Introducing eVow…..

With 130 million monthly visitors plentyoffish is now by far the worlds largest dating site.    One thing i’ve noticed over the years is no matter how big and useful plentyoffish gets lots of users still use paid dating sites to try and improve their chances.  Not only do plentyoffish users use paid dating sites they spend over $500 million a year on them.

Now i looked around the market and noticed that no one was actually catering to people that wanted to find relationships.    If you look at,  all you see is “dating” mentioned everywhere,  even the slogan is “Its ok to look”.    Eharmony sort of does it  but you can’t actually search for anyone  you would be interested in, which is what the vast majority of people want.   So I came up with the idea that we should build a “dating site” that only allows people who are looking for long term relationships to join.  But instead of being a site like eharmony where you only get matches it should be more like a normal dating site were you can do the searching.   So last week we launched,  by putting a link on POF.    In under 7 days we have had over 100,000 signups so its off to a great start.    Now I just have to figure out how many users I need before I turn it into a paid site.

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  1. Interested in evow Says:

    Hi and thanks for making the post about eVow. GREAT idea!!!
    I just joined your website and have some feedback on how to make your site better. What’s the best way for us to connect?

  2. john Says:

    Markus, you finally jumped the shark with eVow! Seriously, is that the name? No one on your site will ever pay and you have proven it time and time again. Good luck though…

  3. Andre Says:

    Wow more competition. Well at least this is a paid site. Time to get to work…

  4. me Says:

    Noticed there are no ads on the site. Are you planning to monetize solely via subscriptions? I hope not. It would be great to see you incorporate self serve ads on evow as well since you already have the resources too.

  5. Bo Says:

    It is good that you were able to get 100,000 active user sign-ups in under a week. In comparison it is kind of pathetic how match’s misadventure with “downtoearth” and then later “stir” and then later merged to paid singlesnet and also the eharmony jazzed can’t seem to gain critical mass.

    I think part of the reason is the paid dating sites have too much to loss and don’t want to cannibalize their own revenue streams whilst you on the other hand don’t have to worry about that since eVow’s growth will yield higher ROI than POF freeium model.

    But if you are going to start charging you better made it a good/real site and with actual customer service.. The site doesn’t have enough features. The crude “search” is too simplistic to be useful.. We must be able to filter by height, race, personality types, etc.. otherwise people will just go back to eharmony or the likes.

  6. Markus Says:

    I have other features but there is no point in releasing them when the site is so small. Its also a pain in the ass to scale those features when the database is growing at 10-20% a day. Its going to take a month or 2 to get things right… Site was built in about 30 days after programming started.

    • Death Says:

      Thankyou Markus for deleting my friend’s page. Appreciate it a lot!!!

    • Ann Says:

      Der Markus,
      I have tried several times to open an account in evow but the site doesn’t accept me. Can you please write to my email to let me know how to do it? Thanks. Ann

  7. liebepur Says:

    Markus Frind (PlentyOfFish) is going to become a Matchmaker…

    As Markus Friend told his readers in his Blog, he found out that ‘no one (is) … actually catering to people that wanted to find relationships’. No one? Let’s have a closer look at the article: Markus says that eHarmony “sort of does it”, but what…

  8. David Says:

    Great site Marcus! Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of members signed up in my area yet. I’m sure soon enough though.

    • Ann Says:

      I have tried so many times to join evow but it is a bit complicated to sign up as it doesn’t accept any usernames.

  9. James Says:

    My honest opinion…. and not trying to be Simon Cowell but I think the site sucks. The only reason you got 100,000 sign ups is that you are posting it on your POF website. Not to sound negative but I would not pay a dime to use it. The name, the look…. just stupid. Do not waste your time with this Marcus. Focus on POF.

    Real cheesy…. what were you thinking?

  10. Markus Says:

    Love the competitor comments, strangely enough all from canada.

  11. jsutherland Says:

    I would like to join your site

  12. Andre Says:

    I really did not follow Bo’s comment. The forms and and look are pretty good.

  13. dg Says:

    Very smart marketing, Marcus. Rather than trying to extend the brand of POF (brand extensions never work!), instead launch a separate new brand target at a different audience but promote it using POF – very astute. Good luck on the new venture.

    How about a writing blog post about how POF is doing technically these days. 130M visitors? Wow! Was your old architecture/platform able to scale up, or were other changes required?

  14. maruli Says:

    As a member of POF is was invited by email to join evow. When I open, all I get is a blank blue page.

  15. mike oneill Says:

    plentyoffish is great evow is a liltle different

    can anyway help me with problems relation to logging on to pof /

  16. eileen Says:

    i joined this nwe site to get a long term partner as you said that is what is was , but i dont know how to get into it ,photos have been put in and filled in all what i had too ,just need help to get straight into the vow site ,i am not very good at these com ,my daughter helps me out ,so please show me what to do ,so i can start chatting to people ,thank you

  17. maruli Says:

    I want to join evow but I cannot. When going to the url, I am not getting anything but a blank blue page, no page to join.
    A while ago, I attempted to paste the source code of that empty page as a comment here, but my comment has disappeared.

    Markus, I got your invitation as a POF member, so why can I not join, what is wrong?

  18. PAUL Says: with POF, you need to notify members when they have activity on EVOW. Were it not for my checking in periodically, I’d never know. That’s the bad side.
    On the good side, I’m getting a fair number of hits & correspondence from “serious” ladies. I like the site & knowing how you improved POF over the years, I am sure you’ll present a much better EVOW in the not too distant future.
    Thanks. Nice job……

  19. claudel Says:

    I didn’t see anything new because the same people I talk other website is the same over here

    • Jack Says:

      I agree … can’t stand it when they use the same pictures as POF but use completely different username and status. Same people with same goal … rack ’em up

  20. wayne Says:

    Marcus,,, thanku for your invite to join eVow,, your new and 100% free to use web site,, the problem is that i have tried a few ways to join but cannot at this stage ,,perhaps because of lack of members at this stage. But will join when able to

  21. Bo Says:

    Markus, with all due respect are you out of your mind to purposefully disable notifications? Perhaps you are getting more signups than your target rate? But if not, disabling notifications during this critical phrase period when you are trying to get the word of mouth out there and gain momentum is a bad idea..

