Olympic flame

This is what i see every day from my apartment and deck.     Its kind of wierd seeing things like the fireworks going off in the opening  ceremony and seeing it on tv and then looking out the window and they are going off less than 200 meters away.

I walked over late at night to get a good picture of it.   During the day there are tens of thousands of people around.

27 Responses to “Olympic flame”

  1. Rico Says:

    Markus, have you enjoyed the Olympics or have they been a nuisance on your everyday life? I am curious what other Vancouver people think?

  2. Marc Says:

    You still have an apartment? Buy a house, or two even already.

  3. Catherine Says:

    Hi Marcus,

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  4. Sanjay Maharaj Says:

    I am in Coal Harbour as well and I also found it ratherexciting to watch anchors live footage of the harboour and then look outside my window to see the same scene on TV and in reality. I though it was a unique experience. Didn’t Vancouver look beautiful on TV ?

  5. phil Says:

    Canadians came across as arrogant, like americans or worose with there ‘own the podium’ slogan which only resulted in the murder of an innocent athlete, at games that left a bad taste in the mouth.

  6. StyleMe Says:

    Hey Markus

    That is one NICE…. view.

    This year I will be watching the Soccer world Cup Opening Ceramony from a friends balcony…

    I will post some pics on my site…

  7. Gregor Says:

    Congrats to Slovene medal winners Petra Majdic and Tina Maze!🙂

  8. Nelson Says:

    It was a spell binding moment in our lives, to see the world come together for a time of competition. What unity and common purpose, peace is a sense of well being for the world! Competition is good, competition gives us hope … Competition is a good plan for us!!!!!

  9. dating nz Says:

    lucky you – I won’t depress you by saying what I see from my window🙂

  10. jtimar Says:

    The Olympics were truly amazing, and I miss them all the time. Nothing will ever compare!

    Phil: You are a retard.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    The Olympics were truly amazing, and I miss them all the time. Nothing will ever compare!

    Phil: You are a retard.

    I really wish the flame could have stayed lit permanently, it was a truly amazing sight!

  12. Fish Killer Says:

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  13. Johnny5o Says:

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  14. feboo Says:

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  16. alonzosnipes Says:

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  19. FEROMONAS Says:

    I can’t wait for the next olympics

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