Plentyoffish can now predict who you will marry.

After years of collecting data and trying all kinds of things to predict who will fall in love,  who will break up and who will marry we have finally done it.    We now have a fairly accurate model for predicting who an average user will end up with.   Obviously it won’t work for everyone,  but what predictive statistical model does?

This new model completely replaces our old chemistry test.   We now give you a set of 30 matches that you are most likely going to end up dating.    The list will mostly stay the same but it will change if a better match signs up or one of your matches deletes themselves from the site.

169 Responses to “Plentyoffish can now predict who you will marry.”

  1. John C Says:

    How did you accurately quantify categories like “easygoingness?” And why are we to believe that these few categories are enough to accurately predict something as complex as long-term relationship dynamics? Why are we not to believe that your method is a pseudo-scientific formula? From what I can tell, you’re using clever marketing. There is no way to prove that your formula is “accurate” without you tracking (for years) the ratio of failures to successes, and then releasing that data to the public. Since you currently have no incentive to do that, I have no incentive to believe your claim.

    • kim bjo Says:

      well markus puts a bunch of mice to a ‘easingoingnometer’, and tests them for easygoingness. the more easy going they are, the less they get shocked. make sense?

    • Ken Says:

      What is an easingoingomeeting. All of these types of predictions seem very koo koo

  2. Online Dating Sound Barrier Says:

    I had checked this new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm, it does not give you a compatibility percentage any more; and it is still based on a proprietary Big5 model to assess personality traits.

    This new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm seems to be the same dog with another collar or the same book with another cover, or the same food with another taste.

    What is exactly new, different or better in this new approach than what the old one offered?

    Which is exactly the range of that new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm?
    e.g: In a big database as the one at PlentyOfFish, it shows you 3 women per 10,000 women screened or 30 women per 100,000 women screened. (10 times better than the old algorithm)???

    As Marital Stability does not include Marital Satisfaction, a marriage can be stable but miserable. Can you show this new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one’s own, or other technique as the control group in a peer reviewed Scientific Paper?

    Is Dr. James Houran the brain behind this new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm?

    If you are so rich, why don’t you acquire the license of the 16PF5 normative personality test instead of still using a proprietary Big5 model to assess personality?

    WorldWide, there are over 5,000 (five thousand) online dating sites, but no one is using the 16PF5 normative personality test, available in different languages to assess personality of their members, or a propietary test with exactly the same traits of the 16PF5


    “Breaking the online dating sound barrier”

  3. Markus Says:

    All personality tests are BS, including your 16pf5 as well as the big5.

    We use a completely different approach.

    • Online Dating Sound Barrier Says:

      “We use a completely different approach”

      Can you explain better that approach please?

      Which is exactly the range of that new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm?

    • John C Says:

      so, Markus, you are arguing that since all personality tests are BS, then the personality test that you use is not BS? that logic doesn’t add up. Or are you arguing that since other methods are BS, and your method is different than other methods, your method cannot also be BS? Because that logic doesn’t add up either.

      If you make a claim, back it up. How is your “different approach” not BS? What does it do differently and how do such differences work as an improvement? Further, what physical data can you provide as evidence?

  4. Larry Says:

    You can almost hear the sound barrier weeping…

    • Online Dating Sound Barrier Says:

      It is an improvement but not an innovation. Mr. Frind only adjusted the output of the algorithm.
      Before that adjustment the algorithm was an “out of control machine gun” firing flowers, and now it only shoots 30 “flowers” per dater without showing a compatibility percentage any more.

      At PlentyOfFish there are 3 tests, and they are still the same as before.

      1) PlentyOfFish Relationship Chemistry Predictor (POFCP) [measures five broad dimensions of personality that are each essential for building a romantic relationship]
      It is a proprietary FLAWED Big5 model to assess personality.

      It is FLAWED because that personality test should be:
      – in English for the United States and the Norm for the United States (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of the United States).
      – in English/French for Canada and the Norm for Canada (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of Canada)
      – in English for the United Kingdom and the Norm for the United Kingdom (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of the United Kingdom).
      – in English for Australia and the Norm for Australia (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of Australia).
      and so on for each & every country where PlentyOfFish is available.