    One of the things that gave facebook an edge our myspace (back in July 2007 when the tides started to turn) was facebook implemented the thing were it harvested your email inbox invited all your friends when you first signup.. Tom himself admitted that he regretted copying FB and implementing that change too late. I’m sure you know about that..

    So by disabling notifications (or not enabling them) you are doing yourself a disservice.

    Also good that you totally disassociated POF from eVow. Value is the in eye of the beholder. When people hear the POF brand they think “cheap/free” and won’t pay a cent.. So eVOW is your chance to really start up a “real” dating site (as in paid model) for the first time.. Since you said 500 million dollars are spent on paid dating sites from your POF members annually, its only practical that you are going after a slice of the pie..

    And by (eventually) implementing a pay model that emphasizes on relationships you are really doing a lot of guys/males a favor by leveraging your user-base to create a niche segment where the female/male ratio isn’t so skewed. Guys won’t face as much competition amongst themselves (on that site at least) and girls (on the site) won’t be constantly bombarded by as much freaks/perverts/jerks as on your POF. Tier dating services give people more of a choice and is a win-win for all.

    Make it a really awesome site (lets face it POF is a POS) and I’m sure people who care about quality will pay to use it and you will get more monies as well..

  22. Markus Says:

    I didn’t disable notifications, but i think i found the bug that caused you not to get any. Probably going to be a lot more of these strange bugs and hopefully its all sorted out in the next few weeks. Its going to take some time to stabilize stuff, and I won’t release features like the advanced search until evow stops growing 10% a day.

  23. maruli Says:


    I found the page to register for evow in the google cache. It does not allow me to join, because I am in Germany and that is not an accepted country in the selection.

    Why did I get an email inviting me to join evow?
    Why do I get a blank page without an explanation, when I try to join?
    Why did you not answer my question on this blog? I kept on searching for a technical problem on my own computer?

  24. PlentyofFish Launches Serious Dating Site eVow Says:

    […] subscribe via RSS or email for updates.Looks like POF refused to post my comment on their blog announcing eVow, so I’m posting it […]

  25. Vince Says:

    It looks like a nice move Markus and you have nothing to lose with eVow.
    Still ready if you want to launch a french POF, contact me..

  26. Kim Kovaks Says:

    Well the best thing in the world for people interested in dating is more competition. I think that you have a winning idea here. Most dating sites are absolutely saturated with men who are just out for some stuff on the side. Makes it tough for a serious minded woman to find someone willing to commit. In any event, the competition and different focus is the best thing for the site users. Good luck on your new site.

  27. Mary Naughton Says:

    I would love to join. I do belong to POF, have dated a few but would love to have conversation with someone my own aga. The men that look at your picture and are so much younger that answer. I hope that older men will join as there is a lot of us older ladies that are widows that would love to date men there age.

  28. marilyn vicenzino Says:

    I am interested in joining the new site, how do I join?

  29. Kathy Says:

    It’s nice to have a new dating site to go to, but so far not many are in my area. Plus, there are aleady too many that charge to be a member. Unfortunatly I will be one of them. I just simply can’t see paying money to chat w/ someone I probably won’t ever make a match with. Sorry, I will preview it, and possibly, if that one man might be there, it may be worth it, but I’m just one person that won’t pay to internet date. But you idea I’m sure will work out well for many people, Good Luck!!!!! Kathy

  30. gene janowski Says:

    ive been trying for 2 days to get a responce from evow.i know my password and my username. i cannot log in . also it is not sending me my email info. i want to delete my account i dont feel safe with all my pics and info on there . please email me to take the next step

  31. Bruce Says:

    Hi Markus,

    So far the site is looking a lot better then POF good job. I can tell you have learned from your experience and are implementing that experience.

    The main thing I dislike is the email system, because you didn’t show the last message (sent) when replying to someone. This forces you to go to your sent messages to refresh your memory. I think the way Facebook uses threaded email keeping you on the same page is probably one of the best approaches and you may want to look into that.

    Another thing where I can see for business why you did it but that is also annoying a lot of people is the blocking of sending your email address to other members.

    Anyways, I know you like to develop alone but if you are ever looking for any artificial intelligence/web automation developed for your site I would be very interested in working with you. I am also starting a dating site in a completely different niche market if you have ever considered partnering up let me know.


  32. Feedback Says:

    Need to be able to search by what I’m looking for ie “Seeking The One I hope to marry one day”.
    Search my marital status to weed out separated men. (Exclude Separated)
    Allow/disallow people to find you in searches AND disallow from me coming up in their searches if they are not Seeking The One I hope to marry one day.
    Exclude those that don’t want children.
    Search by physical attributes
    Etc etc

  33. McCraken Says:

    Congrads Markus on your new endeavor. Evow is a good name. Hopefully you are as successful with it as with POF. Hopefully, can compete with Evow as well. Again, congrads.

    p.s. The more competition the better for the customers.

  34. Jerry Fisher Says:

    Stongly agree with the last post from McCraken, congrats on Evow getting so many sign ups so quickly. Here at have seen the sign ups going down since the summer, but are now concentrating more on our ‘tours’ section.
    We would be happy with a quarter of that amount of sign ups in a year ! Any advice on this would be most welcome !
    As for McCraken’s line ‘the more competition the better for the customers’ that may be true, BUT the dating scene, and availability of new sites, we believe is ‘overwhelming for the customer’. And a big trawl to find the most suitable. Not too bad a sitaution for us, because as you know we only sepeciaize in Brazil.
    Good luck with the new site.

  35. jenna martin Says:

    I really like POF…why would I want to pay the new site? there are way too many that try to suck you in with false free advertising (free/not). anyway the same people we will see are from pof also.


  36. jenna martin Says:

    Hello….why would I pay yr new website when Im ok with pof?? the same people will be answering that are on pof anyway. there are too many dating sites with false comeon’s saying free (NOT).


  37. maruli Says:

    I came here in the hope to find an answer, why I am excluded from joining evow, being in Germany. No reaction so far. Finding the link, I joined and I am very disappointed. There is not world-wide search, searching is limited to one country and one state at a time. So Dateolicious is worthless.

