Looking for PHD’s and a Senior Controller…

1 .   We are looking for someone with a PHD in statistics,  mathematics  or a related field.  Experience with predicitve modeling,  multidimensional cluster analysis,  or other forms of data mining is a strong plus.     We are building something most people don’t think is possible and we want a mathematical genius!

2.  We are also looking for a Senior Controller,   our revenues are now far to large and complicated  not to have one…

If you are interested in the job  email  administrator {at}  pof  . com

13 Responses to “Looking for PHD’s and a Senior Controller…”

  1. Terry Smith Says:

    Dude, YOU are a math genius! Are you sure this can be done at all?

  2. Igor Carron Says:


    I wrote an entry on your search for a dataming person:

    However, it might be more efficient for you to make an announcement in the KDNugget newsletter :


    the latest newsletter being:

    Submission guidelines to the newsletter can be found here:



  3. Pablo Rubilar Says:

    Anything can be acomplished, just look at some sci-fi from 50 years ago and you’ll see what I am talking about. The question is not if it can be acomplished, but how.


  4. Markus Says:

    I’ve already proved it can be done… But making refinements and truely understanding what is going on is a life times work…. Just look at all the PHD’s eharmony and match.com employ!

  5. Igor Carron Says:


    check your pile of comments awaiting moderation for this post. I mentioned a site for you to advertize in.

    Also, much like the netflix competition, you might follow their tracks by setting up a similar competition with some dollar amount attached to it. It definitely got a lot of geeks and researchers’ attention.



  6. Igor Carron Says:


    I wrote an entry on your search for a dataming person on my blog.

    However, it might be more efficient for you to make an announcement in the KDNugget newsletter.

    For the links and more check the post awaiting moderation.



  7. Daz Says:

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    That’s what a good phd could enable and that would be fantastic.

    PS Please put a preview button in here.

  8. Sports Dating Site Says:

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  10. Chris Vermilya Says:

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  11. Fish Killer Says:

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  12. Firmiyaan Says:

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