Online Dating Industry Study…

Here is a 50+ page report comscore did on the industry….

Plentyoffish produces more dates per user than any other site,   and people say Plentyoffish has the best matching system in the industry🙂

•The U.S. dating website landscape is very competitive; Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, and Match are the current market leaders in the category.
–Plenty of Fish ranks 3rd, behind eHarmony and Match for unaided brand awareness. 
–Plenty of Fish leads all competitors with the highest proportion of active users, but eHarmony and Match have higher overall aided awareness levels.
–Plenty of Fish leads competitors as a source of the highest number of dates during the past two years (on average).

–Taken together, there is some evidence to suggest that Plenty of Fish has become more popular during the last six months while eHarmony and Match are “older” sites:  although awareness is higher due to length of time in the market, usage may be starting to drop off.
•Competitive ratings and analysis identified the relative strengths and weaknesses of Plenty of Fish, as experienced by current and recent users.
–Relative Strengths:
•Lots of profiles available, with no limits placed on the number of matches.
•Easy to use and to maintain profiles.
•Good place to meet people who share the same culture/religion, who are “similar to me”.
•High user satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the site to others.

80 Responses to “Online Dating Industry Study…”

  1. Pablo Rubi Says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch aus Chile! you deserved it and inspire others😀.
    In some way you’re the nintendo wii of dating sites, nothing but pure dating gameplay instead of powerful and rather commonly diluted efforts of the big cash cows.

  2. DeeJay Says:

    I definitely tried to register at POF today, and I tried over eight times with different passwords, but it wouldn’t let me register, saying “Password is to easy to guess.” The sentence isn’t even grammatically correct. I hope you guys fix this soon. I’m ready to start dating again.

  3. Jerry Fisher Says:

    Hi DeeJay
    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your password registration.
    There are no complications with our password registration.
    If you fancy some Brazil dating, have a look at our exciting new site at;
    Unlike most of our rival Brazilian Dating sites we are actually based in Brazil, in Recife.
    Good Luck

  4. Dee Says:

    I hope you get your website up and running soon! I miss it!

  5. tryingthis49 Says:

    Mr Frind I refuse to be bulled into answering questions so I can read my PMs. That is simply wrong.

    I will give my info to who asks if I feel it’s safe. POF now has Nigerian scammers & I don’t want to give out my info


  6. lgator311 Says:

    Actually there IS something wrong with your password registration. I’ve tried registering several times and had the same issues as DeeJay. I’ve tried every combination of password and received the same message…

  7. Debbie (Dates) Best Says:

    Yep, I had problems with the password registration also guys….

  8. Ace Says:

    this website is garbage. no wonder its free. you cant even register on lame a55 thing. “Your password is to easy to guess.” MY A55 IT IS

  9. Ace Says:

    seriously fix this error. dont just make random replys to people when clearly you have no idead whats going on. cough… cough “Jerry Fisher” cough. YES there is somthing wrong and it does need to be fixed.

    i have tried so many combination of passwords it will take none of them.

  10. Ace Says:

    look for example i tried this as a password im sure this is real easy to guess at right?


    i mean come on thats common anyone can guess that!

  11. Tech Says:

    Thanks for your information.!!🙂

  12. adam Says:

    keeps saying password is to easy to guess

  13. adam Says:

    having the same problem with pof tried registering not working says password is to easy

  14. sheri Says:

    Same problem trying to register, the password problem. Can’t believe from the dates here that it has gone on so long.

  15. CaptainDelicious Says:

    I have been trying to sign on to POF for a few days, and having the same ”
    Your password is to easy to guess.” issue, even using passwords from a random password generator. At least correct the grammar of the error message, to vs too.

  16. dave Says:

    ha ha this should be enough

  17. Jesse Says:

    POF is the worst designed website in the top 500, even worse than Craigslist! I’m shocked when I see people praising it as a quality site. I mean just look at this blog – it’s the WordPress default, it’s displaying ads of competitors, and it’s not even hosted by POF!

    I could list 50 things that make POF garbage compared to every other site, but for one, its largest photo size is only 17% as large as OkCupid’s, its free competitor. Pretty much every date from POF is a blind date! Oh, and another – you can’t block anyone so you click hundreds of times aimlessly, viewing the same profiles over and over and over.