  38. McCraken Says:

    Greeting Maruli,

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will implement your suggestion for a world wide search capability in a few days. Thank you once again for your advice.

    By the way keep trying to get in to It seems like a good site.

  39. ken Says:

    hi markus
    will you be using the same tactics you use on pof? banning people for the slightest thing, i notice all the same familiar faces on your new site and making it a paid site sucks! nobody is going to pay for what is basically pof gone upmarket, the women on there are crazy neurotic bitches who will never find a guy who will want to stay with them most of em are just married three time cast offs that no decent guy would want anything to do with! and yes they are on your new site warts and all! good luck markus you will need it nobody will pay to meet these tarts.

    • Susan Says:

      Obviously Ken, you are embittered. I might turn around your comments as being an older woman who has indeed been married 3 times (now I’m 3 times smarter) and do not consider myself a crazy neurotic bitch. What I have found on these sites, especially POF, is men that have no money, live on the line, have absolutely no communication skills and a greater majority are only in it for getting jollies. I think dating sites, for the most part, don’t work. A lot of people lie. A lot of people are overweight (I’m not) and a lot of people are looking for a ticket for an easier life because they couldn’t pull it off for themselves. As a homeowner, fully self employed and functioning well in this world, I think I will take my chances on attending some social function and hopefully meet someone the old fashioned way; face-to-face or be introduced by a friend. It worked in the past. Something is terribly wrong in society if we have to do it all on dating sites. I feel for you that you have had bad experiences – I have too.

      • Joy33 Says:

        I agree with Susan; men on these websites are mostly married or unemployed, or looking for an easy ride. I think that Ken belongs to the third category. What you, Ken, refuse to understand is that any decent woman is looking for a provider and a kind man–you are neither, that is why you sound nasty and abusive. No woman wants you because you have nothing to offer. Too bad, what a waste.

  40. Tammy Says:


    I’ve joined your eVow site and think it’s a great idea and I wish you the best of luck! As someone looking for a serious long term relationship, I only hope that the players and pervs just stay away. Making it a pay site is fine with me. I think it will weed out the ones who aren’t seriously looking for a partner.

  41. former POFer/new EVOWER Says:

    Hello Markus. I have had a profile on POF for sometime now. But I haven’t been active on it, but hidden, for the very reason that when I refine my search for specifically the traits, qualities that I am searching for in a partner, I turn up very few results.
    I am optimisitic that this new site, with the intention to cater to those that are searching for longterm and a future spouse, will indeed draw like minded people.
    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with dating sites, or wanting to date. And good for those who that works for. Not everyone really is ready to consider whether a first date is worth a second, and a few more while in the back of their mind, are evaluating LONGTERM/MARRIAGE potential. We aren’t all looking for that now, but, some of us are. And we know it from experience. But if one has evaluated their needs, their lives, what and who they want right now, than this new Evow site will serve its purpose.

    I have my ducks in a row. I won’t divert for anyone that doesn’t know what they can offer me, and aren’t prepared to delve into something, because they haven’t figured out for themselves that they aren’t ready for it.
    Hopefully, (again I am optimistic) this new site will be a greater pool of like minded individuals, who understand the difference between serial dating, and dating individuals who have similar expectations, and are well rounded enough to know not to waste anyones time with games and nonsense.
    It might work if its members are true to its purpose.
    I am going to give it a shot. It can’t hurt to try.
    Good luck Evowers!

  42. Tessa Says:

    I dislike pof and disabled my account because nobody seemed to want a serious relationship. I was offered an evow account via email and so far I like it a lot better. I just wish I could find a search filter for users seeking “marriage” instead of dating. I have to look up their page to see what their intentions are.

  43. Bruce Says:

    Not really sure why so many people complain about POF. Then again maybe I was just one of the lucky ones. I had one 2.5 year relationship and one 3 year both from POF.

    Maybe the people complaining are doing something wrong, or you need to reevaluate your taste😀.

  44. Ethan Says:

    Whilst I’m not big fan of the new name, I think it’s a great move! Why wouldn’t you offer a paid service? and taking advantage of the massive targeted traffic numbers that POF receives will only mean that eVow grows very quickly and provides an even better experience for the user.

  45. Fredrick Says:

    I have been a member of POF for years and now EVow. Always had a lot of responses from POF, just have not made a connection yet but I am also very happy with EVow. From the first week I started getting really good, quality women who are very interested in something more than typing and friendly chats. I think you are on the right track as far as I can see. Not sure if a paid site will work unless you offer some features that no one else is or something very unique. I have been on dating sites since they first started in the early 90’s and know them all but POF has been the best out of all of them for a free site so I hope you find a new niche, for all of us. I do have some ideas from all my years of experience on these sites and if I remember, I will send you some. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  46. orbal1 Says:

    eVOW TECH SUPPORT REQUEST…I’ve been on eVow for one day and can’t send replies to the people that have contacted me. Also, there seems to be a limit on the number of emails you can initially send out to prospects. Please respond. Thanks! – orbal1

  47. nick Says:

    well it seems that all the haters of course who have nothing to show for are out here bashing a guy whos already running a site on the verge of hitting 20 mill a year with a small team.

    Very funny indeed.

    Marcus all the best with evow – Just make sure from the Get go you make it clear this isnt going to be another free site but a Paid site.

    Cheers Mate

  48. Mat Says:

    Markus…. sounds like a basically good idea. Suggestions:

    – agreed that the name could use some “help” (EVOW?!), although I suppose you’re stuck with that one at this point.
    – maybe talk to some artist friends about changing that POF-“ish” looking color scheme & layout (that kinda says “a programmer designed this”).
    – Some nominal charge in the future is fine, and helps winnow out the “hey, it’s free, so let’s just see what happens” types (which POF seems to have way too many of). Actually, even more “cues” re: the “longterm” emphasis would be nice (i.e., profile questions like “why do you want…?”, “what do you think makes a successful longterm relationship?”, etc.).

    In any case, good luck, and I wish you success!

  49. maruli Says:

    McCraken: Thanks for honoring me with a reaction to my comment.

