100+ Million Monthy logins.

We just passed 105 million monthly logins this month,  and we have up to 380,000 emails an hour sent between users.      All this growth caused us to take the site down last night and move much of our core database onto a Ramsan 620.  

 The latest comscore numbers show we are bigger than all of Match.com and meetic properties combined worldwide.    The biggest problem we now face is how do we bring more users to online dating?    Its no longer enough to take marketshare from others.  What would your strategy be?

88 Responses to “100+ Million Monthy logins.”

  1. Max Says:

    I see that you’re advertising quite a bit to acquire new users. Instead of spending money on a per click basis or on media buys, why not offer an affiliate program that you pay by confirmed profile? One, it brings the advertising costs to the affiliates. Secondly, it enables your user acquisition cost to always be fixed. I’m sure you know what a user is worth to you, so pay accordingly. The power of a strong affiliate program can do what very few companies can do on their own. If you really want to expand, if you want thousands of new users a day, open a program and you’ll have just about every imaginable site pushing you.

  2. Stever Says:

    Television advertising to build awareness to those not familiar with POF.

    I see the eHarmony ads all the time on tv. They seem to be catered to attracting first time online dating users.

    You’ve got the SEO thing down pat and has allowed you to take market share away, but that for people already looking for an online dating site. Now you need to use other media to attract the first time users.

    my 2 cents

  3. Moe Bedard Says:

    I think some well placed billboards on major HWY’s in Orange County Ca, Miami etc with clever lines like, “Need Sex?” PlentyofFish.com Need and affiar? plentyoffish.com. $10k a month could bring you in a million extra members and it wil compound every month. Also, start 1,000 blogs going after sex and date terms and plaster your ads on them.

  4. Fernando Ardenghi. Says:

    Visitors by Country for Plentyoffish (Alexa)

    Country Percent of Site Traffic
    United States 63.4%
    Canada 14.2%
    United Kingdom 13.8%
    Australia 2.2%
    Ireland 1.1%
    China 1.0%
    India 0.9%
    OTHER 3.3%

    Many persons had been telling you for years to offer POF in other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and others, but I do not know why you refuse.


    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  5. Steve Says:

    The problem with advertising via tv, radio, billboards, or even newspaper is that those kinds of ads only attract a certain demographic. Which just happens to be the demographic that the paid dating sites are targeting. Basically the less affluent. These happen to be the kind of people that would rather throw money at a paid dating program than use a free one. It’s all in the psychology. Therefore, the model works well for the paid sites. It costs a lot to run those ads, but they earn it back easily enough from subscriptions.

    Part of POF’s strength is that it’s users are more affluent. I would prefer to see POF continue to cater to that audience, rather than go after the paid guys. If Markus did decide to go after the paid dating site audience, most likely, mass media advertising would break even at best (or more likely lose money), since POF doesn’t have the kind of subscription model that the paid sites have.

    Sometimes, you just have to say “enough growth is enough”. There will always be a steady supply of young adults who are ready to enter the online dating scene so I don’t think you have to worry about the end. Public corporations always have to grow in order to appease investors, but you have the luxury to be content with where you are.

    I do agree with Max in that if you really do need to grow (perhaps your systems are costing you too much and are underutilized), an affiliate program would be a great step. I know that I would sign up and place it on several of my sites immediately.

    I also think that word of mouth is still the best way to attract POF’s audience, and there are ways to help that process along with Twitter and social bookmarking and such.

    Another possible option would be to carefully select magazines based on an affluent audience and take out page ads in those.

  6. Stever Says:

    Steve is probably right that tv would cost too much for POF where revenue per user is much lower than for the paid sites.

    Not sure if affiliate programs would work that well as POF wont be able to offer as high a commission as current paid dating site aff programs.

    Word of mouth is huge and has already been a large part of POF’s success. In my local circle of friends and acquaintances probably at least half of them use or have used POF, and heard about it from a friend, who heard from a friend, etc.. But I am sure that could be nudged along a bit further with help from FB and twitter

  7. Eric Says:

    only way to get more users is to make people not feel like losers to find dates online.

  8. Ricardo Says:

    the only way to get new user it is to change the whole expererience… not call it a dating website but the best place to meet people … like the best online cafe …. the best place to organise activity … etc… change the basic I only wrote a profile hit search and send a message …. I have an idea but that’s priceless🙂

  9. dg Says:

    > What would your strategy be?

    Sell! The smart time to sell is at the peak of growth, then kick back on a private island in the Caribean with your own armada of yachts.

  10. Colm O'Connor Says:

    I’d internationalize & localize your website and target other markets.

