Launches new relationship site.

MatchAffinity is our new relationship site.  Whilst is focussed on dating and allowing members to look around for suitable people, MatchAffinity helps people to find their partner through some more scientific means.  Each user takes a simple psychometric style test (takes about 10 minutes) and will then be matched with other members on the site based on a percentage compatibility ratio.  In order to then communicate with the member, users will need to subscribe to the full service, we find that curiosity usually gets the better of them!
looks like the borg have been busy this year,  buying up dating sites and expanding.

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  1. Tom McDonald Says:

    I am a new affiliate marketer and wanted to advertise products on your site. I am a small fish, so to speak, and was wondering if I only bid a small amount does that mean my products will not even show up on your site. By the way, your targeting is beyond awesome.

    Tom McDonald

  2. Fernando Ardenghi Says:

    MatchAffinity is NOT new!!! It is Datingdirectaffinity rebranded and intended for the UK market.

    IAC had sold Match’s European arm to Meetic last Feb 2009

    MatchAffinity == Datingdirectaffinity == MeeticAffinity rebranded (FKA Ulteem)

    MatchAffinity, it clearly says “A Meetic network website”

    Test is only in English for the United Kingdom, because they assess 12 personality factors and then they combine to “construct” a proprietary model of the Normative Big 5.
    MatchAffinity can match you with a prospective partner with a similar or opposite personality than yours, it depends on what you have preferred.

    Which norm does MatchAffinity use? Only the one for the United Kingdom?

    Compatibility between prospective mates is expressed as percentage, i.e. 71%, 63%, etc

    As any other actual online dating site offering compatibility matching methods MatchAffinity could reach “as low as” 3 to 4 persons high compatible per 1,000 persons screened, so in a 1,000,000 women database, you have as many as 3,000 to 4,000 women to contact (nearly at the same time), that means, a whole precision LESS than anyone could achieve by searching on one’s own!!!!

    The affinity test consists of 97 questions which look at areas such as your values, opinions, personality and expectations.
    This compatibility rating is based on an analysis of 71 different criteria which can affect the success of relationships.

    MatchAffinity provides a (long) written report like:
    (part of it)

    The MatchAffinity test has been specially designed by the AssessFirst team, an expert group of psychologists and psychometric testers.

    The personality report is divided into three main sections:

    * Section One reveals your value system, what you believe in.
    * Section Two explores your views on various topics such as relationships, family, sexuality, education, work, money, and religion.
    * Section Three analyses your personality and the way you behave.

    Section One
    Chart of universal values: The sociologist Shalom H. Schwartz identified ten universal values that influence the decisions that people make in their lives.
    – Self Sufficiency
    – Excitement
    – Hedonism
    – Security
    – Conformity
    – Tradition
    – Universalism
    – Kindness
    – Social achievement
    – Power

    Section Two
    – Your outlook
    As with a personal value system, the views a person holds about the different aspects of life will affect the way they see themselves individually and as part of a couple.

    Section Three
    We’ve drawn up your personality profile on the basis of 12 elements in five major groups.

    These five groups are based on the Big Five model of personality – a widely accepted scientific theory that’s been validated in several hundred studies worldwide. Psychologists currently see it as a highly useful model of describing a person’s behaviour.

    We’ve expanded the Big Five model into 12 more detailed elements that give an even more precise approach to personality profiling.


    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  3. Gareth Holmes Says:

    Hey Marcus, trying to get in toch with someone at PoF but no response, want to buy as I did at Blue Lithium and Yahoo.



  4. onlinedatingclinic Says:

    Do these kind of sites appeal more to men or women? Men tend to focus on photos first I think.


  5. Pick Up Girls Says:

    This looks interesting to say the least. I still don’t buy into the idea that you can “match” people scientifically. I think it’s more about a persons social skills and how they present themselves. Just because someone shares the same traits as you doesn’t make you guys a great match

  6. liebepur Says:

    Match macht sich stark mit Match Affinity… behauptete auch bisher schon gelegentlich, eher eine Online-Partnervermittlung als eine Singlebörse zu sein – aber nun steigt man in den USA und anderen Ländern, unter anderem auch im Vereinigten Königreich, mit einer Online-Partnervermittlun…

  7. Gee Says:

    Nothing new. Try .no .se and other European countries and you’ll find it there as well. They launched maybe 5 months ago.