      2) PlentyOfFish Relationship Needs Assessment
      Compatibility at PlentyOfFish is all about personality “similarity”.
      question #76 “I find that my past partners and I usually share the same mood.”
      question #78 “My partner is the sort of person whom I myself would like to be.”

      3) PlentyOfFish Integrity, Sincerity and Relationship Stability test.
      Only users who can form and maintain long term relationships are given the privilege of upgrading.

      You can see screenshots in my blog.
      “Breaking the online dating sound barrier”

  5. Axel Says:

    Promises promises.
    It s all about our cash buying four stars daydreams.
    Next, Amazon will deliver the perfect babe right to my doorstep.
    Too many dangers lurking here……
    Marco could you answer to John C and Sound Barrier?

  6. Markus Says:

    Well predictive models predict a outcome…

    Personality tests only predict what kind of personality you have. They do not predict who will enter into relationships, that requires you having actual couples to validate your test. something that takes years.

    Right now as far as i know we are the only site that has a proven measurable test. I would assume eharmony has done the work as well they just don’t say it publically.

    • John C Says:


      First, I question the legitimacy of any argument that uses an article on Wikipedia as its primary source of evidence.

      More importantly, can you explain how a “predictive model” can accurately predict the outcome of a relationship without understanding the personality of those involved? Logic indicates that a predictive model built for the sake of predicting the success of a relationship inputs data from a personality test into given variables.

      Further, you have not proven that your “predictive model” is more accurate, you have only proven that is seeks a different goal than a personality test. You have failed to address and rebut the claims put forth by Sound Barrier and I.

      • Arborist Mist Says:

        Are you the dating police John C? You remind me of the most vocal pedants on Slashdot.

  7. Daniel Gold Says:

    Markus if you need help localizing your site in different languages we have certified translators from around the world who can do that for you.. Often people use translators but not ones who are localized to particular dialects that are regional. Even the difference between French from France and Quebec are quite significant. With regards to your tests understanding the particular context of words in questions might have a significant impact on your models.

  8. Markus Says:

    I have no great desire to post exactly what we did. Especially with everyone in the industry reading. What we say or do on this post makes absolutely no difference in terms of generating relationships on POF.

    The success of this alogorithm is going to depend on the change in the number of relationships created as a result of Plentyoffish. We have a fantastic RMSE but what impact that has on the site remains to be seen.

    Also we are trying to predict if you will enter into a relationship and what the chance of failure for that relationship is before marriage. We simply don’t have enough data to predict if the relationship will fail 20 years down the road.

    At the end of the day we aren’t trying to solve the stable marriage problem (SMP) using something akin to a Gale-Shapley algorithm that eharmony and chemistry use.

    • John C Says:

      Unfortunately, without releasing at least some evidence of your formula’s success, or some more in depth explanation for your prediction of its success, there is no reason for anyone to believe what you say.

    • N.M. Says:


      Who put “sexiest user” on my profile ? How did that come about ? And, you’re not taking the site down for good are you?

    • melissa Says:

      Hi I am on pof and cannot get on the sight .How do I get on the sight?

  9. jim Says:

    hi please can you help me i am trying to get in to plentyoffish

    but there is a IM om my computer i cant get in to pleantoffish

    i want the IM off so i can get in my email is

    i just want back in to this site my name is jim i want a

    toll free number so i can call them up please thank you

  10. Denise Says:

    Markus, I think the change on POF in only showing 30 matches that predicts who you will marry is limiting and a disappointing change in the site’s features. First of all marriage might not be the goal for many members…the compatibility percentage was a really good barometer to see matches on basic values then a member could view in excess of 30 photos page by page with the posted match percentage. Then by clicking on each photo enter the profile to read the things that can’t be quantified by some personality compatibility test…depending on how much the member wrote you could have insight into socio-economic background, religious affiliation, political leanings and dominant leisure interests. Please consider bringing back the feature that shows matches by percentage in that concise format you previously had posted!

  11. feboo Says:

    I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful 11:55

  12. Martha Says:

    It would help alot if the SITE was up. Haven’t been able to connect since last Wednesday what’s up with that? Frustrating for someone who has people I would like to respond to on the site!

