Vancouver riots.

Its crazy outside all you can hear is the constant buzz of police helicopters, even more bizzare seeing the riots unfold on TV now considering its only a few blocks away. Police are firing tear gas, cars are on fire and fires in the streets and looting of the stores.

Wow its just going nuts now its only 9:40… Heavy black smoke over the city and everyones afraid to go outside. Liquer stores got looted and cop cars are getting set on fire. Its going to be a long night. Grandville is just a wall of tear gas. If plentyoffish goes down tonight you’ll know why!

16 Responses to “Vancouver riots.”

  1. iqor Says:

    LOL You think Toronto is any different? NOT

  2. Toronto guy Says:

    Toronto has had angry Maple LEaf fans for the past 40 years. You don’t see us looting.
    How about 2 world series in a row? Again no looting…

  3. iqor Says:

    Oh really look at Toronto g20 summit. Cop cars set on fire. Smashed windows at business and more. Sure it wasn’t a game. Leafs aren’t angry they are shamed. lol I would be shamed to be a crappy leafs fan.

  4. iqor Says:

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  5. After the Riot « Black Rose Says:

    […] Vancouver riots. ( […]

  6. POF User Says:

    What’s up with the site, whos viewed you is now only showing local users within a 50 mile radius of me. Is anyone else having this problem with the site this weekend?

  7. dg Says:

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  15. Howiw Says:

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  16. site Says:


    […]Vancouver riots. « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

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