  8. Mario Says:

    This pages seems to be the same as all other in the world. Pof is easier🙂

  9. Greg Says:

    I would love to see Fernando’s dating site. I expect it must be the very best at matching people for truly long term relationships, with a much lesser likeliness of divorce or separation.
    At least, that’s my understanding.

    Anyway, will Meetic and Match merge all their brands? Seems less and less likely.

  10. Mclean Says:

    Interesting to see you are branching out. Have you considered the new mobile market? There is significant overhead, so doing it for free might be challenging right now. Would be great to have a conversation about this. My company has a great cross-platform mobile app were looking to find use for.

    Cheers from Vancouver!

  11. Julien Marie Says:

    As Fernando says, it’s not a new site…
    MatchAffinity is Meetic Affinity.
    The first version was ulteem, launched some years ago with no extra marketing efforts.
    Then, they rebranded the site and launched two years ago in France Meetic Affinity with 15 millions euros of marketing (Paris was full of their ads).
    It has been a huge success here, and traditional matchmaking european websites like Parship and BE2 have some troubles now to catch up.
    With the buy of Match Europe by Meetic, they launched MatchAffinity etc…
    If you go the the french website, it’s now the same layout as Meetic.

    And you can see in the head of the french match website this :

  12. Julien Marie Says:

    Well this has been edited..

    you can see in the source code a canonical link to

  13. Yoko Cunis Says:

    Hey Im looking for some good coupons Got any help ?

  14. Bradley Byers Says:

    The site seems to be interesting. However, I dont’ completely understand the whole matching concept becasue one’s choices or lifestyle ways can alter or change at any time.

  15. Jacksmith Says:

    This information interesting. I agree Greg!

  16. Cindy lewis Says:

    You might find this interested. It is posted on the web in many places. It solves most of the problems people are having with online dating.
    The internet guide to dating:
    2. Most internet dates Updated version:
    Everybody you meet in online dating are the same exact people you will meet in non-online dating. There is no such thing as waiting for “the natural” moment in the real world. If it existed it would have already happened for you decades ago. Online dating is the best chance to meet single people in any large city.
    The single most important thing to realize is that “chemistry” is a series of bio-chemical and audio-visual reactions to the way a person looks and how they remind you of subconscoius things in-person. It does not work-over the internet. Chemistry is not a metaphysical thing. You will not be able to decide about a person unless you meet them in person. The internet is just a place to see that certain people are single. The way that media has programmed you, the type of people the media have told you are attractive and the look and feel of the people you have gathered around you will determine how the 42+ different psycho-visual, olfactory and other sensory reactions determine if you will allow yourself to be attracted to one person over another.

    1. Generally: People have made up their mind about whether or not they want to be with you 15 minutes after you have met them. Generally, men make up their minds more quickly than women because they are sensorial reactive. Decision processing is usually dramatically out-of-sync between genders based on genetic hunter/gatherer evolutionary programming. Both genders need to adjust to find the happy medium..
    end in the first few emails because of misinterpretation. Many people are typing on their cell phone or iphone or they are at work or they are joking and you can’t see it in email. Do not make prejudgments based on the first few emails, they are often wrong or unfair to the other person.
    3. A large number of people follow “the third date” rule. This means that if the two of you have not decided to be intimate by the third date you probably never will.

    4. Almost a majority of first meetings are cancelled by one of the two people just prior to meeting because people feel no commitment to a stranger. Do not be surprised if people using the service are not too motivated re: the first meeting as many have been through these out-of-the-blue cancellations already.