  13. Amy @ As Seen on TV Says:

    I really like the way plentyoffish finds compatibility. The issue with this is that half the people don’t put too much thought in creating profiles or filling out questionnaires so the accuracy of the results is questionable.

  14. Suzie Says:

    What has happened to the website?? I can’t get on. Server error or bad gateway messages keep coming up….

  15. Baits Motel Says:

    It appears that POF is also PLENTY OF SITE DOWN .. or PLENTY OF SERVER PROBLEMS. I DO understand it is a “free” site, but with all the people addicted to online game-playing, the stability of our great nation depends on POF being up !!! Thomas “Bubba” Edison, Pawtaleney, NJ

  16. Ed Says:

    POF is garbage over the years it has had so many server issues it’s rediculous. I bet you it had something to do with adding a dumb question of what are your intensions. The question is redundant anyway you already choose dating, ltr, friends etc.. now he adds a question of what are your intentions?lol dumb.

  17. Shane Says:

    When do you think the site will be back up?

  18. jack Says:

    Is pof down or is it my computer?

  19. Joanna Says:

    Yes, there is a guy I talked to and I think he might be important. Please fix the site in the name of love!!


  20. site is down Says:

    it’s down AGAIN! Ugh it does this now like several times a month. Needs a better server.

  21. Baits Motel Says:

    PoF Site Back Up ???? That would be AFTER the site cleans out their pond filter and installs some SHARK repellent !!! aka – NEVER !!!!

  22. Plenty Of Failures Says:

    Seems Marcus’s “Tweaking” of the site has been causing many of these annoying outages. Time to revisit some redundancy.

  23. SMWYA Says:

    Hope the site is up again soon…there are more people who APPRECIATE the effort that goes into maintaining and providing this service than there are complainers and critics.

    • Ed Says:

      Appreciate what? lol You think he made a dating site to help people find love out of the kindness of his heart? lollllllllllllllllllll

      He made the site to make money obviously.

      • Says:

        Well, it is a shame that he is not even trying to help people find love. Yet, he is doing it, through his software, hundreds of times a day. AND, to top it off he is turning a buck or two while doing it..

  24. Plenty Of Failures Says:

    It’s back up now

    Thanks Markus

  25. POF User Says:

    As of 10:10 central time, its down again

  26. POF is a POS Says:

    For the love of all that is holy, please fix the F’ing site. It’s been down since 3:30 pm Pacific Time and came back up briefly. I know it’s a free site but this is ridiculous.

  27. Jason Says:


    How many registered users do you have now?

    Have you ever received an offer of being aquired?

  28. L.A. Says:


  29. dating crazes Says:

    Well I’ll be…this is awesome,where were you guys with this before I net ny first? No j/k but this is a great feature and should move you guys to numero uno if you aren’t there already.

  30. Joe lee Says:

    personally, i think that is the best way to ID your dating function. too many dating program but plentyoffish is the best one ofr sure!

  31. Gary Upchurch Says:

    pof is crashing my safari! your help/contact us wants to sell me a solution for $14, 18 or 30 bucks…. lol what up markus! seriously dude!

  32. Darren Martin Says:

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  33. John Morgan Says:

    This is definitely the next level for dating by finding common interests. If you breakup, you would have to learn how to makeup

  34. therougenetwork Says:

    well that’s crazy.

  35. 126 Says:

    It’s back up now

    Thanks Markus

  36. Carlos Costa Says:

    Nice formula. See at some strange things and cases about love.

  37. Daniel Says:

    Markus.. Your site .. really needs a more reliable chat mechanism. Userplane .. sucks … your best bet is something that operates like lavalife it made messages more manageable.

  38. Do Free Dating Sites Pay? – Singles Dating and Chat Tips Says:

    […] Plentyoffish can now predict who you will marry. « Plenty of fish blog […]

  39. Furion Says:

    Sad to say but I meet and date more women through mmorpg’s than POF. To date, WoW = 3, POF = 0. These weren’t ugly geeky girls either, they were cute and sexy. In online gaming at least the ladies will chat with you and get to know you. At POF all I get is; message read/deleted. Pfff. Who needs it!

