Success Rates published. has released their 2009 success rates here Or Here

56 million first emails sent per year
132 million winks sent per year
12 couples got married or engaged today thanks to
Users go on 6 million dates each year. ( ya right)
1 in 1369 dates leads to marriage on (6 million / (12*365)) makes 1 Million dollars a day from subscription revenues.
That is $83,000 in subscription revenue for every marriage that comes out of the site.

Eharmony also has public stats.

118 couples a day get married or engaged.
eHarmony obtains 12-15K new users every day
full audience turnover every 6.5 months!

Does anyone have any links to studies etc that show how many marriages are produced by dating sites ?

108 Responses to “ Success Rates published.”

  1. Massimo Says:

    118 couples get married each day thanks to eHarmony. Are they going to be held liable once these couples divorce?😉

  2. Matt Savage Says:

    So how would these numbers compare to plentyoffish? For example, I notice on the main page you claim “Plentyoffish is responsible for creating 800,000 relationships per year.” What counts as a relationship and how do you even know if a relationship forms or not?

    A lot of numbers from Match and eHarmony seem like a stretch and I’d question the accuracy of their data.

    • Andrew Ator Says:

      I second this question. I think I developed three or four “relationships” with OK Cupid users, but only ever met one once. A friend of mine developed a “relationship” with an OK Cupid user that turned out to have an Adam’s Apple when they met in real life.

      I think defining a relationship in the context of dating sites probably comes down to conversation, not necessarily physical interaction, which would be a date not a relationship. Otherwise couldn’t our WoW avatars legally marry?

  3. Tom Says:

    We found this pdf a while back from eHarmony which goes into further details about how the number of eHarmony marriages was calculated (from 2007).

  4. Tom Says:

    I see audience turnover has gone up. In June 2008 membership refresh rate was every 3 to 4 months not the 6.5 months mentioned now.

  5. johnny Says:

    markus has made millions from advertising. pof costs nearly nothing to run. pof may be free. just don’t ever believe it’s all about friendly happy fishies finding love. it’s not, only partly that. partly geekery. and mostly cash. abject proof:
    vip/serious member crap. the site has cash and doesn’t need to charge a nickel.

  6. Tanya Says:

    I like the price (free!) and freedom to look & see what’s swimming around out there without having to follow childish rules like on some of the pay sites — such as have to answer a given number of questions back & forth, etc. etc. It’s up to the 2 adults chatting to decide whatever they want, when they want to. Simple and makes sense. Period.

  7. Osdela Agudo Says:

    How many marriages a day does POF take credit for? And how
    do you get your numbers? I love POF I just want to know if there
    is hope for me on this website.

    • Frank M in Toronto Says:

      Amen to that!!

      Has anyone else ever noticed how many of the same faces you seem to see again and again on this and other local dating sites? Makes us all either schizo or pathetic unco-operative ego junkies! Not what I’m about in the least. Give us back the IM feature now!

  8. Pete Says:

    You get what you pay for… free dating sites dont work and Markus as much as admits this with his “serious members” approach.

    Not to say that match and eharmony are any better, they’re not. Eharmonys matching system is only accurate if both parties are in their best emotional state when they take the test. If one person is newly out of a realtionship, lost a job etc. their results will match them with people they are not even remotely compatible with. is so heavly laden with men that its nearly impossible to for that site to work…

    No one has created the right mix yet and no one seems to be close.

  9. me Says:

    This is a stupid of POH for posting, POH makes a lot more from Ad Revenue with charging for all of the little stupid banners we find on the site. Why is POH knocking MATCH. Don’t buy into the numbers game, this is part of the online marketing strategy. Is was that line paid for by hmmmmm.. Good Job Marcus.

    • J Says:

      POH?? lol wow what site are u on. its called POF…

    • J. Crow Says:

      POF is not knocking for making money. That would be stupid. The point is that Match charges approx $30 per month and they make money from ad revenue as well. POF doesn’t come close to match in total revenue. I guess the point he is trying is that the results produced by MATCH are not worth spending hundreds of dollars per year on.

      The only issue I have with this post is that it assumes that the way you determine the success of a dating site is how many marriages it produces. I think the best indicator is simply customer satisfaction. Not all people turn to online dating to find a spouse.

  10. Lex Luther Says:

    Well’ All i can say is i have been on POF for over 2 years now. I’ve had a few dates from there and have had some fun along the way. But so far no luck finding “the one”

    The only problem i have with POF are the “posers” who are just there for attention. They have no intention of meeting anyone. I personally know of women who are nothing but “friends list” junkies. They get on POF and show as much “boob” or a.s.s. as they can get away with just to get a high friends list count. Some have told me this out of there own mouths. They have told me that there not interested in meeting any man. They just like attention and to tease.

    Right now people are allowed 3000 friends on POF. What a ridiculous joke. The friends list should have been done away with long ago. If it was done away with a lot of these “posers” that waste other peoples time by not answering any message that’s sent to them’ Hopefully they would just go away and find some other way to feed there egos without wasting other peoples time.

    POF is a OK site. If i wasn’t getting dates i wouldn’t be there. But at the same time there needs to be a “cleaning” done on POF. Something needs to be done to get rid of the posers/attention hogs. This “serious” members joke isn’t the way.

