POF passes 100M weekly messages, 2 Billion Pageviews/Week

Messages Exchanged by POF users have grown 67%  since Jan 1st to 100 Million last week.       Pageviews are around 2 Billion per week,  putting us over 100 Billion Pageviews a Year.

This graph only includes messages exchanged via the site and excludes chat messages.

Scaling is not very fun these days.

178 Responses to “POF passes 100M weekly messages, 2 Billion Pageviews/Week”

  1. wildfiction Says:

    I remember reading that you POF ran on a single, but very large, server. However, it’s been a few years since I read that. What is the current server architecture that you use? Do you have a cluster of servers behind a load balancer with a replicated database?

    • isellstuff Says:

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I remember the post where you described your architecture. How has it evolved?

    • Cheryl Bearer Says:

      I am trying to contact someone, I think it’s crap what you have to go through to contact someone on pof. I can’t log in. when I give my email it says email not found than when I try to sign up with my email it says this email is already registered. wtf, please email me at boscoe815@yahoo.com Thank you. user name cbearer

    • Cheryl Bearer Says:

      I still cant get on pof

  2. Bibiana Says:

    “Messages Exchanged by POF users have grown 67% since Jan 1st to 100 Million last week. ”
    How many ACTIVE users does POF have? 4 million? That means 25 messages sent on average per user per week.
    Can they use copy & paste or is it disabled?

  3. c Says:

    I need to contact someone at POF. I have sent numerous emails through your website for the last month and a half and have had no replies whatsoever.

    • mastro1111 Says:

      i agree but no one awnsers they operate under “we don’t give a shit” i’v bin on and off 5 yrs and women can be mean but if your male and a woman complains your out and they won’t reply

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  7. itchymitch Says:

    Marcus, I would simply like to just cancel my account, and also would like you to stop charging my bank account. If you could do that for me, that would be great.

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  9. Stu Says:

    Is not going to rise for much longer because they keep taking free features away

  10. Van Says:

    Is there a recent issue with accounts closed by system due to inactivity. Newer account was closed within weeks. Logged in daily. Was looking for a site other than a competitors.

  11. Mas Says:

    Sorry to put that there but I think I would give it a go.

    I am an internet entrepreneur like you and I use POF a lot.

    I would love to pay for the premium functions but let’s be honest, if you appear as a “premium members” you look like a loser… I see a lot of girls that were upgraded for free & they want to remove it…

    Would it be possible to be a premium but without being seen as a premium member?

  12. Quora Says:

    How did PlentyofFish grow so fast?…

    This graph is crazy: (https://plentyoffish.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/pof-passes-100m-weekly-messages-2-billion-pageviewsweek/)…

  13. Chris Says:

    I wonder about your server/database setup🙂 .. and yes on my dating sites I allow the choice to be seen as premium or not as many people think that by being premium they will be seen as more desperate than a “casual free user”

  14. peipie Says:

    I wonder how many messages were sent from guys vs girls? Now that info would be very insightful.

  15. Viola Says:

    this site is going to make more views than facebook

  16. Viola Says:

    Here is instruction if you are addicted and want to quit face book

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  18. john Says:

    i cant find a email to make a complaint but this girl is a prostitute using your site to find men for money then once they get their her boyfriend robs them!!!!!! it even says so in her profile go through her inbox and see for yourself TRASHH


    username ravenhott

  19. jerry Says:

    i’m a pof user , but i’m concerned about it’s security , it’s non auth profiles … easy scrapable and ddosable .. have you thought about these things?

  20. marcusbestsupporter Says:

    Disappointed after all of the PR. Promotions I did for you, when you gave me the choice for a upgraded page, and I put Platinum and then I promoted the heck out of you … then I got demoted in the last few weeks????

    Not thrilled ??? After all these years???

    Why now … ???

    I read everyone’s concerns here, and you did not even reply to one?

    When did you give up on the people who supported, promoted and made you number #1 ??? You use to reply to my emails?

    I am saddened by this … none reply??? In addition, I am saddened that you have walked away and treated your POF members the same way …….. THE SOCIAL NETWORK … FACEBOOK … Treated his friends that made him famous …….


  21. marcusbestsupporter Says:


  22. Rencontre Says:

    Well done for the massive increase in messages exchanges.