    I’d also experiment with a mysinglefriend type approach to get a different kind of person on there. I’m sure your more dedicated users would love something like that and would probably bring in people who would otherwise not use online dating.

    Other than that, trying to get more and more customers from an already saturated market is probably a loser’s game.

  11. Todd Says:

    just keep killing it!

  12. Jus Says:

    Focus on the market segments that are not performing the best, find out why these segments are not performing the best and formulate new strategies to get new sign ups from these segments.

    Your new campaigns would have to be targeted and communicate online dating in a way it has not been presented before. Provide a completely new concept of dating for the hesitant visitor.

    Think of those iconic, groundbreaking & successful advertising campaigns performed in the 60s-80s by Volkswagen, Apple & Avis.

    To satisfy the needs of the modern consumer you may even have to innovate and create new ways of interacting socially both inside the web site and outside the web site whilst still being involved with the brand (mobile devices).

    It would help to consult with a leading international brand or ad management agency experienced in capturing new markets and providing new ways for consumers to interact with a brand.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Francis Says:

    Hey Marcus,


    Foreign languages… French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, German, Dutch, etc…

    Get ‘er done!

    Good Luck,


  14. Nick Says:

    I have been in a struggle for years on how to build traffic and make a living at the several websites I have. Several years ago I got some advice here and implemented them and still nothing. And Marcus asks for advice and gets tons of information when he is already one of the largest sites in the world.

    I quit my dayjob in May to dedicate fulltime to my sites which I have several and have been working 12-15 hour days and the traffic just stalls between all my sites at about 1500 a day. I averaged 1200 a day whithout ever doing anything.

    Can any of you provide some input including Markus on what I can do. I will just ask about my one website http://www.spanishwordotheday.com /
    The advice I got several years ago was to update the words on the page each day and to archive them so people would be convinced my email daily was not spam. I am only up to about 8700 on my email list. I cant imaging why it would not be more popular. I know of one site who has 100000 on their email list and they offer no where what I do on my daily email. Part of my thinking when I established this site and email was that it easily could go to about 200,000 with the number of people who are studying Spanish. And with knew people starting all the time it could keep growing and that I could make a living by selling text links on the emails.

    I would really appreciate any advice. While I respect Markus a great deal I just cannot believe he built this huge business by committing such a small amount of time.

    Thanks for any input.

  15. Ricardo Says:


    first your url does not work … second if you want traffic fast you will need to go with paid traffic or something better and free… video… and then work on something to track and keep the flow of traffic… getting traffic it’s one thing be able to convert and monetize that traffic it’s another story…. focus on convertion rather then getting more traffic now….

  16. Nick Says:

    Thanks Ricardo: I made a typo –
    It is http://www.spanishwordoftheday.com

    The service is free. The site is designed to tell others about the email. The email is sent daily with vocabulary for beginning to advanced students of Spanish. The soundclips are provided by a native Spanish speaker. The page itself only averages about 150-170 page views a day. I have tried to rely on making posts in news groups and language groups. And I am always surprised when someone unsubscribes since they are interested in learning Spanish and they know what they are getting before they sign up.

    The way I wanted to monetize was by selling text advertisements on the email themselves.



  17. Ricardo Says:

    @ Nick

    I check it now… we have a problem if your only goal is to get people on your list why you put up adsense…. then you have so many bullets .. and at the end I’m like why you ? why this product is so good? and why I should jump on your list now?….

  18. Nick Says:

    Ricardo – I am not sure I understand — The bullets explain what each email has – which is a tremendous amount of work and was designed to attract as many subscribers as possible.

    I put the adsense ads up hoping to make some revenue possibly from the visitors that don’t sign up.

    Thanks for your input.

  19. Mark Says:


    The answer – offer in other languages. Yes, it was suggested above.
    You may have exhausted the English market mostly.

    Take a look at this…

    Zhenai.com, China’s largest matchmaking website, announced that the number of its registered members reached 20,022,000 on July 31, 2009.


    Just offering in Chinese and Spanish would be huge.
    Germany is a growing market too.
    India is another consideration. Most speak English there and online dating has been getting traction in last couple years.

    One thing I’ve learned about affiliate/internet marketing, which you’re in a prime position to do, is duplicate your strengths and successes.


    Mark Nicholson

  20. dg Says:

    @Nick: build stuff that people want, preferably lots of people who spend lots of money.

  21. Sanjay Maharaj Says:

    I don’t see that you have an iphone app [am I wrong?]. I can see POF growing the user base exponentially with smartphone app. While you are at it, incorporate some location based services, now you will really put things into play with location based. Off ocurse you will have to figure out the rules for location base but it has great value added potential.

