Plentyoffish Patent Pending Matching system.

We thought this was an excellent way of matching people,  thats why we filed a patent application for this years ago.

13 Responses to “Plentyoffish Patent Pending Matching system.”

  1. makais Says:

    are you going to take legal action?

  2. Avi Marcus Says:

    It sounds like quite a complex many-part system they describe there, is that even patent-able?

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  4. Markus Frind Says:

    Sueing people doesn’t help you win in the market place. Its important that a site is seen as having the best matching system. Problem is free sites are always seen as somehow less advanced than paid sites..

  5. Tracy Dawes Says:

    I wanted to say thank you for making this site… It truly helped me out alot and I have to say I think I meant my Mr. Right on it and Thank you so much for helping me

  6. pets corner Says:

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  7. passingpretty Says:

    Can someone please tell me is there a way to sigh onto pof with out the members knowing u are on?

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  11. Leah Says:

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  12. Jveena Sahab Says:

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  13. Erin Boers Says:

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