POF takes 67% of mobile dating market share.

Comscore has a new report out that tracks companies mobile APPS. Evidently POF has 67.5% of time spent on all dating apps and 50% market share in terms of daily visitors for the month of November 2012 in the United States.


We’ve been keeping a pretty low profile the last year, most of the time and effort has gone into scaling the site. Our users are now exchanging up to 30 million messages a day on the site and that causes a lot of problems.   In the past 12 months we’ve replaced every database server, every web server,   every storage device, and every piece of networking equipment.     This month we will be building out our CUDA cluster to have 147,000 GPU cores to allow us to better predict who you will date.

21 Responses to “POF takes 67% of mobile dating market share.”

  1. Klas-Henrik Adergaard Says:

    It actually sounds like you’re doing something wrong if you need that many GPU cores (?? you probably mean CPU cores) to handle even the kind of traffic you are seeing.

    WordPress.com is more popular that POF and from what I understand they keep a quite modest shop over there in comparison handling the same or more traffic than you.

    Still on the MS platform are you?

    Nevertheless, it’s interesting to follow your progress. Congrats on the success.

  2. Markus Says:

    They don’t build neural networks or prediction algorithms.

  3. himagain Says:

    Of course, I have no idea what the above technical points are about, but I hope one day to have a workable system that will handle a trifling 10,000 visitors per day!

    Never have had a Server stay up under a fraction of that.

    Mind you, I’m still trying to find out/figure out – how Markus ran his trifling early day visitors like my hoped for lousy 10 thousand – on his home machine AND using MS!

    What an idea from Klas!
    How DO they run zillions of freebie blogs and not fall down?
    How many Servers do they have?
    How many admin bodies?
    How many accounts on each?

    Maybe I should be on WPress.com to handle the traffic????

    Happy new Solstice to you all!

  4. philg Says:

    Can you share any tech details? Number of servers/CPUs? SSDs? Bandwidth? CDNs? Caching? Any thoughts on “going to the cloud” vs. hosting your own servers?


  5. Emmily Says:

    Hi I am super frustrated… I met the love of my life on your site and only found out about the $100,000 contest yesterday night. I was up until 1am trying to submit our story only to realize I needed to edit it down. I just sat down to finish the process because the rules say I have until 12:00 pm Pacific Standard time which would be 1 am my time here in Idaho and the button to submit our story is no longer on the contest page. I cannot find another email address to find someone to explain what is going on so I am replying to this forum.

    If someone could please contact me I would really appreciate it. My email address is emmilyp9@gmail.com

    Thanks Emmily

  6. Wendy K Says:

    Marcus, hello and thanks for reading this. It amazes me that you can still offer this service for free. I would pay $15.99 per month for basic membership and I’m in the southeast region.

    My question is how do I navigate to the settings to “turn off” email notifications when someone messages me or chooses that they want to meet? My email inbox is inundated and I just joined yesterday. I’m using the mobile app for the iPhone and I went into the notification settins for the POF app and turned them off. Didn’t work. What do I do? I also made note of the fact that I couldn’t choose the age range of the guys I would be interested in so I’m getting communications from guys way too old, or that live too far away. HELP!

  7. Wendy K Says:

    Found the page that allowed for push notifications and settings to be changed. It was a link I found in rhe body of an email I received from POF. Thanks.

  8. John Wiseman Says:

    Hi Markus, let me say first that I like your web-site very much. As a paying member I have started three relationships through the site, one of which was a truly excellent match. What you are doing really works!

    But I have a problem. When my subscription ran out, I tried to re-new it via a paypal payment. This did not work, but the money was taken out of my bank account. I then paid again by debit card. This worked. When I e-mailed pof about the paypal payment, they stated that they had no record of it. I assured them that this was incorrect, and that I was going to get a refund from paypal. I was not rude. Subsequently, my paid for upgraded account was deleted. Because I made a valid complaint. E-mails regarding the matter have been ignored now that I am not a paying member. I would appreciate your help in this matter, as I said I really like the site but this has really left a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks.

  9. himagain Says:

    For years I’ve kept telling people that simple accounting says that hardly anyone makes a living from the Internet including monsters like FaceBook and other giants, because of their ever-escalating overheads, which in the main consist of the same problem as USA “Inc”, it’s the paying off the unbelievable debts they run up coupled with their NASA-Maharaja type running costs.
    Markus got it right “by doing everything wrong”.🙂
    NOW look at this!
    Thu Jan 24 2013 15:20:05 GMT+1000
    Facebook’s Business Model Is A Dead End – Business Insider
    KEY REMARKS: Himagain: (Told ya so…)
    According to the strict rules little businesses (non-billion dollar ones) face, this company is bankrupt and thus trading illegally in some countries’ rules…. a jailable offence where I come from)
    Facebook brings in money but so far not enough offset accounting losses, but its business model doesn’t seem to justify its high valuation, since it hasn’t demonstrated a viable revenue growth strategy. After tax expenses, it has reported losses on a GAAP accounting basis since its IPO, the standard for financial reporting. Now the worst seems to be happening. It is losing users to competition and technology is ahead of it to block its so-called strategies for bringing in new revenue.

