Adsense Breakdown

Its coming up on 8 years ago in a few weeks now since I posted a cheque for 900k for 2 months of adsense revenue.    I’m going to post the history of adsense from the day I added adsense to the site so that there is some context to how POF went from 1 pageview to billions.   Keep in mind by the time 2006 rolled around this was one revenue stream of many.    After I posted that cheque the site really exploded,  3 years later in May 2009 when I hired my first developer the site was  doing  2.2 Billion pageviews a month and we are over 10 billion a month today.    

Thinking back now I am amazed I was able to do what I did.   I spent at least 2 to 3 months of every year traveling,  and during this time there where insane scaling issues.  But somehow I still managed to create the largest dating site in the world without a single employee and travel the world!

I constantly hear from people that the cheque i posted back in 2006 inspired them to start a company,  I hope that this will continue to inspire people and for people to see success is not instant, it does take a little while and when you have a extremely successful company this is what the month by month looks like in the early days.

Click on the image to see the original adsense screen shot.



98 Responses to “Adsense Breakdown”

  1. hemant Says:

    wow that amount in 2006, hats off🙂

  2. Alex Ivanovs Says:

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing the revenue. I wonder if people are able to make that much these days?

  3. Alex Ursitoare Says:

    What the heck, close to half a mil in the last report from 188 mil ads views. That’s astonishing !

  4. Unethical Hacks Says:

    Very much an inspiration for many. I very much recall you posting the $900k cheque.

  5. Plenty of Fish Was Earning $500k from AdSense in 2006 | CodeCondo Says:

    […] today, the Plenty of Fish management team published a blog post that displays their annual earnings, starting from mid-2003, all the way to early-2006. I […]

  6. Arbaz Khan Says:

    This is really inspiring! Making nearly half a million from Google Adsense and that too in 2006 would have been a real feat.

  7. Francisco Dans Says:

    Very interesting to see the spike at the beginning of each year. New year resolutions? Thanks for posting this.

  8. Will Says:

    Plenty of fish may have had a good start, but what about the next 8 years. IMHO, they have a huge flaw in their model, which dooms them…

  9. Luke Says:

    How much is the site making now?

    Your traffic is about 50x today than it was at the end of this post. Are you doing 50x the revenues per month now as well?

  10. Patrick Coombe Says:

    So glad they decided to post this. Hats off to them for keeping an account open that long😉

  11. Mike Advidi Says:

    I remember the site was launched and I loved the business model being innovative for the dating market. You had a good vision and your went in it for the long haul. Great post!

  12. TR NS Says:

    How much were the hosting expenses to handle that many visitors at scale?

  13. Markus Frind for Startup President - Startups Anonymous Says:

    […] Stumbled across this gem from a Hackers News post: […]

  14. Munish kapoor Says:

    How manu users were there on plentyoffish in 2006.

  15. 8perezm Says:

    That’s amazing thank you for sharing it. Read your story in Inc. Very inspirational!

  16. 8perezm Says:

    If you were an actor you’d be receiving an Oscar.

    The achievement of running a 2.0 website with 2.2 billion page views with just one person managing it and whilst improving the site, seems to me amazing.

    I’ve tried bootstrapping with 200k visits a month and that was super tough.

    Dude if I could give you an award I would.

    You are a Legend

  17. Zakiyun Says:

    Dahsyat sungguh klu dapat cmni

  18. Alex Says:

    Stop slacking Markus. While the updated suffers from no user engagement. This blog, without posting in a year, starts spinning right away. Give people what they want, write where it’s heard. More on business insights, less on George Clooney.

  19. hopintop Says:

    this is awesome congrats to a job well done. looks to be well deserved. is there a certain strategy you are using that you would like to share?

  20. Yepi 4 Says:

    Your earnings amazing, congratulations.

  21. Frank Says:


  22. Lucy Says:

    As there is no other way to get in touch with you or your company… please tell your customer service team to deal with their “inbox” ive emailed 15 times in the last 2 weeks, along with my lawyer due to a false account on your website bearing my name and pictures.