  22. David Says:

    besides internet advertising, I would more into affiliate marketing, I run a dating site and have no problem promoting POF. Also, what about brand advertising on tv? Expensive, but it might be the next logical growth step.

  23. indevj Says:

    It’s cliche’ now, but I’ll say it: Freemium. Keep what is working now for free, and invent a premium service to charge for. You won’t alienate your current users, because they’ll still get what they’ve always got.

    If anything, they might have been wanting something more all along. Plus, you’ll attract those uppity fools with more money than sense who only associate quality with price.

    Or, it could go horribly wrong. If so, my bad.

    Best of luck.

  24. Judy Says:

    I agree you should offer your site in International markets
    Some advertising, just for a while in key places, such as Oprah for women, as they tend to be baby boomers, the largest group of women, and sports for men…
    Just for a while, a short teaser ad, like
    “Nothing’s free? You haven’t tried Plentyoffish.com, have you?” or
    “Who said nothing’s free? Have you checked out Plentyoffish.com?”
    I have done all different types of media advertising in the past, as an agent, and you could buy 10 to 15 second spots, as teaser type of ads….
    Billboards on some major US and Canadian highways could do the same…teasers…short and sweet!!

    To Steve who said your site attracts the affluent…not in Wisconsin/USA.

    And last of all Markus, I have tried to contact you in numerous ways,
    to no avail…I have great innovative and unique ideas to expand your site, and blow your competition out of the water so to speak, thus gaining more of the users using other sites, but I can’t discuss them all here…too much to tell you…
    You can reach me on POF at poppel in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
    Drop me an email, and we can chat…Judy

  25. James Says:

    Give away free T-Shirts. Everyone loves free T-Shirts.

  26. Callum Says:

    To generate significant growth in online dating you’ll need to do something radically different and radically better than what currently exists. You can drip, drip people into the market, but you’ll not see Facebook’s kind of growth that way.

    I’d see a range of sites targeting different styles of dating. Some ideas off the top of my head:
    * Mobile site for people who want to grab coffee right now, near me.
    * Target specific demographics: Over 60s, single parents, religious groups, etc. You could cross profiles over between sites with users consent.
    * Game changing new ways of interacting with other people like blind date events in those completely dark restaurants with blind waiters.

    The fastest growth comes from people telling their friends about a great service. Online dating is quite a personal topic, maybe finding ways of making it public would help with that. Gigantic speed dating events based on some kind of pairing algorithm for example.

    To take the whole industry up a notch requires something truly remarkable. If you want to take on that type of challenge, I wish you the best of luck. It’s a tough task but the rewards would be huge if it pays off.

  27. rambo Says:

    I have three guy buds all single. The 40yo hits the site twice a day at least, the 63yo knows about it but just isnt sure, the 50yo is skeptical about the quality of persons and has never been on the site; point is, internet dating/meeting is the paradigm to change. Regardless of advertising method showing the realized success with couples in SOF all ages is the key. I might even mirror Match commercials, then the advertising they do will support your agenda. I guarentee the base-line fall faster as the age increases. It may be worthy to expand into seniors…
    Imagine a PC/MAC commercial series Match/eHarmony vs Go-Fish

  28. De Says:

    An approach would be to get a promotion budget of $ 1.000.000,– to start with.

    Suggestions are:
    Start 5 additional support websites with links to the main website and tips for internet dating, succes stories, pictures of happy couples, stories about young people who use internet dating sites and expanations about online dating.
    Finding an answer to the question how to get people interested in online dating is a difficult task. An easier and better question is how to get more visitors to the website.
    Other possibilities are to start websites that do the same in other areas: connecting people. Possibilities are jobs for employers and employees.
    Other possibilities for promotion are free websites like facebook, myspace.
    An own television show about online dating can be attractive too.
    it is possible to start this small and to find a production partner and sponsors.

  29. Traffic Tactics Says:


    I would go for international market share. You have a nice piece of the pie now so why not continue.

    I would highly recommend you develop an iPhone app around this as well. The mobile market is huge and not slowing down. Having access to your products and services on the go is very essential.

    The sooner you get going on that the bigger piece of the market share you will continue to hold. Way to go on your successes

    Warm regards,


  30. Sam Says:

    Hi Markus,

    I’m one of your event hosts, and I really feel that POF offers the best online dating solution out there at the moment, so well done!

    I love the online cafe idea that Ricardo came up with. Speed-dating has a Facebook application that would be worth a look at for ideas, and a chat area, with rooms for different cities would be very welcome.

    I think emphasising the social side rather than just dating is the way to go.

