Government Of Alberta spend millions of dollars creating a parody of

You’d think the government of Alberta would have better things to do than spend millions of dollars creating a parody of  and than flood the Print/ TV/Radio with it.

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Yes syphilis is a serious issue, effecting ~200 people a year in Alberta.   What I don’t get is why parody a mainstream dating site?   Its completely the wrong demographic in many many ways.   The average age of Plentyoffish  is 39 years old not 19.

8 Responses to “Government Of Alberta spend millions of dollars creating a parody of”

  1. Rob Davy Says:

    I was literally just in the process of trying to contact you to tell you about this site (I used to work with Timo Ewalds at Nexopia).

    I think it’s disgusting they’re using your businesses name in this way, and if it were me, I’d be taking legal advice because they’re doing material damage to your brand.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    How could somebody be so disrespectful to slander your brand like that? They have a lot of nerve doing that without even notifying you.

  3. Andre Says:

    No such thing as bad publicity. would love to get government stimulus.

  4. Toby Says:

    Pay your taxes outside of Alberta in future – otherwise you end up financing your own damage😉 On the other hand – even negative exposure can be good – free advertising!

    I wonder whether they focus on syphilis only and not other stds as well such as HPV, Hepatitis etc…

  5. Sideah Shannon Says:

    First of all.. What are they trying to raise awareness about? A very obscene parody with SYPH written on it and graphic images is not helping their goal of safe sex.

    If you want to promote safe sex.. Promote safe sex! Why are you spreading more attention to syphallis? Otherwise like what Toby said, it’s free advertising for POF..

    I don’t get it .. Like dating and want to marry and have kids is not what makes the world continue right.. /eyeroll

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  8. TJ Says:

    If the Government of Alberta wants to make a parody of – maybe I’ll make a parody of those running the government of Alberta when I have time to develop =)

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