    But there has now been a BIG improvement. When I go to evow, I am not getting a blank page any more, but a real message: EVOW is only for Canada, UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

    Being in Germany, I am not welcome……….

  50. Bruce Says:

    Whats wrong with the now EVOW? That name makes it 100% clear. You are going there to get an electronic vow (proposal, marriage == long term :D)

  51. carole gotthilf Says:

    Respectfully, I have been on the site for about 8 months and have found that the men all say they are under 70, when I specifically state I am interested in a man 70-80. Most of my responses are from men in 50’s and 60’s. When you do meet many of them , they have neglected to mention they are in a wheelchair, completely disabled, or such. This is OK for women that are not of my interest, which specifically states my mission is to meet a man that is interested in travel, high energy etc. I am certain there is a way of filtering the ages and needs in the EVOW which I would not mind paying for to get better quality responses. I have gone off allsites at this point since I have wasted a great deal of time and energy on Jerks that lie,deceive, and all say they want slim, while they all look 10 months pregnant, and they state no baggage…meaning what. They all have so much baggage as a result of their being out of touch Dads when the children were younger, now want their lady to jump through hoops for their kids, but, no way want to accomodate hers.
    I hope this will prove elpful when you sharpen up the site. Many thanks, Carole

  52. Melissa Says:

    Do you hire at all?

  53. Mat Says:

    In fairness, Carole, alot of what you describe just seems to “come with the territory” with “Mature Singles” these days, both male & female, regardless of dating sites. Many of the older gals have no shortage of their own “issues” from failed relationships, they’re often much older and weigh far more than their outdated photos, many have serious medical problems, and often already have ongoing “close relationships” with their grandchildren, adult daughters & sons, girl “posses”, heck even with their “ex-es” & pets, that would all qualify in the “baggage” department. And that’s before you ever get to the issues of chemistry, compatibility and whether they can “do” a committed relationship in the first place (since many haven’t even been married)! In short, dating (and Life) ain’t quite as simple for most folks in their “later years” as it was in their 20’s!

  54. Jerry Fisher Says:

    Hey Carole don’t get too fed up with Internet Dating. At least you ladies don’t have to weed out as many scammers (asking for money) as we men do ! As most of the fake members we have blocked seem to be woman.
    Have a quick look at our Male Gallery, at you might be pleasantly surprised ! And if you put your photo on there, (free) with details, we can all learn more about might even find ‘Mr right’ !

  55. Ed Says:


    I know you want a big piece of that 500 million people spend on paid dating sites but remember paid membership sites are dieing.

    Trust me your new site is just another tired old method of charging monthly to contact. People do not want to pay every month for something that is not guaranteed. Plus with the bad economy it’s a luxury and people are not willing to pay like years ago.

    People do not want to pay for something where they dont get something guaranteed in return. Providing a platform to find a partner simply is not enough. Walking out your front door is free and you have access to hundreds of millions of singles for free.

    I have a better way to make money with your new eVow and POF.

    It has NOTHING to do with:
    advertisements or ad networks
    selling ad space
    upselling or virtual gifts
    no monthly charges


    My method is TOTALLY NEW AND TOTALLY FRESH AND OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! It’s so simple to implement and you will make money the first day you implement it.

    Please email me at if you want to discuss this. And don’t let my email fool you thinking this is spam I have had that email since 1995 I am a real person not a spammer.

  56. Ed Says:


    Also I tried to find a more professional way of contacting you about this but I could not find any other contact numbers or email that goes direct to you so i posted here.

  57. SingleWhiteGuy Says:

    Having paid for the POF “upgrade” and seen NO increase in messages/visitors…let alone actual “dates”…..not even close to the stated 230%. I asked where that figure was plucked from when I contacted you, and never received any sort of reply to that or my other comments. I also later discovered that most of the women with gold membership who I contacted had been gifted it.
    Customer service???….no chance. Take the money and run?……sure looked like it from where I was sitting.

    I have recently given the free POF another go, but it hasn’t changed. Quantity does not equal quality, which I suppose is why you’ve set up eVow. That and knowing that there are enough lonely (and gullible?) folks out there that will pay you money in the hope that they will meet the partner of their dreams.

    Good luck with eVow, but you won’t be getting any money from me.

  58. Frustrated Says:

    In under 7 days we have had over 100,000 signups so its off to a great start.

    WOW.. thats so great.. best of luck🙂

  59. ReVeLaTeD Says:

    I’d like to see a “Pay Per Contact” model, with a cap per unique person contacted and only for the initiator.

    For example, If I contact three women, I get charged $3. If each of them reply to me, every message to and from them after that is free for both of us. Cap the total charge per month at $20. Most people would balk at that number, and would instead opt to just wait until the next month to contact again, but that way you’re ensuring that you get revenue without reaming customers on a subscription. You can see how that would rack up in good time, even if only half of the total subscriber base sent one message to a unique contact every month – multiplied by the number of new subscribers every month – you’d be having money flowing all over the place and at rates that are quite reasonable.

    Subscriptions are basically way too much money, especially if one intends to find serious relationships and may only contact one person a month IF that.
    Subscribing per month is difficult to swallow, really. If I knew that

    • Ed Says:

      Why should someone have to pay to contact someone on a dating site? I can walk out my front door and have access of millions of women i can contact for free.

      Same with the internet i can go on facebook and contact any woman i want for free.

      • ReVeLaTeD Says:

        Here’s the deal, Ed.

        The idea of “Free” dating sites is a failed one. eVow’s existence and subsequent pricing-to-be is proof positive of this. The problem is entitlement – when people don’t have to pay for something, they are not serious about it, it’s a game. PoF is full of people playing games. Same with HotOrNot, same with OkCupid. People who are asked to pay something – anything – for a dating site are generally more serious about it. Subscriptions are too expensive. So what’s the middle ground? Pay-per-contact.

        Keep looking for chicks on Facebook. I guarantee you won’t find anyone of quality.

  60. maruli Says:

    ReVeLaTeD, your model sounds interesting. Some time ago, I suggested on my blog a connection-days related model. If you are interested, hiere is the link:

    • ReVeLaTeD Says:

      Thanks. I really do think the old model of paying a flat monthly rate for something you use intermittently is just plain greed. A pay-per-contact model makes absolutely more sense – pay only if and when you find someone you actually want to communicate with.