  23. Майская лента: лучшее за месяц Says:

    […] • Markus Frind оглядывается назад и с трудом верит собственному успеху в построении Plenty of fish – самого популярного сайта знакомств в мире. […]

  24. kathy Says:

    silly me but i checked pof and i don’t see any ads on the side or the website or anywhere else..where are they? hidden somewhere? or maybe they’re so small i missed them?

  25. Hildegard Says:

    Hello I am not very happy with POF the web site will not allow me to send messages to anyone it says that i am not connected to my server or have internet. also i was supposed to go on a date and cannot chat with him and because of the problem i may loose him…i was also someone hacked into my profile so i deleted that one made new one that one worked for a day then next day same thing no messages being seen

  26. Cheryl VanPatten Says:

    I need help resetting my password. I have been locked out. I haven’t been able to find any contact information to get help.

  27. Says:

    awesome!! man

    great job u did started the site .. i know how hard is it .. to do
    and have the right focus to continued alone the work ..i hear u

    awesome post btw

    keep post like this ..really helps other great webmaster hope to continued man ..

  28. Cheryl VanPatten Says:

    I have asked help on June 24 and haven’t had any response. I have been blocked for some reason.

  29. Rafael Says:

    What’s up, everything is going sound here and ofcourse every
    one is sharing facts, that’s truly good, keep up writing.

  30. google ads work Says:

    google ads work

    Adsense Breakdown | Plenty of fish blog

  31. vanitylicenseplate Says:

    This site is a piece of shit

    “Why has my account been deleted?
    POF has 0 tolerance for users who are rude, upload fake pictures, married, use sexual language in their first email, upload nude photos or break our terms of service in any way. Any user caught doing so is deleted. Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again.”

    I did none of those and you still deleted my profile after 48 hours. I was in the middle of upgrading oh well has that cash in their bank now

    “Private Images?
    Only females can send private images. This feature was removed for men because of nudity.

    ROFL – have you SEEN some of the images being hidden, clearly not!

  32. 3DwhO Says:

    I am going to keep posting this comment until someone answers me!! I have tried messaging your company, I have tried private messaging the Facebook page, I have tried leaving a comment there and yet NO ONE has got back to me and the problem is STILL ongoing!!

    Under the Data Protection Act you are NOT to hold on to my details for more than six months after I close my account and when I tell you to close my account you should, believe it or not, CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!! Over a year ago I did this, yet one month ago I started to get your weekly ‘Matches’ emails again, meaning you had kept my account open contrary to my wishes and that you’d kept my personal details after I’d told you to close my account which meant you should’ve deleted them!! This means you’ve also breached the DPA!

    Of course you have no contact details on your website so the only way I could try to find some way to contact your company after starting to get these emails again was to log back in again! This was not my choice – you left me with no alternative because you don’t believe in customer service as you don’t have ANY such details on your webpage! After logging in I discovered the above means to contact your company and I’ve been doing so ever since.

    Your company has not even acknowledged me. So I will set this out in plain English for you:

    You will close my account.
    You will delete all details pertaining to me – EVERYTHING!
    You will do so immediately.
    If I do not get confirmation of this I will post this comment continuously.
    If you do say you’ve deleted it I’ll be checking!!
    If you fail to close my account and delete all my personal details immediately and continue to ignore me I will follow this through as a breach of the DPA and will be going back to my solicitor who has advised me thus far.

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  34. Kiralık Vinç Says:

    Your earnings amazing, congratulations.

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    not like our web site at all

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  50. Jack Thompson Says:

    I am being denied access to POF for some reason. I have not violated any POF TOS ( you can check my record ) .I am a 70 year old disabled Viet Nam USN / USMC Veteran and am a widower just looking for a companion.
    Can you help me ?

    Thank You ,
    Jack Thompson

    • POF Customer Service Says:

      Hi Jack, thank you for reaching out to POF. Sorry to hear you are having problems with POF, we are busy working to fix it. Be right back.