  40. Says:

    I can’t imagine software being able to predict who a person will like, no more than any ol’joe. And trying to do it by way of data collection, online, where almost no one will be able to tell you the correct (read:honest) answer anyway. But, if no one ever tried I guess we’ll never know if it is truly possible.

  41. Andre Barnes Says:

    I think that this is a great use of your technology. Keep up the wonderful work.

  42. salman Says:

    Is it necessary to register before using the software?

  43. Recherche sur Megaupload Says:

    Wouw, that’s nice😛

  44. NIKE NINJA Says:

    Is Dr. Nike Air Rift Comparez les prix pour Course à Pied . James Houran the brain behind this new PlentyOfFish matching algorithm?

  45. luvsthesunset Says:

    Anyone know why POF has all of a suden decide I’m not a human? I have been locked out of POF. It will not even let me register under another name???? Anyone else had this problem?

  46. David Says:

    Hey Markus,

    I was hoping you would continue to post more on your blog. I’ve always enjoyed reading your words of wisdom. But I can see why you don’t because unfortunately your blog seems to attract the negative people who bash and criticize other peoples success. Hopefully someday you’ll start posting more again. Have a great Summer Markus : )

  47. Says:

    Great work, Markus.!

  48. galinboise Says:

    Wow. I think POF is a POS. When I read what this dude Markus publishes, I’m IMPRESSED that he has the gall to try and pull this off. Let me re-phrase that. He DID it. And make a ton of money. Gotta give him that.
    And to have the nerve to post he actually won a “prize” for his algorithm is pure genius of a true scam artist.
    I won’t be on a site where integrity is not used. Nor misspelled.

  49. Bill Says:

    Okay so I clicked on a link about who I would most likely date and marry. Now for me… I do not want children. So tell me Markus.. how the hell do I match with women who definitely want to have kids?!

    This matching system you have is bogus and anyone believes that you are doing someone a favor by implementing it is a fool. Your matching algorithms are a joke and you being 100% Free is another joke too. You are now charging people to be a featured member? I thought this is a 100% Free Dating Site.

  50. JIm Says:

    its to bad you let scammers and frauds advertise fake viagra and cialis on your website. Total violation of the law. As a matter a fact here is a complaint i found online about it. I also notified Cialis and Viagra about hte fraud advertising on your POF site. Shame on you!

    * reply

    On July 28th, 2010 jerry pedone (not verified) says:

    I bought something (cialis) from one of your advertisers and never got them…They say they have a 24 hour customer service, (866 414 0137), I’ve been calling them for 2 days, they never answer the phone. I did leave 3 messages but they never responded, I was hoping someone could help me….These “scam” people shouldn’t be on POF…..jeremiah11111

  51. Mardhanaya Says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  52. LoveHabibi Says:

    Yeah, relationship models are fine, but how do you people are providing you with correct information? These things will never work well enough to become an online dating crystal ball.

  53. ericamerican Says:

    ATTN: THE MAN.. im getting a server error for apparently running out of memory for too many sent messages, will these messages be deleted after 20 days automatically? because i cant login as a result and delete them myself. Your help is much appreciated.

  54. Patty Says:

    Site is not letting me access!!!! It says there is an error…is site down? For how long?

  55. T$ Says:

    Why’s the site down?

  56. Stacy Says:

    Completely unrelated…but, why is pof down today? Is it coming back? It would be really nice if users were notified of server upgrades, etc.

  57. Charlie Says:

    Hi Markus,the site is down and thank you for the great idea and service that you provide. Some wankers still insist on charging the user instead of the advertisers.Chat is free,meeting people is free, it was at the beginning,until the vultures decide to make money on peoples emotions and needs,which by the way many have been charged with reaping people off.JOIN FOR FREE…er but $45 to reply to a message and if YOU JOIN our GOLD membership we can rip you off even better….but this time with more class,WE call you Sir/Madam.
    Markus,you are doing a good thing and if you are making money,good for you,at least is clean money.

  58. Sabine Says:

    The POF site is down and when I search, I find many complaints about the server or database being down. There’s no customer support, no email, no phone number. Numerous complaints about being unable to unsubscribe also appear in blogs. What are you doing to address this??

