Another US lawsuit…

We have previously been sued in the US for using decimal numbers and another time for Matching people… It seems that we are now getting sued because someone somewhere on the internet ran an Advertisement for using an image they did not have rights to. Our only involvement in this case happens to be that one of the places this marketer ran their ads was on

I am pretty shocked this lawsuit was even filed -does this mean every Adsense publisher,  newspaper or website can now get sued for the contents of the ads that appear on their websites?


89 Responses to “Another US lawsuit…”

  1. Max Says:

    Don’t you have an indemnification clause in your agreements with your Ad Networks?

    • Neil Says:

      Somebody must have used my email address when they signed up for POF. Now, I get all his mail, thousands. I got 36 in the past two hours alone. The worst part is that POF wont let me unsubscribe without knowing that guys password. Why???!!!!!

  2. himagain Says:

    Hi Max – (Don’t think Markus actually reads here…)
    However, the legal state in most of the USA means anyone can sue anyone without any need to show even minor Cause.

    AND as most lawyers work to all sorts of fixed fees win-lose-or-draw, it’s like a sport.

    Now that the USA is perhaps the only civilised(?) country in the world with no requirement of habeas corpus (you can be locked up without trial or advice and simply vanish, literally) most of you have more to worry about than being sued……..

  3. Janice Rachel Morris Says:

    have not been able to load site for 2 weeks…

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  5. The Sandman Says:

    @himagain : he reads here actually ..

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  7. David Says:

    What a ridiculous lawsuit Markus. That’s why there are so many damn lawyers in the U.S., because people are lawsuit crazy over here!

  8. TimSiwula Says:

    Marcus, can you please shoot me an email at I have a few questions I would like to ask you.

  9. Jamie Says:

    Sorry to hear about the situation that’s going on Markus, really difficult. Surely they can’t win the case, it’s ridiculous……

    Good luck with everything.

  10. Plenty Of Frustration « A Yappy Trade Barrier Says:

    […] Here’s the link to Markus Frind’s, or his company’s, blog: “Plenty of fish blog” […]

  11. Kostka Brukowa Says:

    That’s absurd to get sued for Ads content…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    You’re a fucking retard Markus, you’ve been slowly taking away members free privileges, your taking away of last viewed is the final straw. Ever heard of Anonymous? Your business is done now.

    Let’s hope more jump on the suing bandwagon, and your sites time to shine is heading south now.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  13. Plenty of Pleasures Says:

    Sorry to hear about the situation that’s going on Markus, really difficult. Surely they can’t win the case, it’s ridiculous……

  14. J V Says:

    Hi Markus,
    I have been on POF, off and on, last three years. You are running basically a good business (good for you). That is why I think you need to know about my experience last week with one of your employees using POF for their own agenda. In process breaking one of the main cardinal rules! YOUR CUSTOMER’S PRIVACY!!!
    Username she is using: Deeeeiva
    Actual name she claimed: Deiva
    I did not contacted her. She contacted me and attached a few of her pictures, because she has none on her profile (I guess she did not want her co-workers to recognize her). I responded and we agreed to meet last Friday 2:30 pm at Starbuck (Nelson & Mainland). I arrived 2:35 pm, looked around, not seeing her, I got coffee and sit down to read the paper and wait. Around 3:00 pm, I send her message on POF that I am here, still waiting. Is she coming? I got response from her, that she was there, did not see me and left. It is not a big place and there were just a few people. I message her back, what a waste of time and that I am leaving. That would be under normal circumstances it, but not this time!
    This is where my big problem starts! As I walking back to my office, I get a phone call from her (blocking her number) that she did not like the tone of my last message. The big question is, how and where did she get my number? Got me thinking. I never send it to her or call her. The only way she could find it, if she works in POF and can access and read my PRIVATE MESSAGES to other!!! I did sent my phone number to a very few. HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS? Is there any privacy upheld and protected in POF? Markus, I would like to see your response to this, deal with her and clarify your internal customer privacy policy in POF. I hope you will take this seriously and act on this.
    I look forward to your response.