  23. PRIVAT Patrick Says:

    I need help plz :

    Hello I have just seen that I was to output on my bank account :

    ACHAT CB plentyoffish.c 05.07.12
    USD 35,40 CARTE NO 269
    1USD= 0,809604EUR -28,66

    Out I did not make a payment nor of purchase, and in my account pof section subscription I had to click well not to renew my taking away/subscription, therefore I ask so that you rectify this and with being to refund of this taking away which ace not did not accept my agreement

    PRIVAT patrick

    • mastro1111 Says:

      don’t tell me you fell for their pay to upgrade? my man..lol its a stupid site i bet u never meet 10% of the women on there i got booted off cause i take no shit from women and this markus or email they will never reply

  24. John Says:

    Well done with great number of page views and message exchanges.

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    […] Plentyoffish, I mean POF, POF passes 100M weekly messages, 2 Billion Pageviews/Week. That is just insane. Whats more, they have no idea what’s driving this traffic bump. Read More… […]

  26. Michelle Says:

    Im just letting you know that plenty of fish is down… Ive tried the Contact us feature but no one is answering. I made a profile on sunday and its been deleted 3 times.. now im trying to make it again and it wont let me… please help someoneeeeeeee

  27. Manali Packages Says:

    Even like this could be a amazing screen notion. It may be fairly engaging indeed. Thank you for your facts. I definitely like to research ll details.

  28. plentyofsharks1 Says:

    In the palm of your hands!

    I thought I was so cool staying off Facebook! At least THEY don’t ask “personal questions” and actually get users to answer them … and pay for “decorations” and gifts … to send to THEMSELVES … and the guy who is taking their money!

    You rock, Markus!

    And please stop bumping me off POF!

    Death to mastro1111 !! How dare he insult your loyal paying users?!

    • mastro1111 Says:

      is that the best u got ? ru 12 yrs old? f.b is social network p.o.f is a dating site paying user? u gotta be stupid..lmao

      • plentyofsharks1 Says:

        I stand … sit … in awe …. and HATRED!

        I’ve seen that POF sux before. Many have come before me!

        I’m intimidated by the blogosphere here. I’ll hang awhile back You-know-Where. If that’s okay with You.

        Wow. Thank you. I guess He doesn’t need to sleep!

        Are the majority of anti-POF bloggers serious or … ? It’s hard to tell about some!

        I see at the bottom of my screen: “Only secure content is displayed. What’s the risk?” Lol.

        fb doesn’t ask nosey questions about people’s sex lives either. Do they? I’m afraid when I’m there. I’m afraid when I’m here. I’m kinda leaning away from my computer as I type. 🙂

        Let’s see what heads are rolling in Volusia County. In haven’t stopped laughing since the first minute I realized what’s you’ve got here. And then it gets worse! For us!

  29. Jenny Weson Says:

    prefer shopping for designer shoes at Enviius.com anyway..

  30. isle of man forum and chat Says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  31. Candice Says:

    Nice post. No wonder the sites getting slow. http://www.droidmsg.com has free messaging and dating service too.

  32. Dating Industry News 5-18-12 » Sexy New Hampshire Singles Says:

    […] passes 100M weekly messages, 2 Billion Pageviews/Week, via Plenty of fish blog. #jawdrops. POF is also the top dating site in Brazil now. Visits to dating sites in Brazil have […]

  33. Malinda Hanshaw Says:

    Is not going to rise for much longer because they keep taking free features away

  34. Louis Says:

    I was deleted for no reason at all😦 cant even contact them theres no way to contact to see the reason i was deleted

  35. Chuka Says:

    Awesome, Congratulations on these numbers, it once again shows that whatever One puts their minds to, with dedication and hardwork, they can be achieved, you guys have done very well

  36. Richard Deacons Says:

    Hey Marcus, your website Plenty of Fish will not let you sign up. You go through all the registration and then it wont let you log in. You might want to pay more attention to your site then your blog, yah know

  37. Nettan Says:

    It’s impossible to register on POF,I’ve tried many many times and get the message that my password is too east to guess…no way, just saying….very annoying!!😦

  38. robin Says:

    pof is a joke my account keeps getting deleted. when I email pof to get an answer I never get a response expect they will contact me in 48 hours which they never do and I hardly think this is going to help either robinwilliams65@hotmail.co,

  39. Robin Says:

    well you responded which was nice to bad your csr’s do not respond and the issue still is not resolved and I still can not access my account

  40. Robin Says:

    this is definitely a joke it is obvious even the ceo does not care that his customer service does not respond to issues not does the ceo responds to comments on his blogs this was so disappointing but Markus has got to much money now he does not need to worry about us non payers on POF

  41. TWEETYLOVER432 Says:


    • Robin Says:

      good luck pof does not care they make to much money with the other websites they own or sponsor I have the same problem

  42. senseofhumorwanted Says:

    Why am I unable to get into my profile ?

