Worlds top dating sites for August from comscore.

Here are the top dating sites in the world,  from latest Comscore July 2009 report.       The most interesting trend over the last year is the growing difference between usage at paid sites verses free sites and hybrids like singlesnet.   


We are doing super well in Canada even though we don’t have a french version of the site which is about 1/4th of the population.   We dominate the english speaking part of the country.    As you can see in august  our user visited nearly 18 times a month compared to 4.2  at eharmony.  And we have 16 times the number of pageviews as our closest competitor  Eharmony.


It definately looks like the US(chart not shown) is trending free like Canada,   If you combine total visits at Singlesnet and Plentyoffish in the US,  our 2 sites combined already have more monthly visits than all pure paid sites combined.    I don’t think many paid sites are going to be able to maintain critical mass over the next year.    It is sort of the same trend we are seeing in all english speaking countries.

50 Responses to “Worlds top dating sites for August from comscore.”

  1. Sports Dating Site Says:

    Congrats, you`re doing excellent from what I see on the stats and since those stats are delivered from an authority in the field of analysis, I can only think that you are very satisfied with the work you`re doing there.

  2. Nelson Says:

    In this critical and crucial ecconomic condition that has taken hold of our lives, people are in no condition to dish out cold hard cash or plastic when there is a totally free service providing the exact same services as the pay as you go. After reading the Inc Magazine for Jan./Feb. 2009, ( While I was Unemployed and in desperate need), I was inspired and couldn’t wait to get back home from a Job fair seminar sponsored by a local T.v. station. I stayed up to wee hours of the morning typing away and doing what I could to build a web site. I knew what I wanted to do, how to do it was a different matter. But the whole plan revolved around the same strategy, FREE. This is certainly a critical time but we have to be positive in our search, and here we have a great example of success. When there is a need, all we have to do is find a way to provide and fulfill it for free.

  3. Free Dating Overtakes Paid Subscriptions, Now What? Says:

    […] by David Evans on September 24, 2009   in Traffic Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box Online Dating Insider delivers cutting-edge insight and commentary on all aspects of the online dating industry. Topics include industry news, site reviews, emerging trends, analysis of dating site features, discussion about safety, finance and other issues important to the online dating market. Don't miss our Startups directory, useful to anyone running dating or social networking sites. Subscribe to the RSS feed (you can subscribe via email as well). Your comments and suggestions for stories are welcomed. Check out our full suite of dating site consulting services. Markus at Plentyoffish let me know about his post today, Worlds top dating sites for August from comscore. […]

  4. mike Says:

    Who has the most traffic isnt a very important metric. It would be nice if the posts here were less self-congratulatory, and had some real insight or argument.

  5. Nelson Says:

    Traffic is a very important meter, the measure in pass-through volume is exactly the indicator of the successful web site. The numbers speak for themselves in this case. Here we have an outlet supply, with exactly the right price, filling the specific need in these economic conditions. As for the time, the fare is proper for the ride. “A private coach, meet one, a public trolley, meet hundreds”.

  6. Im Yours online dating Says:

    Congrats, thats a great challenge and a huge gap between the statistics
    @ Mike getting web traffic is essential though i knoe web conversion is the key!

  7. Nelson Says:

    Conversion is the key! Get enough volume passing through the pipe and with the right placement and proper ad censoring with respect to page content, all working to convert the passers through will have a positive result by the time the visitors exit the site.

    —–> + * + ——->

    We need pay closer attention to the mechanism as a whole, page by page.

  8. Markus Says:

    Conversion optimization only works so much when your site is mass market. People will talk about your site share impressions etc, conversion optimization stops helping at some point.

    • Nelson Says:

      When dealing on the massive scale as your site does, optimization can go right out the window. But if you’re just starting like me every resourse has to be wisely applied and carefully detailed. Planning all things with purpose and intention, All the while remembering to enjoy the whole ordeal. The one big problem is getting people to the site in the begining later it seems that the problem is maintaining a constant flow.

  9. Free Dating Overtakes Paid Subscriptions, Now What? Says:

    […] Markus at Plentyoffish let me know about his post today, Worlds top dating sites for August from comscore. […]

  10. Aris Says:

    OT, but FYI:

    Sounds like they are passing off your name. Have you trademarked your website name in other countries such as the UK?

  11. Dating Says:

    Traffic isnt a very important metric but the Conversion of the trafic is more important

  12. DatingCare Says:

    I agree with nelson conversaion is the key for a successful dating site. I have seen sites with lot of trafic but nobody want to sign up or come back.