    • Khan Says:

      J.V. the POF website is full of FAKES. I have exchanged phone numbers and KIk messenger with about 8 different women and each time the conversations went very well UNTIL I had asked to meet for coffee or drinks. As soon as the question of meeting came up, BANG! They would each come up with lame excuses and then suddenly DISAPPEAR. No more calls/texts and their profiles would suddenly vanish.
      POF should stand for PLENTY OF FAKES and the site should be sued out of existence.
      They make the claim that people “Will Respond” and over 3 dozen women NEVER responded to ANY of my messages. One woman only responded AFTER I wrote her a 2nd message telling her she had a big nose!! HAHAHA! She sounded soooo offended and said if I had been nicer she would have replied. I told her I did send her a nice message and never got a reply. She had nothing to say after that. They are ALL employees of this jackass named Markus.
      I am in serious need of money so I may file a suit against POF and hopefully others will join in. Save ALL the messages you’ve sent to women and make sure to document how many bothered to write back. Document how many exchanged phone numbers with you but when you talked about meeting in person they suddenly disappeared of accused YOU of not showing up.

      LET’S ALL GET A PIECE OF MARKUS’S MILLIONS!!! THAT’LL TEACH HIM!! Markus, you ripoff son of a bitch!

  15. Tracy Says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I deleted my profile a few months a ago and a male friend of mine came across a profile that was using all my info with a few changes to things like ht/wt. They are using my photos, my profile writings, etc. Can you help me? Please? I do no know what to do!!!!!

  16. Josh Says:

    I used to live about 50 minutes from where Markus lives working for a company whose mainstay was their US clients. We had a running joke that every American has the same name: boys are called Bill and girls are called Sue.🙂

  17. alicia Says:

    like seriously? i just left a comment this morning and its deleted again? i will leave a comment on every blog you post until you answer me! AGAIN TODAY I MAKE A PROFILE FIVE MINUTES LATER DELETED!



    • alicia Says:

      now when i try and sign up it says

      “Because of high amounts of spam we currently do not accept signups from your current location.”

      i want to be REMOVED for spam because i never have a profile longer then 10 seconds to even message anyone


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  19. Ida Männistö Says:


    I am a customer of yours. On some ways, I’m not happy with your service, because I would really appreciate if there would be a direct email to use for customer support but no, I have not found any on your website. I am a professional when it comes to customer service. I have no idea about your customer service, but if you have an e-mail address for recruits, I would really appreciate if I would get an email address.

    Thank you guys!

    Best regards,

  20. markus dickhead Says:

    POF is the worst Dating website scam and spam. Markus deserves the lawfuit. He’s a goof and finally someone is taking this dickhead to court. He’s brought this all on his own with stupid decisions.
    I’ve found and more site taking his place. About time his disgusting website is being taking to task.

  21. social sex Says:

    yea is much better

  22. dean Says:

    Please Answer: To Markus Frind, I am trying to buy your service with an American Express prepaid card and your site won’t allow that… can I use a Visa or Master Card pre-paid card?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    If nothing is done very soon about this bogus site, which uses not only the images, but the entire profiles in their POF format of current or past POF members without permission from the copyright owners, then another lawsuit is going to take place. Either POF is doing something underhanded or the current security features have allowed some type of hacking to take place. In both cases, POF is partially responsible. At the moment, only the profiles of men seeking men are being exploited, but with the ease of and common practice of photo stealing, anyone is at risk of being victim of this activity.

  24. Rajasthan Tours Says:

    You, my friend, ROCK! I found just the information I already have discovered everywhere and just couldn’t find. What a perfect web with great stuff.

  25. 2littlefish Says:

    Hi, Markus!

    I can’t stop reading or laughing. Why didn’t you tell me about your blog? You know I have trouble with these things. Can I put the POF circle back on YOUR profile page???


  26. plentyofsharks1 Says:

    Please …. Don’t get me started! I just completed another inspired “piece” (but not with the “O.S. attached!) that could loosely be described as a Profile page! Now I’m going to be back on you and the damned attorneys, governments ….