    • Robin Says:

      because pof is a joke they do not look after this site they are to busy with all the other sites they promote the owner does not even respond to this blog anymore from what I can tell

      • Daniel Bavasso Says:

        you can call 1-800-763-5007. I had to get that off my credit card statement..Other than that there is no way to contact POF..there Customer service does not exist…And I payed for this? I can`t even login..its a Joke.

  43. senseofhumorwanted Says:

    Do u have to upgrade in order to stop from being deleted I have been deleted more than once ?
    I don’t believe I did anything wrong

    • Robin Says:

      maybe that is how they force you to sign up never tried that but if that is the case that is pretty low ball I have had the same problem

  44. Angela Vaden Says:

    Hi..i use to be on pof but deleted my profile. I did go back and uploaded the pof for my phone and account. When trying to log in it tells me i am not a register member. I have tried several times today to create another profile but each user name comes up as invalid or someone else has that name really. This is so frusating. Can you please help.

    • Robin Says:

      it good to see woman have the same problem do not expect an answer from pof you will not get one from my experience sorry

  45. ron Says:

    i want to know why my accounts have been deactivated when i have done nothing wrong i have not even messaged anyone at all

    • Angela Vaden Says:

      I was on POF sometime last year and deleted profile. I had guts that wanted money and etc. So i deleted POF from my phone. Then thought i would give it another try. Now i cant download the POf and it wont allow me to log on with id and password. I would like to know if i did anything wrong?

      • HAPPY FOR LOVE Says:


  46. Markus@Sucks.com Says:

    Hey Markus Frind. Why don’t you suck my dick!

  47. Robert Neilly Says:

    It’s good that other businesses don’t practice like pof if you don’t like your customer just delete thier account. Just have no customer service hide behind your website don’t list any direct contact information, the company motto for POFshould be “if we don’t like you we delete you” no you don’t get a reason a second chance we don’t tell you why just poof. The pof rules of conduct or poof.

    • HAPPY FOR LOVE Says:

      we should all just ban this site shut i down why let them dictate us they are acting like hitler

  48. Kimberly Barker Says:

    Im one of your users on this site and my username got hacked. I had to start a new account and now one of my friends said it was scam account, I can’t believe that happen to me. I want something done about this. My old username was princessred19 im a red head not the one that has it now. I have had that username first and there better be actiion taking care of about this, This is my new username and i don’t like it princessred41

  49. searchforjules Says:

    I believe my account has been compromised! Please help me reset my info, it says my email address is invalid!! HELP!!

  50. searchforjules Says:

    PLEASE HELP!! I can’t get any help from customer care. I want to delete my account and it won’t let me! There is no way to contact anyone for help. I have emailed customercare@pof.com but my emails keep getting returned undeliverable. I want my photos and profile deleted from the website, please can someone help? My password doesn’t work and it tells me my email address is not in their database. But, my pictures are still on the website on a profile! I would appreciate some kind of help please!!!

    • HAPPY FOR LOVE Says:

      forget it there is nothing you can do this is a scam website you can email them 50 times a day and you will never get any help sorry its happened to me so many times

      • Rob Says:

        Pof doesn’t care a bit about the users they block who they want they don’t do anything about nudity or sick ride users you say hello the same wY to any times they block you. It’s a joke

  51. Victor Benis Says:

    Your company billed me without my authorization for $38.70! What’s appaling is when I your companies billing department I consistently am getting. a message stating the mailbox is Full! I would greatly appreciate a return call from 1 of your repesentatives. My name is Victor Benis, my user name is vicgoodman247 and I can be reached 732-688-1555. I would greatly appreciate a return call from 1 of your csr’s thank you and I look forward to your return response. My email is VLNHOME@OPTONLINE.NET

  52. unnsther Says:

    Dear Markus

    Thank you for your POF for people all round chance to say hello meet up and know each other and be friend

    But would like to asking for help from you some thing

    I have my Account Name: unsther

    by my E-mail : unsther2008@yahoo.com

    But now I can’T sign In to my profile, when I sign in I see ” your usename and password incorrect and when I send my e-mail to you, you say this e-mail not exit in our database this is meaning blocking from your pof team or not?