    Lots of members really struggle to find events at the minute, but they could become a much bigger part of POF’s attraction. Would it be possible to re-design the POF interface and give the forums, particularly the events area, more focus?

    They need filters for distance and date too, as if they were more widely known about, I’m sure more would be organised.

    Hope there’s something worth your time to read in there!

    Best wishes


  31. mitchell Says:

    I think bringing back the IM would greatly increase traffic.

    Can’t say it any simpler than that.


  32. Evgeny Says:

    Hi Markus,
    I suggest make something popular – like plentyoffish.com in Russia. I have very interesting idea, but I need your experience and participation. If it will be interesting for you – please, contact me via e-mail. Anyway, i will be thankful for your advise for my project🙂


  33. Eamonn Says:

    Talk to me. I have a developed a website/app that will drive people to your site through personal recommendation, from who have never dated online.

    I have tried to contact you personally but to no avail.


  34. linda Says:


  35. recommended Says:

    is it about to enhance traffic to our website or blog? there are many ways to do. IM not too guarant traffic, but you should showing the statistic first in order to clearly description.

  36. Wazza Says:

    Hi Markus
    Man im jelous of the figures your site gets truley amazing. I have a few ideas that im currently working on to attract more people to online dating, at the moment I will keep them to myself to see if they work.

    Another thing I was thinking is adding some kind of feature like yahoo’s answers which of course would build more of a community and get couples involved as well.

    Interactive Games are fun as well, I own and run a few game sites like ug2.com and was thinking maybe developing a game more for adults, not porn or anything R rated but something for say late teens and beyond.

    Good luck with your ever growing traffic. I hope one day my online dating site is half as popular as yours cause it truley is rewarding knowing somehow you helped hook somone up🙂


  37. Lily Says:

    The interface looks dated, and I think it drives away potential customers. It’s improved, but still dated-looking. It gives the impression that it is not administered in an up-to-date way, which gives the (erroneous, I assume) impression that our personal info is not going to be secure.
    I think more customers could be retained as active users if we could have more control over our experience – for example, more control over our matches, more control over whether or not we appear to be online, allowing us to state commonly acknowledged preferences for our matches (religion, height, ethnicity, etc).

  38. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  39. Johnny5o Says:

    I followed your guidelines and want to know why I was removed??? Your system should tell us what we did wrong and why we were removed. I recently update my profile telling ladies that I started working on apple apps for the iphone and ipad. Is that reason to delete me? I put a lot of time into my profile. I had made contacts that could of turned into something but all contacts are lost now. I think you can understand my frustration. If you could create this site do you think its possible for others to create a free dating site. I am thinking since you are in Coal Harbour Vancouver and not in the US maybe I will make a clone of POF rename it and run it from the US. I would forget all about it if you would incorporate a notification method to inform non paying serious members of their reason for removal from your system. Also it took you 2 weeks to create this site. What if someone took 4 weeks? Do you think it could be better? It takes me longer to make an app for apple then make a website. If you dont want free competition I suggest you incorporate some kind of notifications.

    Frustrated user

  40. Johnny5o Says:

    The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals recently ruled that a business must use its domain name to sell goods or services in order to protect the name — even if a competitor starts to use the name after you registered the domain.

  41. feboo Says:

    after a long reading of your posts here, I just wanna saluting you with two thumbs up!! 12:02

  42. Judy Powell Says:

    Even if you can find many dating sites you can join for free, I hate wasting time “wading” through profiles of completely strangers to locate one that interest me. I prefer to know members in MY group have something in common. So I like sites with members listed by ethnicity, religion or interest, so I can skip the ones falling outside my comparability requirements. On mate-1.net I can access “grouped” profiles and start browsing local profiles of singles with the same background and/or interest as myself🙂

  43. Internet Dating USA Says:

    You mention Adapt or Die. So why not give the market what it needs — a way to verify the identity of members. Add a badge that says “Verified Member” for example and you might be able to make money on it too. Send a code by mail like Google does for businesses. Use a credit card to pay a small fee. Home phone check. Link to Facebook. The more the better.

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  48. unir26e.com Says:

    “Verified Member” is like saying “old dating whore”.. You would need different verbiage to make ppl feel comfy.

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  50. Lucien-Frederic Says:

    Ideas (brainstorm)

    1) Go international with translating features.
    2) Iphone apps & various mobile platforms apps.
    3) Implement all kind of funny, smart & convenient features…
    4) Improve some parts of the privacy settings
    5) More picture upload features…and allowing to post non face shot pictures.
    6) refine the “My matches” features or any other random pictures showing up on screen according to more criteria than zip code. hair colors for example.

    that’s it for now…

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