    The site hasn’t improved a bit in years and Markus is laughing all the way to the bank. Try using another dating site and you’ll hopefully (for your sake) realize how bad this site is.

  18. DatingAgain Says:

    Yep…The passwords still arent working…this is ridiculous! I tried for an hor and a half and then finally wrote them an email. In the help section it says to try your SSN or DOB, i tried it all and even their own advice does not work!

    Ive tried:

    Along with other numerous efforts>>>Whose gunna guess that?!?!?

  19. Himagain Says:

    Hey guys and gals,
    THIS should be mandatory reading for everyone. I found it by almost accident researching the Dating Industry claims.
    (I’d never heard of this particular business before)

    The extraordinary thing is that anyone of a modicum of intelligence reading it WOULD NEVER USE A DATING SERVICE AGAIN!
    A brilliant numbers expose, but on a Dating Site!

    “The greatest benefit of the Internet to the intelligent is to become aware of how few there are……”

    Mon Nov 29 2010 08:16:37 GMT+1000
    Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating « OkTrends

    Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating

    April 7th, 2010 by Christian Rudder

    Today I’d like to show why the practice of paying for dates on sites like and eHarmony is fundamentally broken, and broken in ways that most people don’t realize.


  20. mark Says:

    Kudos to POF for making this available for everyone.
    Have also created the following free Dating Website.

    Let know your thoughts.

  21. Stu Dent Says:

    Here is a quote left on your site by one of your members. haha

    “Markus Fink, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.

    You’ll die a very lonely old man, Rich but lonely.
    (even if you do have a gold digging, playboy bunny-esqu wife, cause she certainly won’t love you for you)”

    I am getting a kick out of them kicking your cyber ass. HAHAHAHA

    I am in health care. Your money will not give you immortality. You will pay a price for being greedy. According to you, you have made millions of dollars or is that a lie?

  22. dg Says:

    Why did you delete Julian Assange’s account? Are you a member of Al Qaeda? Do you hate our freedoms?

  23. daniela beschea Says:

    there is some problem i was singup just one time after that i cann noth singh up any more???????mayby you cann help me to sing up ???????

  24. daniela beschea Says:

    i,m o ready singh up in this site but for soor time .i tray to log on i cann not any more there is some problem??????????mayby you cann help me to singh up again i was tray many times but is noth any chace??/

  25. Trashsite Says:

    First this site (POF)tells me I can’t register as I am not in one of the rich countries. This is what it says
    “You are attempting to signup from a country we currently do not accept signups from your current location. We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany” WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS POF??????

    Then I used proxy software to register and I used this password.

    But as stated above, it can’t let me register as my above password is easy to guess.

    Please update your site.

    • Barry Says:

      I deleted my profile (after many attempts) because my age was wrong and now i have the same issue, I cant login because of this:

      You are attempting to signup from a country we currently do not accept signups from your current location. We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

  26. Mark Says:

    Damn, sorry about that.
    No worries.. try registering on

    Free dating website.

  27. UK Escorts Says:

    So many sites

    UK Escorts

  28. Godiva Says:

    How come I got an account in Plenty of Fish before and now I can not get a new account because I am not from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

  29. simon Says:

    If it was racist it would block you based on race. Most coutries have a lot more than 1 race so it’s not racist. It’s selective.

    Anyway it keeps asking me how I see myself and I keep trying to adjust how i say it. I even said I see myself a s a pretty cool fun loving guy. But it keeps asking.

    I really don’t know what the site wants for a description.

    Kind of lame that I can’t sign up.

  30. Alex Says:

    What a pice of shit can’t even register “Your password is to easy to guess”.

  31. CLO-C Says:

    I also have the problem of ” We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany”. The thing is is that i’m on Guam (A FREAKING US TERRITORY!!!!!). Last year i signed up, no problem. I deleted my account for reasons, and now it gives me that error message when i try to sign up again! HELP PLEASE AS THERE IS THIS FINE CHICK I WANNA HOLLA AT!!!

  32. Jesse Wilson Says:

    Guam guy, go to my blog, message me ur desired user/pass combo and I’ll reg it for u.

  33. gavin Says:

    18th March 2011 and I still cant register. Tried all types of passwords

    Anyone any ideas what the problem is?