    5. Men are genetically ingrained to be territorial. Women’s men “friends” may suddenly nay-say the new guy, use psychological tricks to create stress and suddenly confess their “secret love” for you in order to cut the new guy off at the knees. As soon as your guy friends, ex husband, old boyfriend, (even your children) etc, hear that you have a date, they will often try to jack-up your plans in order to protect their turf. If you are divorced then you usually already have a conflict relationship over child custody and schedules, watch for the ex-husband to constantly change child pick-up times, days to pick-up and other schedule shifts at the last minute if he suspects you have dating plans. Stand firm on your plans so you are not victimized by the ex-husband’s territorial strategies
    6. Many single people have an obsessive relationship with their pets if they are single. Consider how much you talk about or plan your life around your pet.
    7. Men have a hard time talking about feelings.
    8. Meet as soon as possible. A majority of people that spend time talking, first, on this online dating, seem to be disappointed. The majority have a wonderful set of emails and phone calls and think they have met the love of their life. .. but when they meet, the chemistry is not there and both parties are twice as hurt by the brick wall because they have already created expectations and wishful thinking via advance communication. Most people find each other adorable on hours of phone calls but only 1% of the people said they had chemistry in person and vice versa. That has been the story that most other users on online dating have posted in tens of thousands of blogs so this appears to be the consensus of a general trend. Just an FYI. One would be losing relationships if they try to force a computer system to act human by using it for the initial interaction. You have to meet in the real world to not get screwed up by the computer and its process. One has to get out of the digital/chat room world as fast as they can and into the tangible real world of touch, vision and the other senses. Another reason for meeting soon is that people blog that a large number of people they start emailing with, suddenly cancel future meetings because someone else they were emailing with met them sooner. In many cases, when they have to book the first meeting a week or more out, they will contact you the day before and cancel the meeting because they starting seeing others they dated within that week delay. Most connections never happen because someone else gets there first.
    9. Sexual politics have killed off a majority of first dates. While it may seem rude or inappropriate to discuss sex on the first few dates, it is a large part of “dating”. If you get down the road and have actual sex only to find that you have two different styles, then the whole relationship is over in minutes after weeks or months of wasted “dating”. Kissing and petting are key to testing the waters early. Also, if you have not gone into Walgreen’s and asked the pharmacist for the “Home Access Express HIV Test Kit” , gotten a Gardisil vaccination and acquired “Plan B” pills (Google these if you don’t know what they are) then you are not ready to even go there. Condoms leak, spillover and break so must have these back-ups in place. On, average, every 6th person will have sex on the first date if that is what you are looking for.
    10. Brush your teeth and take Breath Assure tablets. Bad breath kills off many dates.
    11. Know what you really want. Most people are specifically looking for marriages, sex, babies, distractions, fun, social status, therapy or other certain things. Compare notes on your actual needs in the first date. There is nothing wrong with just looking for sex, the volume of people is higher with computer dating so the odds are better, just be clear up front. In fact few people can have “just sex” without falling in love afterwards.
    12. People with kids are able to date just as much as people without kids if they have a balanced life. Most single parents are able to get 3 full nights a week totally to themselves. If you can’t pull this off, talk to a parent who does to figure it out.
    13. Don’t discuss emotional topics in email with someone you have never met.
    14. On spending money: Women expect men to pay and men expect women to practice the “womens liberation” they fought for. Women want proof of stability and men want sexual reciprocation. Men get burned out buying a string of meals for strangers they will never see again. Men feel used and women feel diminished if the man doesn’t pay…This is the hardest subject in dating. Manage expectations on this from the beginning. Dating math = To find a great marital partner you will spend the rest of your life with you need to meet at least 1000 people. To find a great LTR dating partner you need to meet at least 150. 99% of these meetings will not work out. If a guy meets one person a day for a month and the cost of food, parking & misc. adds up to $95/night then he has to spend nearly $3000.00 a month just to see if there is a chance. If the lady says to the man that “Her mom taught her that the man must always pay”, or “she was raised in the South”, or ‘She was brought up to let the man be the provider”, in a recession. How do you think this makes the guys feel? Avoid dinners for the first few dates or agree to dutch treat unless you both are looking for a trophy-partner or transactional-sexual relationship.
    15. We live in an age where advertising and media train us to be attracted to certain facial types: sorority girl looks like fraternity guy looks, biker guy looks like biker girl looks, hipster guy looks like hipster girl types. Realize that we are all being forced to be superficial by this. Try to get past this, or you will miss people who are, otherwise, perfect matches.
    16. Exchange cell phone numbers for the first meeting. Most people do not look like their pictures and many people never find each other the first time. Use a Google-voice number or get a $27.00 phone from Walgreens if you don’t want to give out your real number.
    17. Where to meet is a political consideration. People who have done a few weeks of internet dating know that 99% of the first meetings don’t click and they will never see that person again , so they are hesitant to go too far for a first meeting . Women think men should drive to their location. Men think that they are going to have to pay for everything so the women should come to them. A good fix is to meet half-way.
    18. In life you have gathered people that are very similar to you around you in order to create a controlled and comfortable insulation. In online dating you will meet the full breadth of people and they are of every type. Be prepared to broaden your horizons.