  13. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    POF may be 1st when it comes to monthly visits (by a long shot), but from a business point of view, free doesn’t cut it. Sure, it works well for the owner of the one free site that has made it (kudos to Marcus), but the argument that “I don’t think many paid sites are going to be able to maintain critical mass over the next year” doesn’t wash.

    As Fernando Ardenghi points out over at, annual revenue for the top 10 or so paid sites is around $1B annually. Assuming POF generates $15M annually, that means it is generating a mere 1.5%(!) of paid site revenue, That is hardly spelling the end of the paid subscription market.

    So, sure, in terms of visits, POF is tops (and Marcus is a rich man), but as *a percentage of cash generated*, it is a mere speck, relative to paid sites.

    This gets totally lost in the rush to predict the demise of the paid model.

    Here are my predictions (as I’ve always maintained, and not just because my living depends on it):

    1. Paid is here to stay;
    2. Paid will continue to generate staggering amounts of cash for those in the top 10, as well as the smaller niche guys like;
    3. Free won’t won’t get bigger than a few percentages points above zero, when compared to paid;
    4. Free will be 95+% made up of Plentyoffish.

  14. Markus Says:

    I’m saying the number of dating sites will shrink, more and more traffic is getting concentrated in the top 10 sites, there simply won’t be enough traffic to the other 2000 sites to sustain them all.

  15. Nelson Says:

    Popularity is the main ingredient when it comes to the “Mega” web sites. “Everyone is on So and so site” and that’s why they thrive. Yet when it comes down to the bare facts people are on several sites at the same time, working to improve and better the odds for their success. So while “Mega Site” is surly getting the big Data Numbers, the smaller sites will feed off them. As members will work them like the casinos to improve their chances. Having said that the smaller site numbers will fluctuate and as their popularity, they also will grow. After all…
    1-How many young adults are coming of age?
    2-How many Seniors are widowed, and living longer?
    3-How many Career Singles are out there marrying later?
    As the population grows so do we.

  16. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    I agree with that – there are simply too many datingsites out there, as the market is saturated and simply can’t support them all. We will (continue) to see consolidation and/or failure of the vast majority of sites.

    Mind you, it won’t be just 10 sites. There will always be room for the niche players like and others. Those singles who have a need to connect with like-mind singles of faith (in our case) or nationality or culture, etc. will continue to support sites like ours. So, we will see two things:

    1. Paid will continue ad infinitum
    2. The number of sites will shrink, with a role for niche players ever present.
    3. There will continue to be talk about the demise of paid sites, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary🙂

  17. Saucy Dating Online Says:

    In the hundreds of dating sites available on the internet it’s hard to choose the best one, anyway, the big battle it’s between the top 10 dating sites, for the premium users (the users that pay for the services)

  18. Nelson Says:

    Along with paying for services users do and will continue to use multiple service sites. Serious users that I have had contact with confessed that loyalty is nonexistant when it came down to finding a mate. Much more on the female end of the spectrum. Women have a greater since of need to finding thier query than men. I believe if we all put on the proverbial thinking cap we can figure out why. Men on the other hand are more laid back and slacks a bit on his end, ( unless he uses both sides of his brain then he will follow his female counterpart).

    Aside from all this POF has has accomplished tremendously! And deserves all the kudos … Period. Unless you can do better.

  19. Naughty Dating Site Says:

    Giving the fact that the economy of most leading countries in the word is not in a very good shape at the moment I am not surprised this is the case, even if things are good, most of us still like free things including free dating site.
    My only problem with free dating site is the fact that many of the members are not verified to ensure they are who they claim to be. This problem is solve in the paying model by credit card payment as you can be traced by that.

  20. Datingfacts Says:

    De meest bezochte datingsites in de VS zijn niet het meest bezocht in Europa…

    Het internationale onderzoeksbureau ComScore meet het aantal bezoekers naar online datingsites. Elke maand wordt een lijst van meestbezochte sites gepubliceerd. De rapportage van Augustus laat de volgende top 5 zien in de VS:1. PlentyOfFish – 1.154.000…

  21. ODI Says:

    This is a very interesting article and I need to look into this more but I think that free sites will take over the paid ones in the end. The reason is, too many users have become skeptics. Especially since there is always some new service offering more for less cost to the user.

  22. Nelson Says:

    There is and always will be the next “Big Idea” that can under-cut the current market to gain a bigger slice of the market share. What ever your idea, it’s going to be either “same service at a reduced rate or in other words more value for your buck, which is good! Or same service for Free, which is better.”

    Which would you chose? If you’re a typical customer ” the bigger the savings is always a good way to go, unless the little four letter word “free” comes in the banner headline then that’s even better than the above reduced rate.