  11. James Says:

    I think that Markus is doing an excellent job of keeping Pof free while others sites cheat you into thinking that their totally free when their not!Thanks Markus for keeping it real!

  12. DLuk Says:

    I actually had more success with Lavalife than i did with pof. Sure ya pay for it, but the numbers don’t lie.

  13. Tara Says:

    I am interested as to why you instituted the “serious members” pay option Markus. It implies that those who use POF but don’t pay aren’t serious…and kind of makes you look hypocritical for boasting about POF being “100% Free – Put Away Your Credit Card”, and then attempting to lure people into paying for a membership that gets them what exactly? A big yellow dot? The option to post more photos? Hardly seems worthwhile to me..
    That being said, I love POF. No, I didn’t meet my bf there, I actually met him through Facebook (also free), but I love the forums. I met a few people when I was looking, but nothing ever came of it. I have made some friends though, and I am grateful for that.
    I am curious where these numbers come from and if they’re legit..

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  15. Heybbe7 Says:

    POF works for me!

  16. Cup_a_Joe_4U Says:

    Those are some compelling statistics that can easily read to be IN FAVOR of People spend fortunes on a 1 in 10,000,000 chance at the lottery every week. Looks like you can get A LOT of dates and about 1 in 1000 find the love of their life. All for a few dollars. Definitely worth it to sign up if you have have a few bucks to spare.

    Also, some of the science on the matching sites do use poor measures for their matching. All of them are based on self-report and so not ideal in any case. One would like input from others who the know the person well for a true personality assessment. But, there are some measures used in these sites that have quite good psychometric properties and have been demostrated reliable and valid in social psychology research. So, the headline is basically misleading.

    You should know what you’re talking about before you post “junk science” of your own.


  17. jaguargod Says:

    I love the commercials where Match says 20,000 people join every day. How many cancel or never log back on every day? They don’t want to tell you that. I think there are too many fake profiles on all of the sites. was the worst. Emails from people all over the country, most of them with the exact same subject line. Nothing suspicious about that! I don’t think any online dating site really works all that well because the pool of potential dates is too large and people are too busy waiting for the next best thing to come along to focus on one person. The only good thing about POF is that it is free. I don’t have to cancel it if it isn’t working well.

  18. And eHarmony Success Rates published Says:

    […] – 118 couples a day get married or engaged.- 12-15K new users every day- full audience turnover every 6.5 monthsFULL ARTICLE @ PARADIGM SHIFT […]

  19. Success Rates « Your Online Dating Post Says:

    […] the rest at The Paradigm Shift. Category(s): […]

  20. js Says:

    so i guess they are using those sites to hook-up more than get married? nothing wrong with that. 🙂

  21. Temi Says:

    I think the figures are impressive, if smaller sites have their advertising budget I think we can achieve similar success rates.

  22. How Many Marriages Started With Online-Dating Sites? - The Numbers Guy - WSJ Says:

    […] all U.S. marriages, based on a survey it commissioned. A media kit for earlier this year said the site caused 12 engagements or weddings per day, but the site’s parent company later […]

  23. Sanjay Verma Says:

    never knew that online dating market is so big.

  24. Paul Allen Says:

    We have a top 5 Facebook application and therefore a panel of 20MM monthly active users and we run polls daily on all kinds of topics.

    Recently we asked 4,171 people how or where they met their spouse. 14% said they were introduced by a friend. 12% met at work. 4% said they met online. (26% were not married, so all the other percentages would be higher if you took them out.)

    Here’s the link:

  25. Says:

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  27. Scott James Says:

    I like what Anna Says

    “I like the price (free!) and freedom to look & see what’s swimming around out there without having to follow childish rules like on some of the pay sites — such as have to answer a given number of questions back & forth, etc. etc. It’s up to the 2 adults chatting to decide whatever they want, when they want to. Simple and makes sense. Period.”

    Well, it shows how the internet influence our lives. And its good to hear that a lot of people ended up together through EHarmony and

    Are there any more sites, related to this one?

  28. Premium Dating Site Says:

    There are many good online sites out there apart from and E-Harmoney, the site this blog is linked to PoF is another great dating site that brings people together. In UK apart from the multinationals like etc, we have a number of home grown dating sites that are bringing people together.

  29. Barbara Stressfield Says:

    Nice to hear that there are people who ended up together through and EHarmony.

    Just wondering if there are couples too who ended up together with social networking sites like Facebook, and Friendster.🙂

  30. Premium Dating Site Says:

    I once read about a couple with the same surname metting on Facebook and getting married.

    I has also read about a couple who meet on twitter.

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  40. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  41. Travis Says:

    Here is a large problem with dating websites. Published statstics. If and are complete waste of time and well money. What does that say about

    The one thing I have always wondered is this. What is my ratio in a given geographical area of women to guys on these websites? Whether it is or any of the others. I have difficulty throwing money at any of them for unproven or undocumented results or even a site that could help me improve my results. I think from what I can tell of it does that but, typically my dating from the internet is still 0 of 1000s, messages, posts or otherwise.

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  67. Paul Says:

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  80. bitchannoyed Says:

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