Sonia Varaschin murder/fabrication.

******  Update*****    Curtis Rush  from the Toronto Star just posted another bullshit theory suggesting that someone may have hacked her deleted POF account and than killed her.   This is the same ridiculous theory the police came to us with after an “anonymous tip”.   This reporter is just making shit up and printing it,  even the slightest bit of investigative reporting have shown how BS both these stories are.     Plentyoffish deletes all emails after 30 days  even if you are an active user.     We don’t collect phone numbers, paypal accounts and never have,  we also don’t collect realnames or addresses unless its for paying users.   For some reason Curtis Rush is trying to tie Plentyoffish’s Name to this murder in any way possible.


This article  by the Toronto Star one of Canada’s largest newspapers  is a complete fabrication.

1.  She wasn’t a user of Plentyoffish in 2010 but had been years ago.     Most older canadian singles are a member of Plentyoffish at some point in their life.

2.  We have the police briefing  they definitely didn’t say any of the stuff  Toronto star says they did.

3.  We have never had a case of a man murdering a women on plentyoffish that i know of.

4.  We talked to the police last YEAR and told them everything they wanted to know and we thought that was the end of it as she wasn’t even on the site.

This entire week we’ve been bombarded by requests from the media trying to write stories about online dating being unsafe.     The simple fact is that Online Dating is the safest possible way you can meet people.    Over 30 million people have used plentyoffish and there hasn’t been a single case of a man killing a women as a result of meeting on plentyoffish.   No other form of meeting people even comes remotely close to that level of safety.

23 Responses to “Sonia Varaschin murder/fabrication.”

  1. Paul Robillard Says:

    Maybe someone is paying a favor to somebody in this Risk kinda game, or it’s just sensationalism of irresponsable yellow journalism. Either way, it’s an interesting topic. If you could shed more light on it, with hard numbers as you did here in POF website would be useful also.

    Regards from an admirer!!! keep up the great work.
    I hope to be as successful as you in my area😀.

  2. ve3sy Says:

    I too read the Star story in the local Waterloo Regional Record. The article certainly did leave the impression that she was a member of POF at the time of her unfortunate death.

    A letter to the Editor of the Star (and it’s subsidiaries- and there are many) making your case will no doubt be printed verbatim.

  3. Ambrose Mugwump Says:

    “was on a couple of dating sites while she had an on-again, off-again relationship with a boyfriend.”

    Heh, call me cynical but i think they’ve allowed the guy with the best motive to leave the country!

  4. Tristen James Says:

    The only bullshit here is yours, Markus. You’re still avoiding anyone who wants your contact information for legitimate legal reasons. You failed to notify ALL of your POF users that the site was hacked; not to mention the invasions of privacy by having your staff monitor emails (IE reading them) and let’s not forget the serious violations of discrimination as guaranteed under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Either own up, or be taken down. It’s your choice.

  5. crazy Says:

    Tristen, believe it not it’s a common thing. Staff usually ends up reading IM, emails etc. I never been to a site where they don’t. That’s why if you really want to chat private msn, yahoo with enycryption is always best.

    POF still send password in clear text. Any hacker could monitor the packets and get users passwords. this is why I would never pay for a dating site because most of them don’t even provide secure SSL connection.

  6. Paul Says:


    I total agree to your statement. The total bullshit comes from Markus! He never gives any justification about anything when asked a question. He has those idiots working for his site providing a half ass response…when asked a question!!

  7. Paul Says:

    The whole statement above sounds like a mass cover up by POF to regain the site’s integrity, which they never had to start off!! I hope they take them off the internet. And slap Markus with a violation of human rights!!

  8. sh0RTY Says:

    Sonia always had an account on – her account is still there to and she had to pay in order to use it. On that site it contains your actual address on where you live, so the police should look into that to see if sonia had posted a address and you can also see who is viewing your profile etc… sounds worse than pof

  9. paul Says:

    Frind,you are full of shit.
    Your moron staff have resucitated a prolife i deleted including my pictures.

    Yes i originally posted a real slur against you Frind,
    the moronic staff placed it open for public viewing.

    Youre moronic staff do not understand that police are investigating the threats I have recieved from one of your female contributors advertising absolute crap about me in the open forum on her profile.
    Frind,it is hypercritcal of you to tell others are full of bullshit,when you are full of bullshit yourself.

  10. Xena Says:

    Hmmm…did anyone remember that a fellow human being was murdered? I would expect that, whoever Markus is, he could have posted a more professional response. To say that internet dating is sooooooo safe is absolutely ridiculous and the comments are extremely offensive. Certainly, if the article was incorrect, this could have been addressed in a more professional, less defensive manner and in particular, with respect to the victim.

    • Jonathan Says:

      Internet dating is no different than real life dating. You need to ensure your safety. It’s a tragedy that this lady died. But you can’t blame “the internet”. She “got got” by a evil killer. Could have happened anywhere or through any media.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    Police lie. If you don’t believe that you are an idiot. Co-operate up to a point where you feel morally responsible. Beyond that- Forget it. They lie to media, they lie to victims. They lie. It’s the way it is.

    The Star didn’t lie. A cop lied to THEM.

  12. Adult dating Australia Says:

    Sometimes you just want to meet someone for no strings fun, not a serious relationship or long term dating partner.

  13. Roger Fluharty Says:

    No matter what your doing that has you dealing with people you dont know or dont know well has the potential for bad things to happen. there are alot of crazies in this world.

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  15. Viola Says:

    The whole statement above sounds like a mass cover up by POF to regain the site’s integrity, which they never had to start off!! I hope they take them off the internet. And slap Markus with a violation of human rights!!

  16. Says:

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  17. Bernie Says:

    VERY VERY upset by what pof has done today!! shall move onto other free sites! SADos!

  18. Bernie Says:

    l treated it like a sort of facebook! Feel very upset! CHEERS for that!

  19. Bernie Says:

    Think you will LOSE lots of punters! SOD you!

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  22. Malik Says:

    I was a current user of this dating site, but I found that my profile was deleted for no reason at all. No notice, no explanation, I just couldn’t log on again. I thought it was a mistake, so I give it a second shot. No more then two days ago, I sign up for your site again. I put my searches in, left messages, basically I was using the site. I log off last night, then today I tried to log back on to check for replies and again I can log on to my account. I tried to retrieve my password, but again the site says that it doesn’t recongize my email. WHAT THE HELL!!! I need some kind of resolution to this, my information better not be used in any way that could hurt me financially. This is the last time I will be using the site and I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau. This is ridiculous. Is this how you people handle customers? How does anyone meet a match with this bs going?

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