Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott blocks our Acquisition of true.com


Who in their right mind is going to buy a dating site with 43 million members  if  you are not allowed access to those members ?   Or for that matter anything that may be defined as personal identifiable information.      This would be like buying twitter but you don’t get access to twitters users unless they agree to the sale.


“True Beginnings sought permission from the bankruptcy court to sell its assets — including the membership database and all information provided by True.com’s customers — to a Canadian-based online dating service. In the court filing objecting to the membership database sale, Abbott argues that the bankruptcy trustee must first give True.com’s members an opportunity to object to the sale of their personal information. True Beginnings has stated that it merely intends to notify members via email that their personal information has been sold.

However, the proposed email notice does not ask customers to first approve the transfer of their sensitive data. Under the current transfer process, to which the Attorney General objects, data will be transferred unless the customer takes direct steps to opt-out. The Attorney General seeks approval for customers to be allowed to opt-in by having them express approval for the transfer of their personal information.”

20 Responses to “Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott blocks our Acquisition of true.com”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    “During the sign-up process, True.com customers were told their personal information could not be transferred without their consent.”
    Are there any legal precedents that define consent with an opt-out email?
    I would have thought a sufficient email to the members would just give them the option to opt-out, within a reasonable timeframe, otherwise they agree to the new rules and their info will be transferred.
    Obviously this is preferred, as the vast majority of people will not respond either way the email is written.
    This should be done by true as a required condition of sale so they can give you the correct numbers.
    Don’t know how far through the sale process you were when this happened or what your sale contract says.
    Best of luck with your vertical integration plans Markus!

    • Jeremy Says:

      After a quick Google search there are numerous legal precedents for allowing an opt out mechanism with silence as consent.

      True members gave their info because they want to use the service. That isn’t going to change for practically all of them because the owner changed.

      An opt-in email the AG is proposing is absurd. It will negatively impact the majority of true members, and all parties to the bankruptcy sale, debtors, seller and buyer.

      The bankruptcy judge better allow a simple opt-out email, or they may as well blow the whole deal. Is her decision final?

      Why is the AG making this such a big deal? What’s in it for him? Some politics? Is he somehow connected to the debtor or seller?

  2. Matt Says:

    I’m glad you are attempting to buy other dating properties. Do you think IAC has an unfair monopoly on the dating market and should be prevented from purchasing dating sites as well Markus?

  3. Virginia Says:

    I feel like the concern here is less that their user data be used with a new online dating site, and more that it can potentially be sold for more nefarious marketing purposes after the sale.

    To be fair, I assume that any and all data you plug into the online dating machine is no longer under your total control, ya know? I’m not the privacy-paranoid type (as an online dating coach, I couldn’t be if I wanted to continue to promote my business) so I just think you have to make your peace with the knowledge that your data will in part belong to whatever service you want to use.

  4. Jason Lee Says:

    You make an excellent point.The fact is that people agreed their profile was an assets. It’s a bit of an irony that true did background checks. Clearly that model won;t work in online dating.

    Jason Lee, MBA
    Editor, http://www.DatingWebsiteReview.net

  5. Scott Burzynski Says:

    Can someone please get ahold of Markus.I need to see if he will reinstate my username etc.Markus I made a mistake and commented about boobs.My mistake.It wont happen again.Plenty of fish has been good to me.I apologize.Sincerely Mr. Scott Burzynski.bruno111111 is my name.

  6. Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturers Says:

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  7. chester Says:

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  8. Robert Ewart Says:

    What is going on with my ability to get to my old account from years ago and a new from today? There is no reason to remove me and if there is a complaint I want to know who and what and proof. I have had some women on here get ruthlessly mean and they are still on here.

  9. Robert Ewart Says:

    Do you know what libel is if there is any that was sent to you about me please respond or become part of the lawsuit

  10. Datingsleuth.com Says:

    It would probably state in the terms and conditions if True.com has the right to sell private user data. Sticky situation for sure. But there def is no point in buying True.com if you don’t get these database of members lol…

  11. datingsleuth.com Says:

    It would probably state in the terms and conditions if True.com has the right to sell private user data. Sticky situation for sure. But there def is no point in buying True.com if you don’t get these database of members lol…

  12. CostaRicaRomance.com Says:

    How is it that the profiles are not treated as property? Seems like if one were to acquire the entire business, including the domain, software, data and associated IP, that the AG has no leg to stand on.

  13. 3DwhO Says:

    I am going to keep posting this comment until someone answers me!! I have tried messaging your company, I have tried private messaging the Facebook page, I have tried leaving a comment there and yet NO ONE has got back to me and the problem is STILL ongoing!!

    Under the Data Protection Act you are NOT to hold on to my details for more than six months after I close my account and when I tell you to close my account you should, believe it or not, CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!! Over a year ago I did this, yet one month ago I started to get your weekly ‘Matches’ emails again, meaning you had kept my account open contrary to my wishes and that you’d kept my personal details after I’d told you to close my account which meant you should’ve deleted them!! This means you’ve also breached the DPA!

    Of course you have no contact details on your website so the only way I could try to find some way to contact your company after starting to get these emails again was to log back in again! This was not my choice – you left me with no alternative because you don’t believe in customer service as you don’t have ANY such details on your webpage! After logging in I discovered the above means to contact your company and I’ve been doing so ever since.

    Your company has not even acknowledged me. So I will set this out in plain English for you:

    You will close my account.
    You will delete all details pertaining to me – EVERYTHING!
    You will do so immediately.
    If I do not get confirmation of this I will post this comment continuously.
    If you do say you’ve deleted it I’ll be checking!!
    If you fail to close my account and delete all my personal details immediately and continue to ignore me I will follow this through as a breach of the DPA and will be going back to my solicitor who has advised me thus far.

  14. Vinç Kiralama Says:

    Some are paying off debt with a spouse and others are going it alone.
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  15. WALT HOWE Says:


  16. kevinhall Says:

    i just become a member and ii cant remember my password

  17. alex tkachuk Says:

    What good is buying it if you couldn’t get the members:/

  18. mia fia Says:

    Several complaints about you…

    Many years ago you said on your site that you would never ask for a membership fee. Subsequently, you created an upgraded membership and it’s fee based,…SO YOU LIED.

    You used to have an instant message feature. You eliminated the feature and previously said on your site that since you eliminated it, you have more members and fewer jerks. What is that supposed to mean? Does it mean that if someone isn’t a jerk, that they’re more likely to join……..and if they ARE a jerk ( and you don’t define what you mean by a jerk) that they’re more likely to not join, or get off the site if they were already a member….ALL BECAUSE THE IM FEATURE WAS ELIMINATED? Do you think people are so stupid to believe this?

    Also, when a member complained about another, you would accept their complaints as ultimate truth and have the member being complained about thrown off your site, without any right to defend themselves. You completely ignore the possibilities that there could be other factors about the person being complained about, not mentioned in the complaint, that would exonerate them from any wrongdoing, OR the person making the complaint could be lying through their teeth.

    And since you won’t be replying to this, all I can do is assume what your reply would be if you made one. I would think you would say something like…. it’s your dating site and you can do whatever you want to. Yes Markus, that’s right, it is your site and you can do whatever you like.
    You can:

    Lie to people about what you’re not going to charge them for…. and charge them anyway.

    Make comments about why you eliminated features, and try to justify it by some cause and effect relationship, when you know there really isn’t any, and act as if people are stupid enough to believe you.

    Kick people off the site when they didn’t do anything wrong.

  19. k7x games Says:

    Thank you for your friendship and the time you spent. Those moments changed my day — heck, the rest of the year and then some. I appreciate your faith and perspective.

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