Okcupid Revenue Released.


2010 Revenue:$4.7 million
2007 Revenue:$380,912

Acquisition price was 50 Million cash and 40 Million earn out.  I’m surprised okcupid was able to make so much money given their 400M pageviews/month.  They have 3 ad units per page and auto rebilling, compared to our 1 ad unit and no outrebilling on memberships.. Currently POF has around 5 Billion pageviews a month, if i monetize as much as okcupid that would be around 55-65M in revenues.

23 Responses to “Okcupid Revenue Released.”

  1. Johnny Says:

    impressive…only 18 employees too.

  2. erics Says:

    I guess pof needs more ads

  3. Eric Says:

    Very impressive indeed!

  4. 夏雨 Says:


  5. Todd Says:

    more ads for pof soon?

  6. l Says:


  7. sdupuis1_ca@yahoo.ca Says:

    I’d love to write a blackberry app for you markus.


  8. maverick begin Says:

    Dear Markus Frind.

    I’ve been reading and watching videos on how you have became so successful with your online dating website. I’m 18 years old and i look at you as a roll model, because you have shown us that anything is possible. I look forward to following in your path and have so many questions that i would hopefully one day get to ask you. I wish you the best of luck and success for the future to come.

    – Maverick

  9. Paul Says:

    I have emailed the customer service dept twice. Someone set up an account under my name, and the site is sending emails to my work account. I need the IP address the account was set up under to find out who did it. I want the account deleted, and the people who responded to the add apologised to. I have not gotten any response from ANYONE. I am almost to the point of taking legal action just to get a response from POF. Can ANYBODY help me?

  10. mike Says:

    Move on. Legal action against pof will get you nowhere.

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  19. MatchMeHappy Says:

    Not bad at all. POF might need more ads too.

  20. Maxwell Says:

    Quite interesting to find out it😛😀

  21. Ernest Says:

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  23. Tonja Says:

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