idate2011, end of the world.

Looks like mark is trying to stir up interest in Idate by saying free dating sites are going to kill off all paid sites.    All the rankings in the english speaking countries have been fairly stable for years now and facebook is taking away traffic from everyone.    Plentyoffish’s pageviews per user have declined 30% in 2 years  according to google analyitics,  when facebook went down for a hour last week  POF’s traffic went up 15%.   Love Ross Williams comments about scammers, fake profiles and fake sites,  now if only white label dating would clean up its act..  Getting tired of years of sueing white label datings “top partners”.

38 Responses to “idate2011, end of the world.”

  1. Dustin Says:

    There are only a few big free dating sites. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to get a free site to a large size. Just because you’re free doesn’t mean anyone’s going to join your site. Free sites aren’t really a threat to pay sites like Match that can spend tens of millions a year on TV commercials. Branding does still count for something does it not?

    Facebook is the bigger threat to all dating sites, free and paid. If Facebook ever releases an in-house dating app of some sort look out.

    • jay Says:

      i paid for points with my debit card to see if people could see my comments ,, now peopl arent recieving my emails ?? can someone tell me whats going on please my username is Jimbob334u

  2. Facebook Down = Dating Traffic Up | plenty of fishs Says:

    […] recent post from Markus, the owner of, over on his blog commented on Mark Brooks view that free dating sites are going to kill off paid dating sites. It […]

  3. josh Says:

    Dear, Markus Frind

    I have a great dating website idea and would like to know what steps should I take to pursue my idea. Please respond at my em@il

    Thank you

  4. Larry Says:

    Someone is trying to rip off your POF idea. This site looks almost identical to pof

  5. liamtoday Says:

    Hi there, I ‘ve written to customer care at least 5 times including tonight about finding my password. No reply, no response. Is there anyway for a person to get this fixed? What the heck is going on ? I am fed up.

    Do reply


    Ps regarding free dating sites. At OK CUpid which is much classier, it takes less than ten minutes to get one’s password back .

    • mike Says:

      I am having the same exact problem, feel like I got scamed probably because I did. After I upgraded and they got money out of me, it seems I can no longer sign on and no one to get ahold of. I pray that their will be some justice to this in the end.

  6. liamtoday Says:

    Regarding free dating sites. At OK CUpid which is much classier, it takes less than ten minutes to get one’s password back .

    Hey I written several times asking for my password to be retrieved. I’ve never heard back. What gives. Its been over a month.

  7. Tech Says:

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  8. Paul Says:

    Went to post a comment and saw ads for on your blog, ahhh the irony of it all. Anyway kudos to a Canadian boy beating the odds.

    Red Deer Alberta

  9. PDF Says:

    Love Ross Williams comments about scammers

  10. Andre Says:

    It looks like you have a much bigger problem. It appears that your email account has been compromised. Please do the following:

    1. Run a virus scan.
    2. Log in to your email account and change the password
    3. Don’t access your email account over an open WIFI network.

    In fact I plan to implement SSL for my whole site to prevent password theft.

  11. Josh Says:

    Does that mean you got conned too? Cause how would one woman know of one man conning women?

  12. Houston We've Got A Problem And It's Facebook | Free Dating Information And Articles Says:

    […] Plentyoffish blogspot an article by Markus where he provides some brief information related to his website’s traffic statistics related to Facebook. he claims his pageviews per user has gone down 30% in the past two years and that when Facebook […]

  13. Mohammad Khan MD Says:

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  16. Carlos Costa Says:

    There are so many dating sites on web, that just a great, great, great idea could have sucess.

  17. Stu Dent Says:

    If you don’t comments from people who are critical of you, you can always delete your blog and start one on your own site.

  18. mark Says:

    Check out

    It is absolutely free!!

  19. thomasdelta64 Says:

    why was my pof account deleted

  20. Nancy Says:

    Hi Markus,

    As most people on this blog, I am inspired by you. I read about you and your success awhile back and your story has always come back to me. I am writing because I have a great business idea and wish for it to come to fruition. I know you probably get many of these requests, but maybe you are looking for a new challenge? For obvious reasons I don’t want to go into detail here regarding my idea, but it’s a similar concept, but not a direct competitor since it is focused on a specific set of singles. Not that I know much about you, only from research on the internet, but I feel it only fair you know my intentions. I am a divorced mom who makes fairly good money recruiting, but I am the financial supporter. I want to follow this idea for many reasons. It’s not about breaking the bank, it’s about my boys, goals, being able to make it on my own, etc. If you want to hear about my idea please reach out to me. I didn’t really want to post here, but I believe this was the only way to kind of get direct contact with you!

    Enjoy your day.

    Warm regards,

  21. thewayiseeit Says:

    check out this blog…it’s pretty entertaining:

    tells the truth about ladies…

  22. Himagain Says:

    There is a whole new technology ballgame coming that is as scary as the Matrix ………..
    It’s called the ultima Cellphone and it will allow people to track you even if you turn it off. No more privacy, no more lies…. ?
    Oh, and it will interrogate any other Cellphone nearby on request and suck in the key data from that blonde as you pass by………
    maybe even ask for a date?

    Oh……. it is already here……..

  23. Destination Wedding Photojournalist Says:

    Dating sites really are common nowadays…tsk!

    Anyone in need of a Destination Wedding Photographer??🙂

  24. Toby Says:

    It does not matter whether paid or free – there is only good and bad business model.

    However, Facebook will kill most websites in the long-term.

    I also have the feeling POF’s traffic seems to have surpassed it’s peek….

    If I was you, I would work on a Facebook competitor – maybe you manage to drive the critical mass of users to it from POF to it, in order to get started….

  25. Makais Says:

    i wonder if facebook will facilitate dating soon

  26. The Dating Expert Says:

    This is where the problem with free dating sites lies. You can’t get good customer support. Owners spend money on advertising and promoting their brand, but disregard the customer support options

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