Plentyoffish Begins National TV ads.

Be on the look out for our National TV ads starting  this week touting the fact we are free and the largest dating site in Canada, UK and US.   

47 Responses to “Plentyoffish Begins National TV ads.”

  1. Stephan Wehner Says:

    Are you putting the ads on youtube as well? I don’t really watch TV that much.

    I thought one launches ads in one location first? See how it goes?

    Good luck!


  2. april yedinak Says:

    I keep getting a message that the POF site is down. When might this be resolved?

  3. Barak Says:

    Who made the ads for you? They’re very good.

  4. Tobby Says:

    Wow, best ad I’ve seen for a dating website yet!

  5. Steve Says:

    Would love to see these in England mate!

  6. Adam Young Says:

    Good Job Markus – We at are really enjoying following your success with POF! Best of luck…


  7. Pablo Says:

    I looked on ways to get in contact with you. I am a networking and security student. Please contact me by email asap, don’t want to give any hints about the subject in a public forum. trying to do the right thing by contacting you first.

  8. Su Says:

    Hi Markus,

    Great job on the national TV ad. It is a clear sign that you are trying to grow your business on a grand scale.
    At AT&T Interactive, we want to put the resource of a Fortune 6 to help you achieve that.
    For example, we can help you launch an agressive online display campaign across the Top 100 Websites at the most competitive rate by cutting out the middleman, ad agencies.

    Please contact me for more info.

    Su –

  9. Brandon Says:

    Ok, I’ve tried many times to contact this damn website. No longer is there a report profile link to be seen anywhere. And attempts at using the “contact us” tab leads me in a loop! I tried creating an account and reporting before but instead, “I” got deleted. Someone has stolen my picture, and created a profile, and has used it to contact a few people who actually happened to be my friends. This has caused problems with my girlfriend and I need mr. “JT12000” deleted. That’s clearly my picture, but it’s clearly not me. Getting kinda pissed off at how this behavior is starting to seem encouraged by the site. I googles plenty of fish scam and found out I’m not the only one with this issue. I would prefer to not make a bigger deal than this, but do the right thing and remove this profile…please.

  10. Online Dating Industry Links 1-14-11 Says:

    […] Plentyoffish TV Ads Launch Across the US. Check them out on the Plentyoffish YouTube channel. […]

  11. Toby Says:

    Best adverts are the news…..

  12. Greg Says:


    Appologies for the use of venue, but I have a concern about POF and user privacy. Your website automatically sends out emails to users that includes their password, unsolicited and unprotected. By sending out users’ private passwords, you are exposing them the theft of information, finances, etc. as others can readily read that email and log in not only to your website, but banking, employer, and other websites for which the same password is used.

    On the POF blog you have also posted a user’s real name (Julian Assange) with a link to their person profile which breaches the expectation of users that their personal information will not be disclosed by your website. I’ve emailed POF asking that my password not be included in emails and was replied to that if I didn’t like it to delete my account, which is obviously not an appropriate response to the issue. Does POF have a policy on protecting users’ private information and if so, why is it not being followed? I would like a response, failing which I will approach the Canadian Privacy Commissioner to look into the problem.

    • Jason Says:

      It’s ridiculous that POF includes your password in these daily/weekly emails.
      I know my password and now so does anyone that uses my computer. also, How do I opt out of these emails?

    • Greg Says:

      I haven’t seen an official policy change from PoF, but the good news is that the recent automated email from the site now states the following: “Remember your password is .” That is a non-editted quote. While the line is still there, my password was not displayed. If this is a permanent change, thank you for no longer including my password in messages that can be read by anyone using my computer.

    • Greg Says:

      The password issue just cropped up again for a friend. The “7 Day” letter from PoF still contains the user’s password for anyone to read. It’s great that the other automatic email was apparently cleaned up. But user’s privacy is still not being protected in this other email. No reason to expose their private password in a ‘thanks for being with us for a week’ email.

  13. Greg Says:

    Does anyone have a valid email address for POF? just bounces back.