    Disclosure: I’ve bought and monetized puts on Facebook since they became exchange-traded shortly after the IPO. (“Investors Bet on Facebook Fall,” Kaitlyn Kiernan and Jonathan Cheng, Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2012.) I’m currently long other puts on Facebook.

    Read more posts on Tavakoli Structured Finance »


  10. Sean Says:

    Hey Marcus, and off the topic post here.. But please check out this profile on POF: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=50324819

    The profile contains racist attitude in that person’s description.

  11. hellomarcoliver Says:

    How come badoo is not on the list?

    • himagain Says:

      Hi Marcoliver,
      Because I and thus most of the world, have never heard of Badoo ! :-}
      I followed it up after reading your post and was amazed at its (purported) size.

      (Disclaimer: Never having needed a dating service in my life, I’m only aware by publicity of them)
      P.S. They have over 200 fulltime employees – wonder if they make a buck there?

  12. liebepur Says:

    POF-Gründer Markus Frind sieht sich als Moralist

    POF, vorher als „Plenty of Fish“ bekannt, hat nach Presseberichten eine E-Mail an die Mitglieder verschickt, in dem er sich über die Hook-Up-Kultur beklagt, die nun offenbar auch POF zu schaffen macht. Interessant ist die von Frind angeblich gefundene…

  13. Steven Says:

    Markus, i need your help… it would let get passed the register point and if i do get passed when i am actually able to get make one.. if log out come back later it said that my email not in ur datebase. Please really would like make account on ur site. Your site is best i have found for finding a Woman. Steven

    • steven Says:

      Markus this is steven. i think might have something to with ip address.. it wont me create account at all.. my roommate cant even set one up.. and find away to contact any of Customer Support Centre ppl.
      thanks Steven

  14. websitestarterr Says:

    Reblogged this on Start Online Business To Earn Money.

  15. Rob Says:

    How ever being that pof is free it dictates like a communists country or hitler who is allowed to stay or be blocked from the web site. Any of the other dating sites match eharm etc for a fee you get to be a TRUE member.. On pof if you say hello the same way you get kicked off no explanation no warning just poof. So really is pof all that great ?

  16. Thedatingreport.net Says:

    How are the revenues for mobile? I heard it was pretty tough to make $$$ on ad revenue compared to desktop and laptop computers since the digital real estate is much smaller etc. Have you guys figured it out yet?

  17. mia fia Says:

    Several complaints about you…

    Many years ago you said on your site that you would never ask for a membership fee. Subsequently, you created an upgraded membership and it’s fee based,…SO YOU LIED.

    You used to have an instant message feature. You eliminated the feature and previously said on your site that since you eliminated it, you have more members and fewer jerks. What is that supposed to mean? Does it mean that if someone isn’t a jerk, that they’re more likely to join……..and if they ARE a jerk ( and you don’t define what you mean by a jerk) that they’re more likely to NOT join, or get off the site if they were already a member….ALL BECAUSE THE INSTANT MESSAGE FEATURE WAS ELIMINATED? Do you think people are so stupid to believe this?

    And you NOW say on your site that you’re “reinventing” this feature. So you’re going to be bringing it back again? Are you really going to do it or is this another lie? Besides, if NOT having the feature causes more members and fewer jerks, why would you even consider bringing it back?

    When a member complained about another member, you would accept their complaints as ultimate truth and have the member being complained about thrown off your site, without giving them a chance to defend themselves. You completely ignore the possibilities that there could be other factors not mentioned in the complaint, that would exonerate the person being complained about from any wrongdoing, OR the person making the complaint could be lying through their teeth.

    You provide each member with a list of other members that are supposedly interested in meeting them. This is supposed to mean that each member noted on that list used the “MEET ME” feature and indicated that they wanted to meet. The fact is that most, if not all of the members noted on the list NEVER INDICATED THAT THEY WANTED TO MEET. For the member recipients of these lists, who don’t know how inaccurate it is, ..do you know how awkward and embarrassing it is for them when they contact the members on their lists and are told they don’t know what they’re talking about? WHY DO YOU DO THIS? WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

    And since you won’t be replying to this, all I can do is assume what your reply would be if you made one. I would think you would say something like…. it’s your dating site and you can do whatever you want to. Yes Markus, that’s right, it is your site and you can do whatever you like.

    You can:

    Lie to people about what you’re not going to charge them for…. and charge them anyway.

    Eliminate features, and try to justify it with some fictitious cause and effect relationship, and act as if people are stupid enough to believe you.

    Kick people off the site even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

    Tell members that other members are interested in meeting them, when these other members never indicated that they were.

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