    about two or three days ago you was remind me that I do some mistake for send message but I was asking you That ” what is my mistake ” I would really like to know what my mistake but why you want to block my profile by no answer and not let me know what my mistake, please honest to small things and small people from the world

    you know not many small people as me know Pof and I was told me 1000 travel people to know this pof and I respect and happy to talking with people from your pof,

    Please honest and respectfull with each other as human

    many thank you


  53. Angela Vaden Says:

    I was on the website about a year ago and decided to delete my profile. I thought i would get back on. I am having the same problem. User name and password not on file. Please could you fix your website

    • frank Says:

      i’v bin deleted 20x’s i emailed markus and they never reply! ang don’t worry just make another email and screan name but i warn you they have your ip adress not your internet one the hard drive one

  54. frank Says:

    to the other people how can you pay to site that won’t answer . i’m gender neutral men and women can both be mean and even if u send a reply to someone and they report it your gone .. they do cater to women over men not a gender thing just a fact

  55. frank Says:

    i agree they should be shut down .. for privacy acts .. when they ask about your parents why does it matter to them if my dad passed or what child i am outta how many ..thats info you share one on one

  56. frank Says:

    i know there’s bots on the site to try to make you pay for upgrade so half the traffic is generated by pof its self

  57. wilma Says:

    this is a horrible site. I am trying to delete my profile and for the past 3 hrs it won’t let me. this is just a rotten site. It should not be that hard to un subscribe from a site. I have written POF over a few dozen times and they do not respond. HORRIBLE. DONT JOIN THIS SITE IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY. HORRIBLE ROTTEN SITE.

  58. pope Says:

    I have problems singing in with no help, my email is not in your system and i am very dissappointed.

  59. Luke Strickland Says:

    I have been searcing for a “Contact Us” button. This is the closest thing I can find. I’m having trouble logging on. I have been a member for several years. Suddenly everything stopped working. I was told that I had no account. I made a new account. The next day it was not working. Now when I try I’m told that every user name I try (I’ve tried 10) is already taken.

  60. frankie30hoo Says:

    Im having problems with my account. It wont let me log in at all. I have done nothing wrong, my pics are not nasty, no spam and it keep kicking me out. I made 3 profiles so far because after been log in for a few minutes kick me out and dont let me back in. when trying to log back it said that my email is not in the database. the reason I made 3 profiles was cause I keep loosing the previous one. No one from POF responde or try to fix this problem. I make some friends and now I lost communication with them. I know I have not done any violation of the policy to get this kind of treatment. can someone do something???

  61. cbearer Says:

    I dont know how to get ahold of anybody from plenty of fish. but i deleted my account because of some idiot and pof wont let me register for another account? somebody help please?

  62. cbearer Says:

    I have used different passwords, different user names, different emails and it wont let me recreate a pof profile. WHY?

  63. lawanda1962 Says:

    try to log in and it won’t let me tried to reset password and it tells me email not on file but you guys send me emails

  64. Jacob Chatterton Says:

    Yes my name is jacob chatteton n your pof upgrade lied to me I check the on for 6$ n now it charge d ne 80$ n I dont even want the account cuz im a dissablen thats the money I use to live threw the mount please help me get the money back please

    • chad roig Says:

      I just had something similar happen to my account. I signed up yesterday August 25, 2015 and on that same day pof aaked me for my debit card info so that i can get a 3 month trial period for $1.86 and they charged my account $181.86. Why i have no clue. And i can’t seem to get any answers grom the site. What should i do next? Someone please help. Chad Roig 504-314-8399 expimp1978 @gmail.com

  65. Sandra Says:

    Why is my profile being deleted? There was nothing wrong with it or explicit in it. Twice this has happened? Need some answer’s. Thank you. Sandra

  66. ray Says:

    why duz my account keep being deleted ,, i follow the rules ..when i syn in on my ipad .. with in 4 hours my account gets deleted

  67. Helmut Rempel Says:

    I really praying Markus you will please let me back on soon life has not been good since i was reported for my bad behaviour i dont wish to be rude to anyone and love everyone thanks.

  68. glen Says:

    Good God you have nothing but the oldest, fattest, ugliest women on this site.

    • Rob Says:

      Markus doesn’t care he’s made his money why should he care about pof they block who ever they like they have no customer service try eharmoney or match because pof is a freaking joke

  69. Femme Says:

    C’est impressionnant comme la courbe est en pleine croissance. Le secteur rencontre t-il une parité entre homme et femme ?

