Web 2.0 conference in san fran.

I’m heading to the web 2.0 conference next week.    I remember standing around in the halls 2 years ago with other CEO’s talking about how most of the companies there wouldn’t be in business in 2 years because they had no way of making money..   Funny how it turned out true.   I also remember talking to Evan Williams about twitter and a lot of other ceo’s from companies that were growing fast.    This year it looks like there aren’t really any companies with buzz except for Zynga and playfish.

What are the best places to eat in San Fran ?   I like all types of food except for sushi  we get enough of that in vancouver.

16 Responses to “Web 2.0 conference in san fran.”

  1. F Says:

    SF is your typical town…i would rent a car and head north to Sausalito and have your meal on the water. You can also take the ferry to Sausalito…

  2. Michael Says:

    Ditto that. I don’t know where you are staying but you should find the SF locals extremely helpful in finding good places to eat.

  3. john Says:

    Basta Pasta, and Scomas near fisherman’s wharf the absolute best!
    You talking or just attending?

  4. Joe Says:

    If I were you I’d search Chowhound’s boards for good SF food recommendations. Or buy a Zagats Guide.

    Overall I think the SFO’s food scene is pretty similar to Vancouver’s.

    Yank Sing Dim Sum is better than anything I’ve eaten in Richmond.

  5. Aris Says:

    If you are partial to Garlic, The Stinking Rose is quite a unique restaurant!

  6. Kent Dinning Says:


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  7. dg Says:

    The “French Laundry” is about a 1 hour drive North. It has 3 Michelin stars (the most possible) and was once regarded as the best restaurant in the world (currently ranked 12).

    Please write more technology articles on this blog!


  8. Max Kanat-Alexander Says:

    Honestly, Yelp has great coverage in SF–when I go up there I often just Yelp a restaurant, even though I’ve been there hundreds of times.


  9. markus Says:

    Stinking rose restaurant was great!

  10. Aris Says:

    Awesome – Glad you liked it🙂 It is certainly unique.

  11. Richard Champlin Says:

    This comment is not related to the web conference. It is in regards to why my account is being deleted every day.

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    I was a member since 9/9/09…with no problem. Then I asked for a review of my profile, and my profile was eliminated. I rebuilt it yesterday, it’s gone today. This makes me highly suspicious of your company, and I would recommend that nobody use Plenty of Fish.

    I at least deserve an explanation as to what was wrong with my profile when I haven’t done anything wrong!

  12. Simon Eaton Says:

    Any good conferences like this aruond London area? UK?

  13. Daroo Says:

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