  61. Bruce Says:

    @ ReVeLaTeD

    “Keep looking for chicks on Facebook. I guarantee you won’t find anyone of quality.”

    That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Facebook has way more members then any dating site for starters. Second there is a 99% chance that every single member who is on any dating site is also on Facebook. So by you saying there is no quality on Facebook you are also saying there is no quality on a dating site.

    Next time you might want to think before you comment.

    STD Dating and Community Site:

    • ReVeLaTeD Says:

      Quantity =/= quality. The people on Facebook aren’t looking for a long term relationship. They’re looking to share the fact that they just painted their toenails and got high on the fumes.

  62. Bruce Says:


    There you go again read what I said. You have the exact same people on facebook as you do on the dating site…. the same people so how do you justify your comment.

    Sure the site is not for dating but that isn’t the point the point is you have the SAME PEOPLE on both sites.

    • ReVeLaTeD Says:

      Maybe you don’t get it. People don’t act the same on two different sites.

      They will post on Facebook that they’re party animals looking for a booty call then go to a site like PoF and say they want a committed relationship. It’s all duplicitous, all pretense. That’s what you’re missing.

      A paid site negates that by asking that they pay something. People who feel justified paying money for something are more serious about doing it. Results in less false positives.

      Doesn’t matter if it’s the same physical body at the keyboard. They act completely different depending on the site.

  63. Barbara Williams Says:

    I would like to join your site but am not sure what to do next.Pleaseletme know..I am a senior lady living in the country near Ottawa……..Barbara Williams

  64. Besonder Says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME because reports that POF ranks No #2 (just one shy of #1) for hookups (meaningless sex) which is so sad when so many people are actually seeking marraige. Though says, “Mosy on over to the “Intimate encounters section” I think the men who start there end up in all other sections of POF as well. I for one am so frikin tired of meeting what appears to be a decent guy for a few drinks and nachos just to have a guy walk me to my car, then try to grab my ta-tas and ask if I want to go home with him. Ewwwwwwwwww…nothing screams “SCUM BAG” more than that. I totally love the art of pleasing my mate but definately not if it means I am only being degraded and used for sex.

    COPY n Paste from site
    Top 10: Hookup Websites
    Next No.2 –
    There’s plenty of fish in the sea at with more than 10 million users, and given the choice wording of some female profiles, making that sexual connection might be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Mosey on over to the intimate encounters section (you don’t even need a membership to start surfing) and start fishing through the endless pages of chicks who all share the same dirty thoughts. Accounts at are free and one of the best parts about it is the messaging system; it notifies you when your bait has been read or read and deleted, which makes for easy adjustments when you’re casting your reel.

  65. Beverly Says:

    I signed up fpr Evow because it is advertised “LONG TERM ONLY”
    Great…. a site where I don’t have to be contacted by casual daters and others.

    BUT….you have false advertised TOTALLY

    I am getting contact and matches with:
    -Not looking for a long-term relationship right now.
    -Open to a relationship, but not a long-term one.
    -Five years from now, I want to be taking my time finding The One to be in a relationship with.
    -Five years from now, I want to be casually dating

    WTF? These should not even be choices?????? You have not even left users the option to avoid these types of people…they are just the same old casual daters those of us looking for a long term relationship were avoiding!!!!

    • ReVeLaTeD Says:

      “they are just the same old casual daters those of us looking for a long term relationship were avoiding!!!!”

      Because it’s free. Case-in-point. Free sites are ALWAYS going to be filled to the brim with people who aren’t really serious, that’s why it really can never work. It only benefits the advertisers and the booty call crowd.

  66. CAROL Says:


  67. Bruce Says:

    You know its sad but true @Besonder

    And the more people that use POF for just hookups the more members I am going to have for my STD dating site:

    So please Marcus keep promoting😀 And if you want to partner let me know.

    I am honestly starting to think Marcus doesn’t even read this blog, just using this for marketing.

    • Mat Says:

      I think you’re right and that he’s moved on to other interests by now. Although I don’t see any problem with folks using any site to “hook up”, have one-nite stands, get std’s, complain about ex-es, whatever. That’s why we have free choice, personal responsibility, and (presumably) exercise some judgment. But while I still think you get “what you pay for” on POF, it could be worse, like all those poor souls who pay hundreds a year, to basically receive little more than an over-hyped “chance to win the lottery”! And that’s assuming you got “approved” for the “privilege” of being scammed in the first place (because they do have “standards”… LOL)!

      • Bruce Says:

        I couldn’t agree more. It is even worse when someone makes a site with crappy technology and functionality and expect people to pay for it.

        For instance Facebook is free some people complain about the functionality but lets think about it. The site runs on 15,000 servers and has more users and data then any other site on the internet. If you take that into consideration it has probably the best technology that can handle all of us greedy people😀

        I honestly don’t think evow is worth paying for. Sure it might have a lot of people but they are all the same people who are on POF anyways. But the functionality of the site sucks just like POF.

        I think Marcus should stop bragging that he has a dating site that he doesn’t have to put effort into. Going paid he is really starting to compete with solid developers who have been doing this for a very long time.

        Heck just for fun log into my site, I developed that in two weeks but it still needs somethings changed. I am thinking about releasing another version for for non-STD related.

  68. Susan Says:

    Here’s my advice. Go out and MEET someone in person. The old fashioned way. Make time for it. I’ve been trying to meet someone for over 3 years on POF. It hasn’t worked. I’m pretty, well educated, well dressed and honestly, all I got was men who obviously had nothing and said it pretty much up front or they had too much and they were screening to see where I lived. Fed up. Had it. Keep your sites. I’d rather be alone for now.

  69. k Says:

    does anyone know if eVow is a free site?

  70. Amelia Says:

    It is obvious Mr.Markus has again displayed to all that he will remove anyone and their posts who challenges him. Who exposes him and his site for what he/it truly is. He, An arrogant a,s,shole.

    If anyone would like to know how to easly baypass his ban just ask me. It is very simple. What Mr Markus forgets, in this day and age a child could by pass his ban. Actually many have done it.