    • helmutrempel Says:

      markus has benn seen getting much to close with other gentlemen that are very youg. This is fact because I lived in Oliver bc where he has been manny manny times my best friends also have been his friend aswell they kiss and tell.

  70. Robert Nichols (803) 920-6321 Says:

    Every time I register to go onto POF with a user name and password I get in the first night. The next day I attempt to get back on POF and it states I’m not using the right password. So it tells me to put in my E-mail address that I used to register with then telling me that it isn’t in the POF system. I tried to get help from POF customer service but that is impossible to speak to anyone. I haven’t done anything wrong on the site. Please help. Robert

  71. mikelallen Says:

    DAMN MArkus WHY do you delte my profile WITHOUT EVEN A WARNING???/ Half the women are the ones who need to be DELETED!!!! You should at least GIVE A PERSON A WARNING FIRST,i mean how else are they gonna know that they did something wrong???? Markus you are a fag,anyway!!!!

  72. mikelallen Says:

    DAMN MArkus WHY do you delete my profile WITHOUT EVEN A WARNING??? Half the game playing women on pof are the ones who need to be DELETED!!!! You should at least GIVE A PERSON A WARNING FIRST,i mean how else are they gonna know that they did something wrong???? Markus you are a fag,anyway!!!! Your site SUCKS,and nobody on it but PHONY FAKES!!!!!

  73. straight man Says:

    Markus is a FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he deletes profiles who are straight!!!!!!!!!!!i

  74. iagreemarkusisafag Says:

    grow up markus and stop deleteing profiles without giving the user good reason for deleteing them!EVERYONE should be given a warning FIRST and also told WHAT they did wrong,before you go deleteing them!!!!! Markus you are a loser jerk!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 73gord Says:

    Hi Markus…. I see my profile has been deleted and I don’t understand why….. are you able to give me a reason…..yesterday I went to meet a lady for the first time and we didn’t find each other. I now have no way of contacting her to find out what happened. This was a huge inconvenience for me as it took a lot of time in my day to go and meet with her. When I got back home and tried to sign on is when I found my profile gone….. Reasons???????

  76. Mary Says:

    I see many are having the same issue I am. I create a profile (following all of the POF requirements) and a few days later I am unable to log in again. I’ve emailed POF 3 times asking why it’s being deleted when I’ve done nothing wrong and followed all of POFs rules. But, no answer. It’s very frustrating to go through all the effort to create a nice profile and begin communication with other users, then to have it stop working. I am beginning to wonder if someone is “reporting” my profile as being inappropriate (when it’s not) as a way to get back at me for some reason. POF please reply to your (paying) members.

  77. Gary Says:

    I have the same problem. I followed all the rules and had a few friends on here. One day I went to log in and it wouldn’t let me. Also said my email address wasn’t registered with them..It takes a lot of time to fill out all the info and then actually pick someone you might want to meet….Just to have done it for nothing….It really pisses me off….So POF, why is this happening to people that have done nothing wrong?

  78. MARKUStheFAGGOT Says:

    There is no doubt about it, Markus D is a mangina who bends over backwards to cater to his female users (money makers), fucks over his male users with his stupid automatic scripts that arbitrarily decide you are bad and delete you. Zero fucks given to any customer care. you would have to be an A grade loser to pay to your his site, is full of loser women anyways,whales and uglies, its a complete joke. POF sucks…

  79. sammy Says:

    Markus, I am having an annoying amount of problems. everytime i switch pages the website logs me out and then it deletes my account. i have remade my account 4 times and ive given up and i really like using this site.

  80. Derek Stark Says:

    Markus, I would like to know why my account for bottomguy29 is not working at all

    • Name Says:

      Markus is blocking men so he can have more women to himself he’s the player he’s screwing every male no reason just blocks you. It’s a bitchy bull shit game pof doesn’t like you you get blocked no one listens no one cares any one complains about you and you get blocked. Go to a real dating site like match or eharmony it’s obvious pof is just a dumb ass site for idiots.

  81. Vilas B.Desai Says:

    I have registered three or four times , but still I don’t know how my account become unrecognized. I registered 3-4 times also added pof email on my address book, but then my account becomes in active and my e-mail address becomes unrecognized How is that?