  14. Jason Says:

    Improving POF:

    Don’t take features away that were previously free and make people pay for them. (i.e. to see if a message you sent has been read.) Weak.

    Stop deleting emails after a month. Clearly there must be terabytes of “sup?” emails clogging your system. How about introducing a system for paid users that allows you to keep 50-100 emails as long as you want? I’d consider the site a viable option and subscribe immediately. People are busy with work, travelling, not checking the site. How many relationships never happen because the giant, monthly eraser comes as wipes out all correspondance?

    Some sort of poke/wink system. Yes its cheesy but it’s the fastest way to let someone know you are interested. Then it’s easier to start communication rather then sending off countless emails that never get a response.

    More pictures/bigger pictures? Tiny, blurry, compressed images leave too much to the imagination. It’s a waste of time to spend so much time communicating with someone. Finally get their facebook info to see proper, revealing pics. (She is actually a dude) Again – paid service is fine. Make the service worthwhile by adding this.

  15. MC Says:

    How can I delete an account that got hacked into it. I have no control over my POF account. Any suggestions, I tried everything that was posted on the POF site.

    They have my images, information.

    Please HELP!

  16. GoogleFreak Says:

    Your account probably didn’t get hacked into, everyone’s password got reset. There was a hacker messing with the site. Site went down for several nights, email not working and such.

    If you’re paying any features of the site good luck. NO SSL encryption. Site needs a over hall.

  17. Erin Says:

    I have a friend who is interested in contacting the website about deleting her account, but can’t log on because the site is not accepting her username or password. Her profile is definitely still on there because I searched it and it turned up. Why is there no way to contact anyone at the website? That seems really unconventional and suspicious to me. Please get back to me on this. She should be able to delete her profile if she so chooses to, and would like to as soon as possible.

  18. Kris Says:

    I saw your commercial yesterday and it was so sweet!

  19. Ash Says:

    nice quorte

  20. ringr Says:

    I too had some issues with this site, BUT currently have the man that I love and met on this site living with me.

    Is there any way for us to retrieve copies of the first few notes we sent back and forth (about a year and a half ago) – it would be great to have those first few communications.

  21. Andrew Says:

    Any plans to notify your users of the security breach or is that not a priority?

    Any plans to desist in sending plain-text passwords via email?

    We have tried to make contact, please let us know if you have any comments to make before we go to press. Thanks!

  22. april Says:

    still waiting for a response on how to get into my account… i need some assurance that all this babble about your site being unsecure is not true.l.. please send me an email to help me get into my account..

  23. Tanner Banks Says:

    DONT USE POF!!!!!!!
    IT’S A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!




  24. amy @ as seen on tv canada Says:

    I’m surprised POF has gotten to the stage where they can start promoting on TV. Maybe it will increase the people that are on the site which i’m starting to find is more regulars than anything else, not to say there isn’t enough people but an increase would be great. Great that POF is free and worth using as much as any of the paid dating site competitors.

  25. nathaniel Says:

    I would like to know why randomly deletes people who have in no way shape or form violated service and refuses to say why? Is there reasons why certain people are alienated just because of their name? I was deleted 3 times and never once wrote a obscene or negative email never posted a bad picture and never violated any terms just simply because plentyoffish felt like it. Hmmm. Makes me wonder how business can thrive like that? I can’t even get a reason why.

  26. nike free Says:

    Where perhaps you have discovered the source for this particular post? Amazing reading I have subscribed to your feed.

  27. Strategy King Says:

    I saw this last night on tv i just came to tell you i saw it lol.

  28. RON OPPER Says:

    Does POF offer or plan to offer a Private Label Dating Site Program like Elite Global (Meeting) or Millionaire Match? I have a marketing approach that hasn’t been done (that I know of) and would like to enter the dating site field. Markus,I’m hoping we can communicate soon. Ron

  29. Avid Reader Says:

    One can see, POF is heading the path so self destuction

  30. fixsite Says:

    If you are going to suspend a users account, at least be smart about it. It is easy to detect. A 10 YO can do it.

  31. fixsite Says:

    That applies to both existing and new accounts.

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