  71. Toby Says:

    This is the best decision. Converting a free site into a pay site never worked – but doing a second pay site works. Loads of premium dating sites pay for adverts of plentyoffish and still make money – so you are basically wasting money to other premium sites – ideally you use up all your ad revenue with a network for your own sites (not only premiu dating sites).

    At least, you get less dependent on Adsense – with a CTR and eCPM dropping constantly.

  72. Allonlinedatingsitessuck Says:

    I guess my constructive criticism must have hurt your ego. I am so glad the only thing you are in charge of in Canada is a free dating site.

    Back on topic.

    I checked out Evow. It didn’t impress me. If you make that a pay site, it will be deader than week old Thanksgiving turkey.

  73. Jaetta Hall Says:

    I try logging on tonight with no luck, what is the deal with Evow? I feel the same way with POF I had no luck there either.

  74. dd Says:

    I wonder how you would be making so much money if you keeps on bashing paid websites? If there are no paid sites, I am sure you would have less ads on your website…

  75. norma Says:

    All i get is some one wanting a booty call or one night stands no matter what sight is pf is the wrost for it. It would be nice for once that i could talk to a guy who thinks with his brain and not with (*&^%) and be a true gentleman.

  76. Ruth Says:

    I joined evow after being on POF for quite a while. My best friend is on there and she said it was free like POF. Now I have established contact with a nice gentleman and after two email exchanges yesterday I cannot get his email today without paying. It won’t even let me read the ones he sent yesterday. I am not going to pay. I think I have seen him on POF so I will just go find him there. Evow, I think it is terrible to start charging without warning. You need to make it perfectly clear in your ads on POF that your site is no longer free.

  77. anonymous Says:

    @bruce of std dating site is for fiseases needs to be stopped is ignoranrt

    @marcus your evow will neveer make it only way you got that many sign up is by invigint aleady memeber s of plenty offish and once goes paid you will not get anyone as are alot of truly fee dating sites out there that are better than your plentyoffish and u claim to be christian and curinsg inlike that grow up u must be 18 as you aren’t very mature

    and people i havechatted to people online and it had worked out online but i broke it off online but i have never paid for a dating site even paid sites i creted free account when u could with yahoo personals and couldnt email unless someone contacted u first which no longer can do but they contacted me and we were together for 2 1/2 yrs till i broke it off

    i never check site where i left comment ever again after i leave comments so will never see responses lol

  78. Bruce Says:


    Its comments like yours why people are not using sites like mine and worse not telling people what they have, and spreading more then love.

    You say that the site should be stopped yet if you ever catch something you will wish that all people who do have something were using a site like mine, and honest.

    With over 300 million people living with STD’s it is time to growup and open your eyes, just because you ignore or don’t want something to be there wont make it stop or go away.

  79. margaretprocino Says:

    I have been trying to delete my info from your site. I Am married now from someone I met offline

  80. margaretprocino Says:

    please remove me from your website..Thanks and God Bless

  81. Amanda Day Says:

    DO NOT SIGN UP ON EVOW….I have been with for several years and it was a pretty well run site..last week my 13 year old step-daughter thought it would be cool to play the online dating scene and signed herself up, as me, on EVow….I have written emails twice to them now asking for them to tell me what to do to get off of the site and also requested a refund (partly my fault, my credit card was wayyy to handy..i guess i didnt think a 13 year old would do something like that)..if you are wondering why i didnt just close the account already its I because i have to have an active account in order to correspond with customer service..I do have it set to invisible now though so that no-one can see me on the site…so, my frustration is that despite two attempts over the past 4 days, no one has even acknowledged my request let alone responded to it in any detail…taking someone’s money under false pretenses is FRAUD..I have made them fully aware of the situation they just dont want to acknowledge that their site is too easily accessible to those under 18 i guess….or maybe its because they dont wish to provide arefund and they think i will just go away if they ignore me?
    So, my advice to you is NOT to join, because the response from customer service is non existent…

  82. Dating Savvy Says:

    Nice site and our evow review was a positive one! From a business perspective it makes perfect sense to judge demand before adding more features. More importantly the idea that many will try to improve thier chances with a paid site as well is spot on.

  83. POF USER Says:


    EVOW really sucks you might have 100,000 users but they are the same people from POF it is really dumb to pay to contact them. definately does not have the look and feel or quality to be a paid site. Should have just made it an addon module to POF. I won’t be back on it again ….

    I do LIKE POF however.

  84. Eric Says:


    I have been a POF member for several years and I am currently paying another dating site now. I was referred to give Evow a try by a close relative who is a member of the site. I created my profile, looking for a long term relationship, and when I paid my subscription it states the following message:

    Thank You!

    You currently cannot purchase a membership; please make sure that your profile is complete!

    I currently have three e-mails that I am waiting to read and have already e-mailed customer service last night. I still have not heard a response. I have no idea what is going on, if anyone has acknowledged my e-mail, or it’s status. That is poor customer customer service, especially for a service based company. I would like to have my subscription processed so I may utilize the site and read my e-mails.

    Absence of a reply to an e-mail is an opportunity for a missed connection. This is supposed to be the service provided. I hope that by writing to you can speed up the process.

    So far, I have enjoyed what I have been able to see.

    Thank you,


  85. Julia Says:

    I think eVow is an absolute rought as the same people are on POF.
    None of these men are serious let alone know what a date means or to even pay for a lousy coffee.
    They rarely instigate anything, no wonder these loosers are here year after year.
    It’s pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Julia Says:

    Why would anyone pay money to see all the same faces on a different site.
    There are so many liars also.
    I believe internet dating has run its course…………..need I say anymore.
    No one takes it seriously especially women out there wo are decent.l

  87. Eric Says:


    Thank you for your prompt attention to my issues. I am able to access my e-mails an try Evow. I look forward to using the website and meeting others interested in a long term relationship.

    Having the ability to see a family member meet a really nice individual (so far) from Evow, I hope that I can be as fortunate.

    Again, thank you for everything and as a professional myself, I am happy to tell others about products and services that I find to be of great value.

    Have a great Holiday!