  82. 123meimei Says:

    I paid money to upgrade on August 31. But couldn’t login anymore from September 1th. No reason…… You didn’t help me to solve the problem. I emailed you a lot.

    • frank Says:

      don’t pay for pof .. lol you know they have no contact number and they will kick you off for any stupid excuse
      its a rip off always has bin
      i’v had to create over 20 profiles and never told me why it was deleted

  83. paul biggs pauliethefirst Says:

    hii, where is my account please

  84. Edward Says:

    i would like to know why pof is not recognizing my emails ? i have been on your site for a long time and i’m looking for that good woman. but for some reason my account keeps either getting deleted or it’s not recognizing my email.i redid my profile over and registered and i wrote to a couple different women and logged off and when i went to signe in again it wouldn’t let me. i tried clicking on forgot password but the email i left said it wasn’t in your database.i would like to know why

  85. len baker Says:

    why did my account get deleted

  86. Katie Says:

    My user name is katifoo and My profile has been hacked. They have changed my email and password on my account. How do I get this fixed?

  87. Mr Csaba Vincze Says:

    Dear Marcus! You deleted my site on POF. Why? If you do some action on anydoby’s POF page, you have to explain the reason. And before you do anything, first just send a letter, that do not do this or this. If I continue the bad attitude, you can delete my page. Anyway, I did not do any wrong, so I want my page back, because I loose my important contact. Your attitude is the problem, not mine. Momentally I have a very bad impression about POF.


  88. Tazzmanfire Says:

    I have been deleted 2 times in a row. I have not violated any of the rules which several women have, many woman using the site for solisiting money. Why am i deleted and they get to stay please help me to understand. women get mad for stupid reasons and have been causing us men problems for years. Why was I Deleted and was it proven or justified. .

  89. Gary Says:

    I have been deleted 3 times for no reason. It would be nice if there was a way to contact POF and find out why I was deleted…..

  90. april Says:

    How do I get pof to stop sending me “wants to meet me” emails. They changed the formant and unless I upgrade which I will never do, I can not view them. I want them to stop!!!

  91. Barbara Says:

    I register i put my email and password now trying to log in using password i put in it says it’s not right when i put email address so you can send me right password you tell me i’m not in data base but i receive “want to meet me messages” from you how come this is happening how can i fix something if i can’t use my email

    • Eddie Says:

      Barbara i have been going through the same problem i had to make my account twice and go through that bs personality test witch is a pain. this happend to me before

  92. matyri Says:

    pof ? they delete your profil without any reason and automatically if you recreate a new one, it will be deleted…plus its full of fake profiles and racist and ignorant people.

  93. Jennifer Hopkins Says:

    Someone hacked my profile and I can’t message anyone how do I fix this problem?

  94. kelly Says:

    There’s a lot of complaints about pof forgetting your email and username. I know what my user name and password are, but can’t log in. This site will go down the drain if this problem isn’t fixed. And all the possibilities of finding a partner are gone.

    • Gary Says:

      I have had to make several profiles because pof keeps deleting the ones I create. I caan use them maybe once and then it is deleted. That is very annoying so, I just quit using pof…

  95. Rohit Says:

    help required. My account username is shrivastav25 but the case here is I have paid the payment thru Paypal and it got succeed initially but due to internal Paypal issued the payment got reversed. now i want to pay the amount for POF subscription but i don’t know how to do it. POF immediately terminated my account and have not given a second chance to pay it … i need my account to be activated again so that i can pay and again get back the same status which i was having earlier. help me to activate my account and be part of POF

  96. Simon Melendez Says:

    Hi Markus: I have been unable to be on POF for more than a day at a time. Did I do something wrong? How do I restore the opportunity to be on your website again.
    About a year ago, I saw someone on the site that was two different people with the same picture. I thought there was a scam afoot, and I let whomever was wanting to meet me via two different names was suspicious. After this, I have been unable to continue on POF without being blocked, and having to start the whole process over again.
    I hope I can have a profile with you again that is not blocked. Sincerely: Simon Melendez

  97. david matthews Says:

    im gonna delete my profile and so r my friends cause its suppose to b a free site and everday we are getting less and less for free,i cant even see who viewed my profile anymore without paying and i have been on here for years hope it changes soon or im moving to a differnt site.

  98. Jim Says:

    Good Morning Markus,

    I have sent several messages to customerfpof.com

    I have not received any reply……..

    E-mail me at nightpasun@aol.com



    • Matthew gillis Says:

      They accept money and cut off service! I’m thinking the reason that we have no available course to dispute is because this is normal practice for them!