    19. If you feel the need to tell people that “you need to go slow” (A concept foreign to most men) or “are still hurt from your last relationship”.. you may not be ready to date. Not only are most people on a dating site eager and willing to be in a relationship, but things move much faster online than not online. Don’t hurt yourself, and others, by using a dating site for therapy. People on dating sites go fast, generally.

    20. If you are wanting to blow somebody off and you are online dating, do not say you have “met someone” and then leave your profile up. If they see your profile still up or get a notice (such as sends out to everybody each time you go into your profile) they may feel lied to.

    21. IT bears repeating: If you just got out of a relationship, do not use a dating service to either A: See if you are over it or B: try to get your ex to become jealous and come back to you. It is cruel to the other people that are meeting you that area “ready-to-go”.

  17. puneet Says:

    This is a really good read for me, must admit that you are one of the best blogger, I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative article.

  18. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  19. cathyba Says:

    i can not get on the web site it kicked me off like 10 to 15 mins ago and now i can not get back on it what happened

  20. sarjig soni Says:

    another awesome site is launched… thanks providing this kinda information…

  21. arden Says:

    I met my second husband on, then a long term boyfriend (4 years) on, and three months ago, the love of my life on I have had much better luck on the internet than in the real world- not like I can’t get dates or don’t meet people, on the contrary. I just find that I get to know what a person thinks, who they are, with the extensive emailing that I require before handing out phone numbers and agreeing on dates. I find myself, in person, being attracted physically to traits that don’t have any relationship value- eyes, height, looks, etc. So the internet is truly a cool way to increase your chances. I did eharmony and that was sort of bogus- I prefer the old fashioned way- put up your profile and just let them come to it- read through the messages at the end of the day and respond to the ones that resonate with you. I am forever grateful to for giving me the portal to allow the man of my dreams to find me- a father, sober for many years, loves quantum physics and literature…and beautiful, a total keeper. thanks Marcus!

  22. pheromones Says:

    Another great relationship site. There needs to be more of these! Sebastian-

  23. Terri Davies Says:


    For some reason I can not connect to this site anymore, can you please tell me why please.

    Thank you
    Terri Davies

  24. Brian Says:

    Your site has been inaccessable today, are you doing work on it, and why were your user not alerted. I hope the issue are ok, and that your site will resume soon…

  25. pheromones Says:

    I love MatchAffinity. I use it all of the time. Thanks for creating such a great site that we all can use. I have had great results from it!

  26. Chariz Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I will be looking forward for more exciting websites that you will launch.. Thanks again..

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  31. Kathryn Murcott Says:

    I attempted to send an email this morning, I hit the send button ,it didn’t go through. I can not find him again. can you see and send me which I drew up. You have no phone no. to reach you.All other online dating sites have toll free no,s. please help

  32. plastik Says:

    In order to then communicate with the member, users will need to subscribe to the full service, we find that curiosity usually gets the better of them!

  33. yer kaplamasi Says:

    Now many dating sites have lost their merchant accounts or are at risk of losing them.

  34. kimya Says:

    oks like the borg have been busy this year, buying up dating sites and expanding.

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  36. bad-accessoires Says:

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  39. mobilya Says:

    10′s of millions of dollars. The dating industry is kind of backwards why wouldn’t more dating sites attend an event where people who are

  40. rehau Says:

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  41. dunya rehberi Says:

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  44. prefabrik Says:

    In order to then communicate with the member, users will need to subscribe to the full service, we find that curiosity usually gets the better of them!

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  51. John Green Says:

    The problems with that long list of “things to remember” is that if we followed even a quarter of them, we’d be nervous wrecks before the first date. Having, in the distant past, tried a few dating agencies, they were disappointing. I was told upfront that since there are more single men than women in my age range, the odds are immediately stacked against men. Then, looking through a few of the profiles of woman on these current (as in the past) sites, they seem to want the world. The man must be “funny,” culturally sophisticated, have a car (naturally), life nightlife and generally do most of the work. Can anyone tell me where I find women who are HOMEBODIES (like myself) and aren’t materialistic or extroverts? The kind of women one meets in daily life, in fact. Where would posters here go for what I consider as the sort of “normal” woman who commits to those men who aren’t in the fast lane and aren’t interested in partying and going out to expensive restaurants? Seriously.

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