  88. thewayiseeit Says:

    this guy has some crazy posts on women if you are interested:

  89. charles manu Says:


  90. amoula Says:

    The site won’t let me log in eventhough my username and pass word correct I think this site is a scam I have sent a lot of emails to them but no help I want to delete my profile but I can’t access my account this site is a joke I will never rcommand it to anyone

  91. Eric Says:

    Charles and Amoula,

    I see that you have been having issues with password and accessing your inbox. I am a current user of Evow and had similar issues when I first started my profile on Evow. Have you attempted to contact the support? They corrected the issues I incurred when I could not access my inbox nor sign on. However keep in mind that new websites are going to have kinks until things get straigtened out.

    Access this website:

    Complete the form and mention your issue in detail. I was frustrated as yourself in the beginning and am grateful to Markus for taking care of the issues I had. I hope the above link leads you to a resolve of your problems.

    Amoula, my personal opinion of Evow is that it is not a scam, well atleast I hope not, lol. I can tell you that I have had the opportunity to chat and talk with several people.

    I hope this information was helpful.

    Happy Holidays,


  92. MingleMonkee Says:

    Interesting concept… be interesting to further see the stats that this project has created





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  96. Shawn Sears Says:

    Now a days people are looking for free dating websites

  97. Tina Graham Says:

    I found a wonderful man on evow he is taken now. His name is Kellen Pounders he is so cute and cares for me. Thank you evow for getting us together.

  98. Roxann Cerillo Says:

    evow is not worth it dont join they stopped me after I almost found someone, it is the worst

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  101. Mr RW Stephenson Says:

    hello,to whom it may concern.i have met the most lovely lady on evow,but we have discussed to come off the site,both of us.Im not going to spoil it been on the site as im not interested.i feel that the lady i have met comes up to what im looking for.IM 69 and very happy.ive deleted p.o.f.account and i want evow deleted but it wont let me and it will be a problem if i dont get my profile and account off.Would you be kind enough to delete my account for me please.the name is ROCKETRONO and hoping im on the right site for you to delete me.Could you please notify me when you have deleted everything.Thank you for your cooperation..MR RW STEPHENSON..[ROCKETRONO]this email is my sisters as she joined me.

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  108. Arlene Says:

    I’m disappointed in eVow. Everyone I’ve met here has been from Ghana. Someone hacked into my pof account and closed it. I met someone there and would love to get back on. Please let me know how I can do that.

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  120. verseinne Daniels Says:

    Everytime I go onthis site for long term you claim you refuse to give me an account this is grazy

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  122. Dating Seekers Says:

    So what happened to EVow, did it fizzle? I’m sure it’s making money but is it the kind of money you thought it would make? I guess it up and running and even if it mnake $10,000 a month it’s still $120,000. Not shabby for a site that is fizzling I guess?

  123. Rachelle Says:

    i,m trying to open and account whit you,s . you keep saying it,s because i don,t want a longterm relationship . But your wrong i most wish for a long term relationship . it just some time whit your questionaire i do mistake whit where to mark where i most like something on it

  124. bilointermedia Says:

    I didn’t see anything new because the same people I talk other website is the same over here!

  125. jeff Says:

    i love to date

  126. Brazil girl Says:

    Evow is a great datingsite for singles

  127. Frustrated Says:

    Markus, your site is not very user friendly. I signed up long ago and I “tried” to delete my account shortly after. I pushed “delete”….and then again…and then again. It has now been months and it still has not been deleted. I have emailed your help line three times now and even though you say you’ll delete the account, you don’t. You leave no number for calls so I am directed to use email only! What a crock!

    I have to say I’m horrified that you have not deleted my account. I am engaged now (to someone I didn’t meet online!) and it’s horrific to still get emails from eVow from members that “want to meet me”. Your lack of acknowledgement has a lot to be desired. Your personal touch for wanting singles to meet someone for a real relationship is a crock. You aren’t catering to anyone, you are making money off the desire of people that want love. You don’t care about those that have found it and have tried to get off your website. Your lack of customer service is monumental.

  128. demobrat Says:

    Not only that Frustrated but I tried to sign up on Evow and it refused me an account because I indicated that while I AM LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP I’m not ready to jump into one tomorrow! These sites need SERIOUS revamping or let someone run them who f**cking knows how!!!!!

  129. sooze Says:

    I just got refused signing up for the site – and EVERY answer I gave was for a long term relationship. So I’m not sure if someone has hacked your site or has changed the outcomes on the radio buttons – but I have no idea why I was refused😦 not good as it seems I’m not the only person to have had this problem (looking above). With the cache it won’t let me go back and review my answers to see if I ticked the wrong box by mistake (misread the question etc).

    • Mike Says:

      It doesn’t matter to me anymore I am off of all of them for good. Between POF, Evow, Ok Cupid, and all the other free sites I have been on you just keep seeing the same people over and over again. These ladies are apparently so damaged emotionally they are afraid to commit to anything serious or else they are in their ‘sunset years’ as am I, and are not willing to settle for a man who is a little less than Mr. Perfect. I hate to tell them but Father Time is not in the habit of waiting around for them to make up their mind. If they desire a cold, lonely walk to the grave that is up to them. I will find someone but it won’t be on any of these waste-of-time sites. Good Riddance!!

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  131. william Says:

    I need a wife here

  132. chris Says:

    How do u view somebody private pictures..cant figure it out

  133. Christina Lewis Says:

    I answered all the questions and it locked me out It said it asked me 3 times about what kind of relationship i was wanting answered differently I guess I don’t remember I didn’t have my glasses and I’m on my cell phone I guess I didn’t read the question the right way and just cause I don’t want a serious relationship I still have a certain type of guy to visit with I thought I answered them truthfully I didn’t know it was a test!!!! I would like a chance to fill it out again if possible????

    • Mike Says:

      Yes Christina I have had the same problem. I do want a serious relationship but not right away. I had the perfect relationship for 24 years was married to an absolute angel until cancer took her from me in 2011. So I want to take my time and find the right one but this stupid site won’t allow it. Markus; Wise up my friend. You are losing face rapidly!!

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  138. Bryan Countryman Says:

    Hey I have found someone and would like to deactivate my evow account please and Thank You

  139. Colleen Says:

    Why can’t I get past the first registration page? Tried emptying my cache and still won’t work. Just erases everything I put in.