    That’s a good thing for you, though, right? International law? Slow things down … you take a few nice trips …

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

    Just tell me what to do!

  27. Harmony Says:

    WARNING!!! I want to put out a warning to any potential pof users your account can be re -activated after being deleted without your concent. This just happened to me Sept 14/12. I had a deleted profile totally happy in my relationship until pof re- instated my profile and one of my boyfriends friends spotted my profile online. Our relationship is over as he thinks I am trying to pursue other relationships. Which is not the case. Thanks pof for ruining my life!

    • plentyofsharks1 Says:

      Sorry, Harmony. Much as I hate Markus, I have to say you’re better off without a guy who’ s that insecure. You know the old saying: There’s PlentyofFish(tm) in the sea!

      PlentyofFish(tm) had nothing to do with this.
      Anyone with a computer a
      few distasteful personality
      traits could have pulled it off. Now be nice and apologize to Markus. Have a nice day!

  28. sexsitesreview Says:

    There’s a lot of haters on here. POF is not the only place to fish. If you’re not happy with your catch rate, try dropping your hook somewhere else.

  29. hellomarcoliver Says:

    Quality of content always matter, Markus. Apropos – sucht ihr gerade User Experience Experten?

  30. susan cole Says:

    This site is much better than POF If you can’t pull there…..forget it.

  31. Big fish .... Lol Says:

    The mere fact you did not perform yourown due dilligence does not obsolve you of any wrong doing!

    The fact remains, you profited from said marketer.

    Pleading ignorance does not obsolve you of your duties!

    You seem to be a bragert when things go your way, but the moment karma bites you, you shriivel up and cry foul. You can’t suck and blow at the sae time! I hope you lose your shirt!

    • Carla Reynolds Says:

      Seriously? Markus is a braggart? Markus sure does keep a low profile for a braggart. I see a lot of envy out there, though. Such an … unfortunate personality trait, don’t you agree?

      So, Big Fish. I’m looking forward to your post TOMORROW (I know consistency is a big thing with you) on how many countries you visited in 2012 and please list what countries? Give everyone something to look forward to every January 5. And please let us know what’s new in the biz.

      • Big fish .... Lol Says:

        Hey Carla….have you ever googled Markus braging about how much his cheque is worth on a monthly basis?

        The idiot even displays it! If hes not bragging, why is he showing a cheque for the world to see?

        It’s money received from idiots who either upgrade or pay for ad space.

        He’s happy to post pictures of him whille travelling as well!

        He’s an idiot and I hope he loses a ton of MONEY!

        Signed….The big fish!

      • Carla Reynolds Says:

        Hahaha. Yeah, I’ve seen the photo of Markus displaying that one check. That does seem to get under folks’ skin but I think it’s hilarious.

        I wish Markus would post his photos from 2012 and a complete list of where he’s traveled. I love his story and laugh every time I think about it. I’m laughing now.

        Lots of sour grapes out there. 🙂

        I openly admit to being an idiot who paid Markus to decorate my profile page. I consider it a “donation” to a future cause.

        And come on. If anyone else out there could do what Markus has done with Plentyoffish, they’d have done it … by now. 🙂

  32. Someone Says:

    “I want to put out a warning to any potential pof users your account can be re -activated after being deleted without your concent.”

    Yes, it is true and does happen.

  33. K Says:

    May 20,2013

    markus 5/20/2013 4:09:03 PM

    My name is Markus and I created POF/Plentyoffish. When I created POF, I wanted it to be all about finding relationships with the right person. For the first 7 years this worked really well, I got the site to 10 million users without any employees people and POF was generating a ton of relationships. Around 3 years ago, everyone started using the website via mobile phones. Today about 70% of POF use is via a mobile phone and unfortunately about 2% of men started to use POF as more of a hookup site mostly due the the casual nature of cell phone use.

    In sticking with my vision that POF is all about Relationships, I’m going to make a bunch of changes to ensure it stays a relationship-focused site.

    1. Any first contact between users that contains sexual references will not be sent. Anyone who tries to get around this rule will be deleted without warning. This rule has actually been in effect since last month and it’s made the site so much better.