  59. doug Says:

    Site is down anyone know why

  60. Rixter Says:

    “> Plentyoffish can now predict who you will marry”

    I wonder if they can predict when todays massive server crash will be repaired instead. I’m new there and it’s a nice site, but it looks like stability is not a strong point from what people are saying. Free Advice: next time use Apache or NGinX on Linux instead of those M$oft servers!

  61. twilght*skies Says:

    it’s all good😉 it’s a lazy munday, enjoy! take the whole day off, take a long walk, and flirt with everyone, just like you do online! i will be walking DT Tacoma, if you see me, I hope you will flirt❤

    Thanks for giving us the day off Marcus! Now scoot down to T-town and flirt!

    ps Marcus, What does a girl need to do to get your attention?

  62. Terri Says:


  63. Taco Says:

    Yeah, but what are POF addicts to do? No place to find hot chicks in underpants. Sigh.

  64. FunToLook Says:

    …You can all gather at another FREE dating website… It’s a new site, so not a huge crowd yet, but hey it’s What else you gonna do?!🙂

    • Matt Says:

      Yeah right, poorly Photoshoped image of hot women and no sample entry. Right, I’m going to join right up. Fly-by-night crappy dating sites are just ripe with scamming trolls.

  65. Stacy Says:

    I think it would just be nice if a (the??) pof employee would write on the blog a reason for the interruption of service, with an estimated time for when the site will be up again. Yes it’s free, and yes, you get what you pay for, but this is a little ridiculous.

    • Mike4812 Says:

      Employee LoL

      Do you believe there are employees? I bet you if someone is helping him, he is not paying the going rate. What kind of job do you think you get when you hire a carpenter for 10 dollars an hour?

      • Stacy Says:

        No, I don’t think there are employees. But I think it would be nice if Markus could give us a clue as to what is going on. Rumours are that the site is done for good. This makes me sad.

  66. Janie Says:

    How come the site is down? I’m missing my men’s replies … oh no, they won’t have replied as the site is down … can we have a message somewhere telling us when it will be back. Thank you!!

  67. Janie Says:

    Marcus! you need to get up and start checking out your server(s). I just read they are in your apartment!! Where’s the ON button? he he

  68. Kizzy Says:

    Does anybody know when PoF will be back online?

  69. Janie Says:

    ok people this is the message I just got on PoF site : Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multipul system failures and service will be restored later today. …

  70. HAMAZING Says:

    HEY GIVE THE NEWLYWED MAN A BREAK, I’m sure he’s having to do some rearrange’n of everything!! Love You Man and Your Bride!! I’m sure just like everything else, “This too, shall pass!!!” Patience is your Friend!! and one more for good measure: “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!”

    • twilght*skies Says:

      hehe marcus is married, that explains why he won’t flirt😉 awwe this is happie news!!! so where do we send congrats??? i do wish them lot’s of❤

  71. starfish Says:

    Wow…this is driving me insane…I’m crossing my fingers that’s it’s going to be fixed soon…pof is great..I’m not going anywhere else.

  72. Andre Says:

    POF will be back up eventually. It’s a fact of life that a site can go down for unforeseen reasons. Words of encouragement from🙂

  73. Nina Says:

    I hope pof gets back up soon. I am missing my friends!!!

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Markus if your site’s downtime is due to DoS, Syn floods, SQL injection attacks or other types of network attacks I highly recommend looking into an Application Firewall or an IPS/Attack Mitigation solution from this company:

  75. tranquilitress Says:

    this might give ppl reason to keep in touch through other means msn or meeting up in person cuz pof is down.

    • Andre Says:

      I think people like the privacy that a dating website offers. Sure some people may want to chat via skype, msn, google, and/or yahoo, but then one has to give up his/her email address and potentially lots of personal information. When you join a dating site you have a good comfort zone until you really get to know the person.

  76. Dating Reviews Says:

    If you can tweak the algorithm to be fairly accurate then I think you will be on to a winner Marcus. I am getting quite a few negative comments about Dating Direct Affinity and some of the other ‘matchmaking profile’ type websites. The industry is crying out for a decent tool and if you can do it, and deliver it for free then the big boys such as Dating Direct need to hang their heads in shame.

    Good work🙂

  77. Arıcılık Says:

    I guess eharmony finally understands that filling out a dozen forms and getting rejected may tend to upset people.