  140. susan Says:

    Can’t get past first page

  141. Gene Says:

    stop sucking each other dicks!!! both these sites are full of perverts and even a murder has occurred on this site (go to the Toronto star, aug 30, 2010 edition). In addition, they have hackers that broke into their POF site and stole members’ personal information!!! Can you trust such pathetic service?

    Both sites are regulated by social morons who like to impose by bullying members with their pathetic rules, and if you do not complain, you are gone!!! but in reality they allow perverts and sex maniacs on them!!! I for one, would not upgrade my status for suck lousy sites!!!

  142. Says:

    Delete my account. I’ve gotten married now

  143. lenastar Says:

    I so badly want to delete my account but can’t.. please help me…

  144. Laura Says:

    I would like to delete my evow account. Please can you tell me how I do this?

  145. macky82 Says:

    hi I’m use bt I hve problem cause I forget me password bt I know my user name is macky82 can u send me my password I try since morning cause my friend wating for me I wanna date with her hope soon email me Nw I live in Melbourne victoria

  146. macky82 Says:

    Evow coustmer care contact no thks

  147. DG Says:

    I’m personally with someone, and not very interested in these type sites currently. I’ve met tons of wonderful women mostly through pof, by blessing it being free.
    I on the other hand am an entrepreneur and understand the needs of any person or business to flourish financially.

    Have you thought about using alternatives to paid membership to keep you out league with bigger sites with larger databases but still have 1) draw of free service 2) alternative income. IE ads, etc. I’d much rather deal with or even click a banner once or twice a day to suppose the site (or even donate as possible) than restricting to paid membership, on both sides of the coin.

    Good for the user, keeps you in the free niche instead of competing with the much larger big dogs with millions on marketing revenue. eHarmony, Match, etc.


    Feel free to contact for any questions or comments.

  148. danielle Says:

    I did not complete the the e vow survey incorrectly or something went rong so every time i sign up it wont let me😦

  149. priscilla wilson Says:

    I don’t know the info i put down on my
    account so i would like 2 delete my account
    thank u

  150. edward Says:

    hi markus. i am having alot of fun finding usernames so i can get back on the site. do you have any new usernames. my name is ed. i was on here before.

  151. edward Says:

    and also i would like to get my old username back please and was sharksarethebest.

  152. Ivena Presley Says:

    This is my third request to delete my profile and it seems as if i’m being ignored..There’s no contact number or direction on how to do so. You made it easy to sign up but a nightmare to delete.

  153. Liberty Says:

    I’ve tried twice to register for an account on eVow and live in the Dallas, TX metroplex area.
    But all I keep getting is the warning:
    “Because of high amounts of spam we currently do not accept signups from your current location.”

    Doesn’t sound like it’s off to a great start if nobody can register.:-/

    What gives?

  154. Miffed Says:

    Marcus, seems like a ridiculous flaw that a person can’t delete their own account!!! Please work your magic and make mine disappear. Thank You

  155. unnsther Says:

    Dear Markus

    Thank you for your POF for people all around chance to say hello meet up and know each other and be friend

    But would like to asking for help from you some thing

    I have my Account Name: unsther

    by my E-mail :

    But now I can’T sign In to my profile, when I sign in I see ” your usename and password incorrect and when I send my e-mail to you, you say this e-mail not exit in our database this is meaning blocking from your pof team or not?

    about two or three days ago you was remind me that I do some mistake for send message but I was asking you That ” what is my mistake ” I would really like to know what my mistake but why you want to block my profile by no answer and not let me to know what my mistake, please honest to small things and small people from around the world

    you know not many small people as me know Pof and I was told 1000 travel people to know this pof and I respect and happy to talking with people from your pof,

    Please honest and respectfull with each other as human

    many thank you


  156. Anonymous Says:

    Unsther, I think the site itself is down the last 2 days, that’s what the site checker tells me as I had the same problem, seems most of the site is down.

  157. Lenore Says:

    I used to be on Evow before it became another “Pay to communicate” site. Honestly that is NO good at all. no one wants to pay to do what is FREE., Communicating with people is the goal, if you make it Pay to read messages from the millions upon millions of guys I have to sift through just to get one decent one then you are SADLY going to lose a lot of customers. Bring back free to message and I will use the site again. Otherwise it’s just a joke.

  158. Bret Says:

    I can’t sign up…

    “Because of high amounts of spam we currently do not accept signups from your current location.”

    Seriously? I’m not sure what to make on that. It’s been this way for several days. If I ever do get in, does that mean every account on there is going to be nothing but spam?

  159. John frazier Says:

    just wanted to let you know Marcus I’ve never done anything irresponsible on POF and evow. I suppose somebody has flagged me on POF and you no longer allow me the news either site but I will tell you again I’ve never done anything irresponsible or hurt anyone in my entire life. I would like to know if somebody has flagged me on either site so that I can respond to it I don’t want to know who said it but I would like to know what was said or why I was flagged

  160. gwen m Says:

    why wont your staff send me an email that isn’t “pre-programmed” The account on your site has been set up fraudulently..using a pic of mine (snagged from FACEBOOK) and hacker got my CREDIT CARD opened account and started talking “pornographically” with users. I have left phone messages and 5 emails. I have never received a call back, and the emails like I said are “pre-programmed” HELP ME PLEASE.

  161. Monica Says:

    I have been trying to open a account in evow. I am living in Malta and I would like to use evow. When I introduce my account of hotmail in my screen appear that evow is not currently available in your country.. I can not create my account. Please could you help me??

  162. Sharon Says:

    what happened to evow?? I go to sign on and get directed to POF ….

  163. Emily Says:

    Have you now combined Pof with Evow? What gives, I just logged to evow and pof keeps coming uo

  164. Kristine Says:

    Evow is gone. Every time I try to log in over the last few days it goes directly to POF. What is up?

  165. Kristine Says:

    …I see I am not the only one having this problem. I hope we get some answers. Thanks!

  166. lisa Says:

    evow will not come up it goes to pof is site gone????

  167. john Says:

    I am no longer able to sign-in to my evow . What has happened? john

  168. john Says:

    I want to log-in to my evow account. john

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