    2. You can only contact people +/- 14 years of your age. There is no reason for a 50 year old man to contact a 18 year old women. The majority of messages sent outside those age ranges are all about hookups. Anyone who tries to get around this rule will get deleted.

    3. Intimate Encounters will go away in the next few months. There are 3.3 Million people who use the site every day, of those there are only 6,041 single women looking for Intimate Encounters. Of those 6,041 women, the ones with hot pictures are mostly men pretending to be women. Intimate Encounters on POF can be summed up as a bunch of horny men talking to a bunch of horny men pretending to be women.

    In short the vast majority of people will not be impacted. This is because the vast majority of people are not going around spamming women saying “let’s have sex tonight”. I can’t change POF alone, I need your help to get the word out there that POF is all about relationships!


    * Now, I don’t really have an issue with any of this except item # 2.

    Why would maukus assume the role of judge and jury ? One of the basic rules is that you have to be of legal age to use the site, and rightfully so. If for instance a subscriber is 52, then according to markus, another subscriber who is 37 cannot be contacted or vise versa. He uses the example of a 50 y/o contacting an 18 y/o. That’s a far cry from 52 and 37.

    This is ludicrous and unfair because as we know different people have different preferences and often times women prefer an older man or vise versa. How you can unilaterally decide to do that is beyond me and totally unfair to all users of pof.

    Please rethink Item # 2

    Thank you.

  34. BigElectricCat Says:

    They probably had no choice but to sue, since any attempt that I or anyone I know has made to contact customer service for this site received no reply; they take your money and then you are s.o.l. Markus is going to be getting more lawsuits soon, as he makes irresponsible and contradictory decisions about what he wants the site to be, taking away privileges as he does.

  35. Brad Palmer Says:

    With your new rules I hope they win!

  36. Brady Says:

    If you are going for best contents like I do, only visit this
    web site daily as it provides feature contents, thanks

  37. yatetzy Says:

    fuck markus

  38. Van Says:


    You should be sued by sexual racism

    I’m very disappointed and actually disgusted with this web site, you guys are ver racist not accepting TV’s, transexuals or anything like. If the person decide to the date a trangender is their choice, if they talk in chat is because they wanted so i dont see far you just deletiing people for their option sexual.

    Some of my friends who are transexuals who suffer daily bulling in this society is deleted every time with no reason and no explanation

    I sometimes do cross-dressing and kept clear on my profile that who I was and what i was doing but you guys deleted, again just the fact because someone who chooses to be like that they dont deserve to be discriminate in that way

    . I have been deleted 3 times and actually tired of being deleted for being a cross- dresser, TV or whatsoever i decided to created another profile as a boy and again is been deleted and seriously I havent done nothing wrong at this time. i just would like to know whats the problem.

    You guys should respect people and I will contact or other regulator and showed them racist you have been towards gays, transsexual …just one more thing this people are also looking for love too.

    in the same away you believe in love this monirity in the society as well

  39. Marquis Says:

    Markus you are a complete and utter cock sucking faggot! You have a god like complex that you need to get over. You have a dating website some people date differently some of my best relationships were with women 15 years my senior and I slowly with them on the first date. You don’t know what you’re doing and should let someone with more game run this website. You could fuck up a wet dream and I wish you’d walk past me in public so I could fuck you up. That is all.

  40. Marquis Says:

    And let me emphasis that bitch of a woman in your pictures probably doesn’t even enjoy being with you for mora than your money you dumb shot you’re ugly as fuck with your ass chin! I must admit you have made t very easy for me to fuck many many women and I WILL ALWAYS use your website to prey on weak sluts because every woman on there has a character flaw which is why men that meet her in public do nt like her.

  41. walt Says:


  42. Christopher Says:

    Hello I’m Christopher. I can’t c any pics of the people on this site.Why is this happening? Please fix.

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  44. Phillip Says:

    i have had my profile hacked…had the picture & password changed… seem to have the worst security system…..

