Yay finally passed 6 million logins/day

Finally passed 6 million logins in one day.     Sunday is always peak traffic day for us. Here is a chart of our logins on sundays  going back over 4 years.    Hard to believe after 8 years Plentyoffish still has non stop growth with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

16 Responses to “Yay finally passed 6 million logins/day”

  1. m0nty Says:

    That is a pretty sweet curve. Who knows, by 2015 it could be asymptotic!😉

  2. Dating Savvy Says:

    Wow, truly amazing, especially when you consider I’ve been on POF for well over a year and still haven’t met anyone suitable yet! I hope my chances improve in a similar fashion to your chart!😉

    • crazy Says:

      I bet you will still be at POF after 5 years. Still single. Maybe if you’re lucky you will get a couple of dates. Real life is so much easier. I honestly don’t know why people put so much time and effort with women are usually unrealistic in what they want.

      Good luck anyways.

  3. himagain Says:

    Yes, well, maybe you’re just lucky,Markus ………………………
    Actually, I did think you were perhaps lucky in the early supergrowth days, not only of your own business, but the dating business in general.

    I almost went nutz trying to make sense out of how you could get massive traffic through a tiny facility!

    I lost money on successful ATTEMPTED sales campaigns when my ads worked so well that the hired Server facilities would fall over with just a few thousands per day, not minute/hour – per day.

    By the time I learned enough, I thought deals like Dating would die any minute, once the money moved in…….
    Not to mention things like Twitter.

    I STILL have no idea what is keeping your dumb-named business even going – much less spectacularly growing! 8-0
    There has been gigantic money thrown in against POF and thousands of would-be POFs start every year.

    The only conclusion is that you must be cleverly doing something VERY right. Luck is just a fleeting thing and POF is a century old in Net years…..

    My only consolation is that even though I still can not see what the “magic” is, neither can all those smartass funds-rich copycats.

    I really do hope to somehow figure out how this ‘Net-thing works.

    With genuinely best wishes for your continued success and – more importantly – fun,

  4. Forget Church, Let’s Hit PlentyofFish Says:

    […] Read Yay finally passed 6 million logins/day. […]

  5. sun123 Says:

    Returning customers is usually a good sign for any business, except for this type of business where the success is when people suppose to match and not return.

    6 million visit per day: if they were successful from the first day, a population of 180,000,000 would have being matched.

    what makes any system work is accountability. where information is in the open. dating sites often put minimum information to for raisin hope, and people keep coming back.

  6. ralph lauren norge Says:

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  7. Richard Plummer Says:

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  8. milguad Says:

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  9. Toby Says:

    What about advertising revenue? Probably, parallel to the x axis after a certain point, as Adsense runs out of ads….

  10. qr code generator Says:

    That’s good to know – I wonder how that corresponds to your advertiser’s traffic?

  11. Porter's Five Forces Says:

    Thats nice rate of signup . wow.

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  13. himagain Says:

    Not sure if Markus ever scans here, but I’m surprised that more literal professionals don’t come in and discuss technicalities.
    Markus commentaries seem to very down-2-earth and he has been pretty free with information.

    Although he never said “You were right!” to me when I said don’t expand into staff and premises…. 🙂

    Think I’ll go sniff around Google and see who is saying what about this young man.

    I still can’t figure out HOW POF keeps going much less growing.

  14. Viola Says:

    wow. Very good

  15. PlentyOfFish Update – 6 Billion Pageviews and 32 Billion Images a Month | Performance Testing Professional Says:

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