  99. Ralph Herman Says:

    Why is the site so messed up messages not delivered or recieved?
    email me at hermanrallph@gmail.com

  100. Lenny Says:

    Your site is a joke….or some fool you have working for you is….i just tried your site yesterday ….without talking to anyone or making ng any comments …my profile was delleted 3times….what a joke ….lets see how you feel when i blog and tweet about this joke of a site…

  101. Troy D. Says:

    This is a horrible scam site. They auto renew without any notification and have ZERO customer service.

    • Eddie Says:

      why cant i log into my account ? and the site wont even recognize my email address. whats the deal ????? i lost people i was in contact with.i’ll be damned if i have to keep making accounts and losing them. i am not going through that bs personality test again. whats the purpose of that anyway.

      • Matthew Says:

        They accept money and cut off service! I’m thinking the reason that we have no available course to dispute is because this is normal practice for them!

  102. Matthew Says:

    I paid for an upgraded service and put up 4 perfectly normal pictures! Wearing a shirt, showing my face, no brand names! No vulgarity! my account was deleted! I was respectful to anyone I spoke with and was having a good time! Now as much as I search, there’s no way to dispute! Am I to believe this is normal for you, To accept money and turn off service? I’ve saved the pictures and emails! After my warning! Not sure what will happen with it! But I’ll be sharing my experience!

  103. chad Says:

    I just opened my pof account yesterday August 25, 2015. I only upgraded to the 3 month extension and it only was supposed r to be charged $1.82. I juat checked my debit account and pof charged me 81.00. I need to be redunded the money to my account. Please have someone contact me about this peoblem. Chad Roig 504-314-8399 chadroig1978@gmail.com

  104. chad roig Says:

    I recently opened my pof account and was charged $81.86 dor isk what. Itvqas supposed ro be a $1.86 charge for 3 months. Please have someone contact me asap on rhis matter. Chad Roig 504-314-8399 expimp1978 @gmail.com

  105. becky long Says:

    I definitely want to upgrade but I can not pay 2mos until the 3rd of September. I can pay 1 mo. now but POF would not Accept that. I don’t want to be cancelled because so far what I have seen I really like this site . My niece meet her boy friend on this site and are planning to get married.So in Sept. one week from today I can pay for 2 mos.Thank you for Understanding.

  106. Carolyn Chapman Says:

    I really like your site a pof and I really would like to get back on but a scammer removed my name and replaced my profile with a different picture! Is there a way I can get back on? Do I have to change my email address?

  107. Emerson Says:

    My account has for some reason disappeared. I have never done anything or posted paicture outside the POF rules and regulations. It is just gone. No log in access and is I search me name it doesn’t come up. I cannot get a response from POF via their customer cares email…….any help out there?

  108. mjs_777@hotmail.com Says:

    Greetings, please help. I signed up to your Plentyoffish website and have not been on too long and now it says “That email address does not exist or is not in our database.”. Just wanted to see if your website can help me find love again. Thank you, Martin Sass



  109. Graham Says:

    every time I try to sign up ether my user name is all ready in use or the security code wont register whats going on ?

  110. Kev Says:

    It’s crap..three times i have tried to join, and each time when logging in again my account is not there, feel sorry for the people that join and upgrade…scam

  111. Terry Wallace Says:

    Dear Markus my name is Terry from Carlisle, Pa. and user name is Northstar101 and like to know why I am being denied or block from login on to your web site?? I did nothing wrong or been rude to anyone. I have not say anything about sex and I been reporting to you about what going on your site about women on here asking for money for sex and have the texts from them on my phone and not once do I approve of this and reported it to you. I even rate pictures that shouldn’t be on here… but I get knock off because some one lying about me or what??? because I did nothing and I mean nothing wrong at all. I like you to contact me and tell me why I am not allowed on your site. Thank you and hope to hear back from you soon in regards to this matter.


    • Emerson Lowry Says:

      Hey terry……good luck getting a response from this site. My profile was deleted twice for no reason whatsoever. My suggestion is change your email address so it’s not the one that has been flagged. Create your profile again. Their customer service sucks.