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  46. lel1974 Says:

    I joined the site today and within 5 minutes of me paying for the app on my phone i can no longer get into the site. Why is this?

  47. Valerie Williams Says:

    Why have I emailed the help center several times in the last few weeks without a reply? You can’t answer my question, but was quick to take my money.

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  54. Lisa Says:

    i would like to be able 2 get into plenty of fish again please? i am so sorry if i have caused any problems in the past,it was the only site i could truly find another & not come across scammers like the other sites i have been please may i come back? i do promise not 2 say anything wrong,i really miss being on there & think about it everyday & hope i can be back there again,i have met plenty b4 & would like to again.thank u,Lisa Nelson

  55. Dean Powell Says:

    Aloha Marcus
    I live in Hawaii and was a Happy member of Pof for about two years……my Pof sign in name was Boardrider2012……I one day just tried to sign in…..and couldnt…..tried to reset password….couldnt…….

    I have always been polite in my messaging. Never sent anything disrespectful.
    I tried to call your company and send email to support……no answer…..

    I am upset at my treatment and feel discriminated against……..also feel like suing your company for this and having my personal information…….Its very uncool….

    I have Read posts with people in same sitúation…….i know you are a giant company and are a básically Free site….But you still must be responsible and Fair….
    And have a way to contact your company and get a response…..

    Please call me at 808-723-9023 or email me at

    Thank you……
    Dean Powell. Also on Facebook

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  58. nima Says:

    unlock my account or I will go on social media and vent I have twitter face book , instigram, take your pick i did not do a single thing wrong yet you keep blocking my account I will seek legal action is this discrimination?

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  64. Daniel Bavasso Says:

    Hey Marcus, I would rather sue you for your lousy customer service..It is disgraceful the way you treat people. I am a paying subscriber who cant even login to your site..So what is the problem? I will never know because there is no one to call… Give me a call at 401-322-1381 and we can discuss this Man to Man.

  65. slim westcott Says:

    I’m thinking of suing for ageism and lookism. Some girl in charge at this site decided she didn’t like my face, and dropped my account. When I asked why, she wrote to me telling me she didn’t have to tell me why, and has since apparently marked my pix and eliminated me every time I tried to rejoin. If this is the kind of creepy person you hire, no wonder so many people think your site is vicious and bigoted.

  66. DIAMOND Says:


    to whom this may concern i’ve been trying to get in touch with someone in your office to assist me i was told y your internet tech supports that someone copy an double mt pof account an now im not able to get in in ..i need hellp it has my personal info & pic..i will get me a lawyer if some one from your office don’t call me…ASAP…




  67. jd Says:

    hello im jd my account has been deleted 4 times in 3 days each time i started another account with the same user name so i know it has been deleted. i do not know why i keep getting deleted, i have not been the least bit disrespectful, no nudity, no sexual remarks today i got deleted and all i did was say hi to under 20 women and possitively remarked on there profiles. I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG WHY AM I BEING DELETED. please respond to

    • DIAMOND Says:

      but why my info is on someone else page i want all my info & pics back…asap…or im sueding for stolen IDENTITY

  68. DIAMOND Says:

    why my info is on someone else page I want all my info & pics back…asap…or i’m sueding for stolen IDENTITY my pics are gone all my personal info.. I need to know how could this happen

  69. slim westcott Says:

    I’d like to join any lawsuit against POF. I’ve been deleted without being told why, and when I pressed for an answer, I was told” we don’t have to give you a reason”. This is exactly a civil rights violation because I’m being punished without being accused of anything. I suspect sexual discrimination as well as lookism and likely racism.


      DIAMOND why my info is on someone else page I want all my info & pics back…asap…or i’m sueding for stolen IDENTITY my pics are gone all my personal info.. I need to know how could this happen

  70. Khloe valentine Says:

    This website is a job I should sue for discrimination for me being transgender and alll profiles I make they take Dow rather it’s M4M or W4M I don’t appreciate this what so ever I be met a gentleman that was from now they we are separated I’d like another profile that you refuse to let me have my biggest question is how do you get by with this?!

  71. DIAMOND Says:

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