  23. Sarah Says:

    Dating will never go out of fashion, in the years to come, more and more niches will form within them, people are just having too many choices to make, and this causing the bifurcation.

  24. Nelson Says:

    What will be, will be! Plain and simple. The developement of plural sites will only provide a better choice for those seeking quality and quantity of choice. As for niches, the better developed they are, the better the profit. Diversity builds better sites, that serve every niche the the market as they grow and develope! Que sera, sera … Great song lyrics but really has a lot of truth.

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    • Annymous Says:

      Question, Why does the above comment have a Russian accent when I read the comment? Watch your gammar! People when they read and see bad grammar will tune out and disregard the whole article. Bad grammar is another turn off switch.

  26. Sandra Tunney Says:

    Would like to communicate with you regarding plentyoffish and a member of it. Is there an email address that I can write to describe the situation to you Markus? It is important that I make you aware of what is happening from your site!!! Thank you for your response regarding this matter. Sandra

  27. Morand Says:

    this site has really been an eye opener,i have just got interested in blogging and hopefully i am able to do so.thanks


    indeed we have been seeing all these facts being on it – anyway got to say thanks to these site – without it we wouldn;t know it today

  29. rc airplanes Says:

    Happy Holidays to you as well

  30. Emma Says:

    I thought Yahoo personals was affiliated to

  31. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  32. Russian Ukraine Dating Says:

    In reference to talk about Niche Sites and paid vs free…I have to agree with most of the comments, but as a former customer of Foreign Dating websites and now a married customer and an affiliate, I can tell you that there is not much slowdown in the Russian Ukraine Dating arena.

    Whether its US or Europe, when there are so many choices, it just divides the overall pie a little differently, but love is here to stay and like me, when you exhaust all of your US options, and someone mentions something overseas and actually EXPLAINS how it works, men will go & try it out as they do a US site

    I had payed good sums of money over 2 years with all the big sites and was not happy with results, and all it took was a nice Ukraine girl working locally, that talked me into coming to visit her city, AND her sister, and I was ready for Skype every night, and to try something new…and it worked!

    Love is love and dating will always be around. The problem over the past 1 1/2 years has been the economy and how to keep many men like myself, that got hit hard by the economy, to stop from cancelling their plans for a tour or a trip to Europe, & to keep moving ahead with their foreign partner

    I can honestly tell you that it personally had me thinking twice if 2009 was the year to bring her here during the economy meltdown. Papers were in order after waiting 6 months, The banks in Ukraine were closing daily, locking the doors and everyone lost money. No FDIC there. No jobs, people layed off daily from everywhere, and the economy was dropping fast.
    On one occasion, the grivna conversion went from $5.00 for $1.00 to $9.75 to $1. There were run on banks, switching monies and banks could not keep up and closed, but my finace and I decided to just do it and live and let live. Has the last year been a struggle. YES. Has the foreign dating market slowed down? Of course, but even BEFORE the meltdown, it was a crazy market and now even today, its back up to where it was in 2008. i use Plenty of Fish to place advertising for my site and I can tell you that there are still hundreds of men signing up every month

    If you are determined enough and most men over 45 are. These clients are looking to date foreign women, and have an income of 40k-125k+ are not going to worry about plane fair and gas prices, as long as they can accomplish their and marriage.

    I was one of these men, but UNDER $40k and I got worried a few times, but it didn’t deter me, and the costs were high. You cannot put a price on love, and unlike USA Dating, there are alot more charges for services than we have locally here

    i think the market will move back and forth, but love is here to stay…JB

  33. Emmanuel Peterson Says:

    Interesting way to look at some thing that most people find difficult to comprehend. Before this post, I never quite considered the isssue of paid vs free sites. I don’t think the two are compareable as they both target completely different markets.

  34. Louise B. Says:

    Could you tell me if Plentyoffish will come back

  35. Roza M Says:

    Hello Marcus! PlentyofFish seems to be a great site! There are so many nice guys there! But that upsets me so much that Russians can’t register there (( I hope for the owners’ generosity and that soon things will change! Thank you!

  36. Sam Element Says:

    Join our new 100 % Absolutely Free Dating Community Site, to find a great partner, possibly even your soulmate! Free Profiles, free Classified Ads, free everything!

  37. beautiful women Says:

    Traffic isnt a very important metric but the Conversion of the trafic is more important

  38. FEROMONAS Says:

    Traffic is important first..then conversion second.

  39. Jak Schudnacszybko Says:

    Thanks a lot for the chart, I was looking for dating sites but didn’t know which one to pick, now I have a better understanding which ones are actuially good

  40. date london Says:

    date london…

    […]Worlds top dating sites for August from comscore. « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

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