it WAS…FREE. Quit screwing with the format and focus on tweaking the characteristics that truly match two people. Can’t wait for the “scratch and sniff” module to be added. Hows that working for you?

    PS, I feel I was tricked into buying into the “Serious Dater” thing and was banged for $77.00 on my debit card. My results on searches or the results of those who contact me has not improved with a little Gold Circle on my profile. Yes Markus, I taste a bit of bitterness in my mouth from the experience. How do I get my $77.00 back?

  95. Harleykat~ Says:

    Hey Cy Diggit…just curious as to how you feel that you were tricked? I mean, it is pretty CLEAR as to what you are purchasing and it does not enter your CC info for you! 😉

    Honestly, I think its just one more way to add some dollars and to make it more enticing. Gotta keep NEW MEAT coming in to keep the AdSense dollars rolling in, right? 😉

    If you are in Missouri, check out what getting our Plentyoffish accounts deleted, inspired my friend (and business partner) to do! We are taking over the St. Louis Dating and Events…and who knows? Might expand, too!

  96. Lud Simms Says:

    receiving a message when trying to register on POF. Which is: “We do not allow sign-ups from this IP range” Can anybody help me with this message?

  97. Kat Says:

    What country are you in, Lud??

  98. Lud Simms Says:

    USA, State of New York

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  107. CurePanicAttack Says:

    Markus, I have to say I admire your work. Being the best in dating game does take a lot of hard work. It’s not easy building it up, and maintaining it. It has a lot of backend work too. Keep up the good work.

  108. MySassyDate Says:

    Is POF blocking certain IP addresses in US? Is there any reason for that?

  109. SpaceTourist Says:

    wow it’s a long blog of comments! And I love reading it….lol. And have to give the credit to Karl for taking time to write such a long constructive comment to Markus. Well Done.

  110. Mesothelioma Says:

    So if I join now, it’s still a free site rite?

    CY Diggit……is that how much it cost to get a Serious Member badge? Is that for the whole year or a month?

  111. Human Says:

    I just want to said give Markus a break. He’s been building and giving a free service to everyone and just with a small tweak for an option to pay for and label as Serious Member, you’re condemming it?!?!?! Why don’t you go to walmart, pay for a cherry candy and start screaming “SCAM”, cause it’s doesn’t taste like Cherry or it’s an immitation. If this is you, you have a major social problem.

    It’s like you choose to eat McD day and night and when you get fat, you sued McD, Grow UP! why don’t you just sue your parent for bringing you up or throwing you at this mean world?!?!?! Or sue God for creating people who create fat burger and the ability of your small brain cell to replicate into a dumb ass?

    Just join the free site if you want it, pay if you want to get the badge, enjoy and move on and stop whinning! jeeeez….. otherwise just fark off to other paying site and start whinging about it!

    Markus, there’s a lot of greatful people whom you’ve help connecting them to their loved one over the years…keep up the good work.

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    If a member is willing to pay, then they should be able to have people search for those who have a “Serious Member Profile”.

    The lack of not having the ability to filter for profiles who have a “Serious Member Profile” to me is a great short coming to the purpose of even bothering to upgrade?

    Why upgrade on PlentyOfFish if you can’t search for ONLY a “Serious Member Profile”?

    For instance, if I am interested in finding someone who is really serious, then how can I do so if you don’t provide the ability to search for a “Serious Member Profile”?

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    however when my profile was deleted i kept creating a new one and within seconds deleted again and again and again yet im being charged for service i cant use?

    i again tried to sign up today and now it says

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    this is not really cool and i really need someone who can help me fix this.

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    received last message from POF 6/412.
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