Mobile Scams & Yahoo…

It looks like sites are quickly taking down the mobile scams thanks to techcrunch.  Hopefully datehookup will be the next one to stop scamming users with mobile offers.

These offers also run through rightmedia on yahoo,  and its one of the reasons I could never use their network.   The problem was that there were networks running several banners promoting these mobile offers that would say you have new messages,  or  check your inbox etc and it would blend into my site perfectly.   The CTR was well over 2 or 3% and my total daily pageviews would decline by 3 or 4%.    It would hurt my site in a big way when those offers got through.

As a side note,  Yahoo told me a few weeks ago that all dating sites were banned from advertising on yahoo and the only way dating sites could now advertise was by buying traffic via right media  no more direct sales.    Is this true or is it just restricted to free dating sites?

27 Responses to “Mobile Scams & Yahoo…”

  1. Dumb IQ Says:

    Its scary that people sign up for these scam programs. You have to be a little dumb if you sign up for a $9.95 per month mobile billing service to get the results of your 5 question IQ test.

    • Wesley Johnson Says:

      I think “dumb” is a little harsh. “Naive” perhaps? I mean, how many privacy agreements do people actually read these days when signing up for new services or download new software, etc? I’d wager very few.

      I agree that putting in your cell number to get results of anything should throw up a red flag, but when it’s a teen doing it on the cell their parents pay for – you can imagine the results.

  2. matthias Says:

    I have had ads for that sort of scam on my website placed through adsense earlier this year. Do a dumb 5 question IQ test, then enter your mobile number to get the results. The fine print was that you had to agree to subscribe to “fun facts” SMSes for $5 per month.

    I didn’t want to be part of the scam and blocked that advertiser, but I was sure there would be others just like it.

  3. Saucy Dating Online Says:

    First of all the price of $9.95 it’s extremely high for what they offer, second of all I am curious who is so stupid to subscribe to this.

  4. Christian Dating Australia Says:

    Thanks for the article. I run a dating site aimed at Christians in Australia, and I think this is a major issue that needs more exposure. We have never and would never try this sort of thing, but it makes you wonder – would people do it if it didn’t work? Maybe it’s a case of playing the numbers game – annoy 99.99% of people, and hopefully the 0.01% who take it up are enough to build you a business!

    • Dumb IQ Says:

      You´re absolutely right! It is annoying 99,99% of people. But it will continue, because there is still so much money in it. The IQ ads are everywhere on the internet, in every country in every language. And they can afford it. An affiliate gains approx. $4-10 per signup. So in the banner inventory marketplace the scams are competing with the honest deals. Unfortunately, the scams pay out more and websites tend to go for the larger paycheck. I am happy to reveal that as of today, no one has fallen for the DumbIQ fake scam… which either means it was a really dumb idea, or that there is really hope for the world out there!

  5. Utkemonster Says:

    HEY Marcus,

    You should consider doing an interview with Andrew Warner at Tell him utkemonster sent you lol. but seriously, it would be a fantastic interview.

  6. suround Says:

    thanks for his information, fortunately I have never registered on the site of mobile scams this.

  7. Rohit Aggarwal Says:

    I would like to invite you for giving a lecture to our students in the Business School at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. kimbjo Says:

    These mobile services are not a ‘scam’ as you and tech crunch claim.

    Have you ever tried to sign up to them? They are pretty clear that they will bill you. When you get a text message on there it also says they will bill you and you have to enter the confirmation code – ie. you have to double opt in and sign up twice.

    Where’s the scam?

  9. Tob Says:

    Dating ads on Yahoo: true (they are not allowed), whether or not you can buy through the RMX, I don’t know.

  10. Judy Says:

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    Markus you did a good job in exposing these – needless to say you are really awesome to see through this

  12. storeinchina Says:

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  13. Carla Cucvas Says:

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  14. Ileen Norum Says:

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  15. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  16. Alex Robberson Says:

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