  34. y3coolgames Says:

    I will give my info to who asks if I feel it’s safe. POF now has Nigerian scammers & I don’t want to give out my info

  35. Guitar Slinger Says:

    Yes – I deleted my account a couple of days ago and I’m trying to create a new account but it won’t let me! I’m in the United Stated and I’ve tried different User Names and Passwords and emails … no luck, wtf???

    You are attempting to signup from a country we currently do not accept signups from your current location. We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

  36. Kayla Says:

    so i am from CANADA and i cant even make an account because it says

    You are attempting to signup from a country we currently do not accept signups from your current location. We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

    I even put in canada for my country…i guess i cant make an account.. hmm

  37. Daniel Says:

    I see there are profiles in Guam but for some reason I cannot sign up. I get the popularly mentioned “We only accept users from Canada, UK, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany” How dumb.
    I even sent a message to customer support and they said I entered something wrong. Even dumber.

  38. rubenjohnson88 Says:

    Hi, I downloaded the asutralia fish guide, its great to see what youll see before you go and dive. It gives you a full view of what you will be expecting.

  39. jane Says:

    well what aload of crap someone set up an account using a picture of me i dont know how and i have had no joy from the website itself what can i do how do i find out who has done this as i am in a relationship and also have children!! i am very upset of all things it was my friends who are members that saw my picture on there !!

  40. nathaniel Says:

    I’m not a fan of worst dating site ever I would like to know why randomly deletes people who have in no way shape or form violated service and refuses to say why? Is there reasons why certain people are alienated just because of their name? I was deleted 3 times and never once wrote a obscene or negative email never posted a bad picture and never violated any terms just simply because plentyoffish felt like it. Hmmm. Makes me wonder how business can thrive like that?

  41. Mike Says:

    paid sites like match and eharmony don’t have nearly as many members as they claim to. They have email addresses from their “free trial period” scams.

  42. Paul Says:

    Plenty of fish. Serial bomber site for angry fat people! or serial bomber daters!
    Too many angry fat liberal people with head shot photo’s.
    Amazing how many live on the site trolling for trim people whom do not last long as they are abused by the Markus cronies.

  43. Shawn Sears Says:

    Still there are lots of opportunities for free dating sites

  44. The Poe Toaster Says:

    Five stars doesn’t seem like enough.I’ve been dating online for just under a year, and what I really like about this book is how it lets the reader know that they’re not alone in the trials and tribulations of online dating.For instance, I used to feel like I was the only one stupid enough to go out with a girl even when I really wasn’t all that excited about meeting her. The author assures me that his roommate is the same way. The author does a great job of disarming the reader and assuring the reader that they’re not the only ones going through these different nuances of online dating.Online dating can be rough. Where else can you potentially be talking to six different women through e-mail, four of them on the phone, and get three different dates a week? It can be really rough because you reject and get rejected A LOT more than you would outside of cyberspace, because you do A LOT more interacting with the opposite sex. This book has everything you need to know to enter this arena, and everything you need to know to survive in it once you’re there.Get into online dating without the kind of advice found in this book, and you’re going to get butchered alive. Trust me-I got into online dating when I split with my ex, and was totally taken aback when the first few women I wrote to ignored me. Now I know that it happens to everyone. I also didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to know what to put in my profile and what to leave out, what to put in a new contact letter and what not to, etc. If I had, I would’ve had more dates at first and less rejection.Good book. If you’re getting into online dating (which I highly recommend because it’s very challenging and very rewarding), you’ll need this information and this book is the best place to get it.One other thing-the author has a great sense of humor and the book is pretty funny in places.

  45. John Says:

    You state to me in an e-mail that I have a password and e-mail site,
    Name also and when I try to Log In your site it states My Site does not exsist!!!

    I went thought the motion of creating another site LoveWagon since it came up my e-mail site Lovewings was not in your data base.

    What Gives,????
    I made double sure I did everything correct!

    I have no clue on what to do
    Below is what comes

    “Your username or password was incorrect.
    During the change from to all saved passwords were reset by your browser.”

    I have no passwords in my browser!!!

