Is Facebook done?

Looks like Google + is going to split the social networking space.   Looks like its no longer going to be facebook controlling the entire space.     Its going to change the dating space a lot because so many companies are advertising directly on facebook.   Whats more amazing is that in 7 years no one has come out with a semi decent social networking competitor until google + came along.

24 Responses to “Is Facebook done?”

  1. Amor en linea Says:

    I think Google is in a error. +1 don’t work’s and user’s don’t need it

  2. Jay Adair Says:

    Loads of people tried to make better social networks, but none had the user-base and marketing clout that Google have. This is why Facebook have never been rivalled.

  3. tecnicas de relajacion Says:

    Google +1 not is an social network really,

  4. Michael B Says:

    Google have no chance of competing… facebook has first mover advantage and I don´t see 500 million users doing yet another profile… if anything in time facebook will lose its popularity just like My space.

  5. Amanda Says:

    Yes, I think the same, Google +1 looks like Facebook.

  6. Rob Van Says:

    But I remember when Yahoo was the dominant Search engine and nobody thought that the new comer “google” could ever compete.. now look where they are… Facebook was never first and will not be the last there were many social networks before and there will be many after.. one good “killer app” from a competitor and facebook will go like mySpace has…

    It is just like phones.. remember when everyone had a Nokia?

  7. Denker Says:

    @rob van
    You are totally right.
    Also, the “500 Million” Facebook users……..I guess 80% just have a profile, but are never using it. G+ got 10 Mio. (active!) users already just by Betatesting. In contrary to FB a lot of very useful things can be done with G+.

  8. Slava Says:

    Facebook had 146M unique users only from US in Juny 2011

    It’s impressed!

  9. Hichem Touihri Says:

    The facebook emails thing pushed Google to make this soclal network .. they can’t afford losing gmail users ..

    will see if Facebook resists ..

  10. Come-On Says:

    Facebook is becoming uncool and stigmatised like Myspace now. Interested to see where Google+ goes..particularly after Google Wave flopped so hard.

  11. Ashutosh dhanawade Says:

    I like it

  12. Farah Herbal Says:

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  14. Paul Says:

    Unfortunately nobody else has that kind of user base that google has. 400 million registered gmail accounts…that helps!

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  18. Toby Says:

    Not yet….takes a couple of years. Facebook has reached its peak by now…give it some more years before it dies like MySpace. When Facebook dies probably not by another social networking site but something that integrates deeply into an operating system (desktop or mobile) or some webbrowser – or tools like Skype or GTalk with its own social network.

    i dont understand why Facebook is worth 100 billion with 800 million users – 125 USD per user. If you give every newly signed up user 50 USD, you could easily grow and reach the same size as facebook and still saved 50 billion USD.

  19. DatingSeekers Says:

    Google + is still just sittign there if you ask. I tried it for a second, I still have an account on there but barely anyone I know uses it. I don’t think Google + will make very much traction. FaceBook is just too much a part of our lives (for now anyways). I don’t really see the benefits to Google + that will persuade people to switch for good. I have all my pictures on FaceBook, my freinds, family. Do I really want to start all over and for what? What does Google + offer that is soo much better than FaceBook?

    Not enough if you ask me….

  20. evelyn Says:

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  21. Bart Warts Says:

    yeah, well, go for it!

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  23. Shivaman Says:

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  24. Flynn Says:

    Facebook has lost me with the countless amount of ads! I am spending more and more time on Google Plus each day.

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