  78. ZenAmbition Says:

    Gosh, Marcus –

    I am still gratefully using PoF,
    but have stopped looking at
    the single page of My Matches
    your new formulae provides.

    For the most part they are
    NOT my matches. No way.

    You removed the single most
    vital feature in Profiles: DELETE!

    If YOU want to check your math
    by calculating your Match choices
    against my DELETE selections,
    it can only assist your refinement
    of that new algorithm.

    You had DELETE (remove/block) before.
    Clearly you could activate it again.

    Just restore that link at the bottom
    of each (Match) Profile -OR- even
    BETTER – at bottom of EVERY Profile
    to delete/block/remove/hide….

    I have enough Tech to know this
    would NOT be a strain on the dBase,
    and I have enough faith that said data
    would eventually help your accuracy.

    Until then, i MUST skip My Useless Matches
    and explore PoF counting on serendipity alone.

    with respect & appreciation

  79. antep dolması Says:

    I guess eharmony finally understands that filling out a dozen forms and getting rejected may tend to upset people.

  80. JT Says:

    I’ve been on and off this site, and I’ve had no luck. Even your predictions of who I’d marry. I could not get any to talk. And all that did contact me, wanted one night stands. I even had one tell me I needed to get off the site as it was people looking for sex, not a normal relationship.

  81. Assunta Moreida Says:

    Very well written information. It will be helpful to anyone who employess it, as well as myself. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.

  82. ruth paul Says:

    I would like to know whom i will marry and when and how.

  83. avani Says:

    I would like to know whom i will marry and when and how.

  84. hayvancılık Says:

    without you tracking (for years) the ratio of failures to successes, and then releas

  85. Egzersiz Says:

    I wish I could give you when you decide marriage

  86. hastane randevu Says:

    I find that many people who are successful are those that can adapt to new paradigms the quickest, or they are the ones who realize there is a new on coming.

  87. devlet hastaneleri Says:

    We now have a fairly accurate model for predicting who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive statistical model does?

  88. gelirler vergisi Says:

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  89. plastik Says:

    In order to then communicate with the member, users will need to subscribe to the full service, we find that curiosity usually gets the better of them!

  90. kimya Says:

    who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive st

  91. banka rehberi Says:

    icting who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive statistical model does?

  92. samuel Says:


  93. su deposu Says:

    fairly accurate model for predicting who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone.

  94. MingleMonkee Says:

    You have some very weird concepts Marcus…

  95. mantolama izolasyon Says:

    Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive statistical model

  96. aluminyum Says:

    who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive statistical model

  97. rehau Says:

    I especially love their marriage claim, they take people who married 5 years ago and met online months before tha

  98. mobilya Says:

    We now have a fairly accurate model for predicting who an average user will end up with. Obviously it won’t work for everyone, but what predictive statistical model

  99. sorgula sorgulama Says:

    Therefore each user should be probably presented with recommendations

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  101. kişiye özel halı Says:

    I guess eharmony finally understands that filling out a dozen forms and getting rejected may tend to upset people.

  102. hasan burkay Says:

    I guess eharmony finally understands that filling out a dozen forms and getting rejected may tend to upset people.

  103. su deposu Says:

    I guess eharmony finally understands that filling out a dozen forms and getting rejected may tend to upset people.

  104. Artist_EDMD Says:

    Shame on anyone who thinks POF is a different dating site. First off, the site now has a source of income. If one is to upgrade by taking the personality test (by the way this test is categorical) passing or not, you have to pay for membership. So how can some of their apps be claimed as free, yet, you need to pay for the upgrade so you can obtain these apps? The answer is simple, those apps are not free, its like buying two subs for the price of one. In reality you are only paying the price of 50% for the single sub’s full retail price (but you do need to buy two to make the deal). It’s not free, it will cost you money. If people are looking for “value”, why do you need to pay, it is like the “mybook” and the “facespace”, it is a network where you can contact people. If they don’t like you, they wont talk to you, simple. But we are getting off track. The point I will say to Markus is this, if your personality and psychology test is the new brand in the field, then why are you only exposing categorical evidence to your algorithm? You claim it’s empirical, yet, you use psychology and the viewer’s personal interest as your base of reason.

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