    Please help, delete the accounts, or what ever you have to do to allow me to set up ny dating site in PLENTY OF FISH.COM



  46. John Says:

    Can’t you give me a phone Number and a human to talk to!
    To straighten out My Site “Lovewings” so I can get in and find TRUE LOVE


  47. jonnes smith Says:

    How are you today?Hope cool.I am Jonnes by name a new beginning member.Actually looking for a partner that will love me and be in love as well,so i decided to take a chance with you and sent you a message.You have a well touching profile.I went through your profile and i can see we have alot in common and i decided to send you an email.. And if you are serious and willing to meet a partner too you can write me back.Infact if you do not mind we can get to know more about each other and be good friends as well.I will like to get to know about you and see what tomorrow hold for us..Get back to me with my Email address so we can chat and get to know more about each other.I dont think distance should be an obstacles in a relationship..I willing and would love to relocate to my perfect match.Hope to read from you soon..Email me on ( Or add me on Yahoo Messenger (jonnes_smith) So that i can send you a picture of myself and my son for you to know whom you are getting in touch with.Once again my email address is (…I don’t really know much about this dating site…I will want us to continue our conversation via my email..

    Have a Productive Day..

  48. Home beach Says:

    Aol! i like the software!

  49. Howiw Says:

    very very very interesting…

  50. where to get a date Says:

    I beloved as much as you will receive performed proper here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an impatience over that you want be turning in the following. sick no doubt come more formerly once more since exactly the similar just about a lot regularly inside of case you defend this increase.

  51. yamadacutegirl Says:

    i’m wondering why we cant get response from POF about the password registering problems, since so many guys have the same problem. Please give any clue which can reach the answer.

  52. geilebuuf Says:

    Thanks for any other wonderful post. The place else may just anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the search for such info.

  53. filipino forum Says:

    Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness to your post is just excellent and i can suppose you are knowledgeable in this subject. Well together with your permission allow me to grasp your RSS feed to keep up to date with drawing close post. Thank you one million and please continue the rewarding work.

  54. spyware adware remover Says:

    Great post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info particularly the last part🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  55. Pofer Says:

    They (POF) have still the problem with password… Seems weired, seems to be a serious webpage…😉

    My password try was: 8Hjk)lsi=)U

    = to easy to guess😉

  56. Your Future Dating (@YourfutureDate) Says:

    POF will always be a market leader because it is a free dating website. With lots of paid sites you have more thorough checks for scammers and updated features to their sites.

    It is our aim to be one of the UK top dating websites

  57. kelly Says:

    when will the pof dating site been up and running again

  58. behzad Says:

    hi every one im behzad from iran i wana register to pof web site but it does not allow me can any body help me? and register me to this website on the part of me? cause my location it does not allow me. can any one here who lives in north america or uk france germany do it for me?

  59. Jenny Says:

    I’m from Canada and it gives me this message….Because of high amounts of spam we currently do not accept signups from your current location.
    Does this mean that nobody from Canada can register any longer? I have been trying for two weeks to register and once I do it’s fine but within 20 minutes my account gets deleted. I don’t understand why as I am following the rules. Tonight I try again and get the above message. Can anyone help please as I have messaged POF a few times and of course no answer. Many thanks

  60. Online dejting Says:

    Very good post! We will be linking to this particularly great content on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  61. Andrew English Says:

    Markus you need to start behaving like a business owner and not a brute. When you closed down my Riso99777 account without any notice and stole my yearly subscription and to top it off you blocked my IP (Yes I work as a level 3 engineer Markus I can see what you have done), and when you don’t respond to my emails asking for a partial reimbursement for my yearly membership I bought two or three months ago it leaves me no choice but to contact the local RCMP and file corporate charges against you and POF. My friends down in BC work work in the media will be following your ever move Markus this could turn into a media circus especially when people see how much of a big brute you are as a business owner.

    All I can say is I hope you do the responsible thing and fix the problem responsibly before it get worse.

  62. rink Says:

    is there a fix to the spam reg problems coz i wont let me in and im uk and not spamming anyone x is pof even aware of this

  63. rink Says:

    i love pof its an amazing site its free and just has problems sometimes but the whole world cant reg is bad

  64. rink Says:

    im off with burns and not a spaz

  65. rink Says:

    its all locations i tried loads x must be that and password fault

  66. rees Says:

    I’m having problem with login this message keeps telling me

    Your password is to easy to guess.” issue, even using passwords from a random password generator. done this 50 times now???

    my browswer does not have passwords what do i do?

  67. Tass Says:

    I have a problem with pof it accepts my user name but tells me email address is not in the system. how I fix this???

  68. basesLen Says:

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