      • hazel japhet Says:

        Hi emmerson ive created a new email address and it STILL deleates me um so anoyed ive met some guys on there and now they have ALL GONE😠😠😠😠😠😠

  112. Roy Says:

    POF SUCKS as they let women stay on for YEARS as they aren’t on here to meet anyone … Most are on here just to build their self esteem … But LOW AND BEHOLD WHEN A WOMAN COMPLAINS THEY JUMP RIGHT ON IT EVEN IF WHAT IS SAID TO THEM IS CORRECT AND RIGHT ON POINT

    • Carolyn Chapman Says:

      I do believe there is a problem on all sites, but POF does no have anything or any number to call when there is a problem…unless they have changed that. I would get back on but I will get refused because the scammers used my email address to get their way online at POF.

  113. rachelle hawken Says:

    I cant log into account it refuses my password
    when I reset password it says email not in database
    I was suppose to have a date last night but I missed it because your site is screwing up
    POF ID Rachelle1961
    email witchybama13@yahoo.com

    • Elowry Says:

      Hey Rachelle. Same stuff happened to me along time ago. POF will never answer you. I searched your username. Nothing comes up you have probably been deleted the same way I was. I had to change my email address and re-create the whole profile. Good luck

  114. Chris hester Says:

    Twice my account has been deleted & I have never used vulgar language or threatening messages. Could you try to find why this keeps happening??

  115. Jeanne theisen Says:

    I have deleted my account several times but a jerk that goes by 57rocks will not leave me alone! He is so weird and uses foul language! Why won’t my account delete! You need him to leave me alone! Delete my account! I want no more emails! 57rocks needs kicked off

  116. Neil Says:

    Somebody must have used my email address when they signed up for POF. Now, I get all his mail, sometimes dozens of messages in a day. The worst part is that POF wont let me unsubscribe without knowing that guys password. Why???!!!!!

  117. Neil Says:

    POF spammed me 35 times in the past two hours. They have no email address for support or unsubscribe requests. Please MAKE IT STOP!!!!

  118. Neil Says:

    Does anybody from POF read these posts? There is no way to contact those spammers.

  119. meka Says:

    I made a account but it keep telling me my password is wrong they said they was going to send a link to my email I haven’t got one yet I made another account still saying same thing I made babygirlmeka and boothangmeka I used same password and can’t get on either I’m not happy I either want to get one or delete both thank you

  120. Carolyn Chapman Says:


  121. sue Says:

    I believe I was deleted and dont know why ? This is crazy … No nudes just a very straight forward profile … funny how men ca say as they wish but when we do we get deleted

  122. Brian Drucker Says:

    Dear pof, I like your website, and I would like to give a suggestion. It would be helpful to me, in my searching, if Christians chose 1 of 3 categories. 1 Catholic 2 Protestant 3 Pentecostal. Also, for all faiths, it would be helpful if people rated how important their faith is to them: 1 Very important 2 Somewhat important 3 Unimportant. Thank you for considering these changes. If you have any questions, my phone number is 661-557-6008. Brian

  123. Tom Says:

    POF deleted my profile without any reason.
    And you can’t contact them to find out why, they don’t even send you a email.

  124. hazel japhet Says:

    I joined pof because realley like id but pof keep deleating my profile with NO explnation. Every time i try open up an account Pof deleat it after 3 days why??? Ive got a face pic up as my profile pic, havent breached there terms and conditions but still they deleate me. There are people on there who has NO face pic as there profile and some women are even flashing there tits but still YOU deleate me!!! Ive used the report user button which UOU HAVE TOLD US TO DO for users who were abusive AND had no face up but instead YOU deleate me!!!!! As for so called ” customer care” you all NEVER reply to my OR other users emails or reqiests. Ive even emailed markus to contact me about this but he Never doae, doae he actualy exsist or is he to yet another of pof’s scam! Ove read sooooo many user complaints about this site and how you too have done the excact same thing to other people, why are you doing this???? Insteas of treating ys propley you deleate us for no reason im sick of it AND will be reporting this to the tradeing standards or to the relevant people. I choose to join pof as i really like it but you keep deleating my profile. Ive lost ALL contact with the guys i was talking to on there thanks to YOU! How do you expect people to “meet guys and fall in love etc” if you keep deleating them. I urge SOME ONE, to get back to me to explain what excactly u have done wrong. My user names were Legsdiamind69, LegzDiamond, dolimixture68, and Dolimixture69 and YOU have deleated ALL of them.

  125. Case085 Says:

    Dear Mr. Frind

    I have contacted POF and have not gotten any reply back because my account got hacked. My sn is case085. Please get one of your employees to contact me to delete or get a new password.

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