    • POF Customer Service Says:

      PS Sorry for the slight delay in reply but our Customer Service Team is very busy.

  51. Will Markus Frind reach the Billion Dollar Mark? Says:

    […] Fish was live and open to all users everywhere, and within the first month according to one of his blogs it shows his earnings of $7.60. That month possessed 493 page views with a 2.4 % click-through […]

  52. Says:

    really helps other great webmaster hope to continued man ..

  53. friv kids Says:

    Thank you sharing this post. LIKE

  54. Cara meningkatkan pendapatan google adsense Says:

    Hello admin

  55. Nelson batycki Says:

    Marcus, I posted to one of your other blogs back in 2007 and 2008when I started three websites at the same time. Relieved a check or two from them, but my three daughters ended up getting married with in 18 months … ” don’t ask! … Yes I went nuts”. Now I’m building another site and with no weddings to interrupt, I’m full steam ahead. I’m looking for some of your earlier posts. I just set up the site and now tweaking it up, and looking for your posts on SEO and driving content and traffic

  56. FO Says:

    PoF is just a mindfuck!

  57. FO Says:

    … like say someone said “hey, click on this mouse and for every click I will receive a few cents”, you’d tell ’em to fuck off. But hey, what if we make it pictures of pretty girls/guy and you think you may get laid….😉 keep clicking. Every time you go to answer a message there is someone ‘new’ to click on. And endless round of clicking and distraction going nowhere….

  58. Kizi 4 Says:

    I like it.

  59. Hyceinth Says:

    This is a lie. Nobody can make this kind of money with adsense. It is a pure lie. Lie This is lie lie lie liesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  60. Vicky Winders Says:

    What I want to know is why isn’t that money being put into protecting the users of pof? I cannot get identity theft issues taken care of without reaching out online and last time it took 4 attempts and 2 days. The police have no one to call to get information on investigations. IF YOU CANNOT PROTECT YOUR USERS, THEY WILL STOP VISITING THE SITE. Free or not, personal safety is more important than using pof.

    When the issues of someone committing a crime against me and using pof to do it hit our local newspaper and, hopefully, farther reaching, the bad publicity will be far more costly than pof just being available.

  61. Joe Says:

    Markus!, great post you have here!. But i think this tip would help your site, sure its doing awesome already…. but i think if you integrated your site with Facebook, like Zoosk does, but offer your same free membership, you will get alot more users. I notice people join zoosk locally that are not on pof, all because of facebook. Hope that helps.

  62. matyri Says:

    pof will delete your profile without warnings and for no valid reasons !!! if you try to recreate one, they will delete it again !! it’s full of fake profiles, and of racist and ignorant people !!!

  63. lostfisherwoman Says:

    Hi! This is the only place i found to leave a message for he creator of pof. I was just windering if i delete my p.o.f. account will the messages i sent to people before deleting be able to be read by said person? I would like this person to get my message but i want to delete my account because i have too many people messsaging me.

  64. James Says:

    Your site sucks! You will never make that money. 😉

  65. Make Money Says:

    Pretty part of content. I just stumbled
    upon your weblog and in accession capital
    to claim that I acquire actually loved account your blog
    posts. Any way I will be subscribing on your feeds and
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  66. danwe_ Says:

    is there a post on how the f*ck you went from 400pv to almost 200k one month after launch?🙂

  67. Arul Says:

    Wow.. What the hell is that?? Thank’s for sharing.

  68. Joshua Says:

    Someone has y
    Used my email to sign up for this and I want it removed immediately. I have no interest in this site I am in a happy relationship. Remove my email address immediatly.

  69. Harvey Wade Says:

    Whatever happened to the philosophy: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”? POF grew with leaps and bounds but now POF has placed a censorship on their site to limit who you can and cannot contact. I was told that I could only contact those 14 yrs older or younger than myself (69). My still best friend for 23 years and former fiancé for 8 yrs is 19 years my younger. When I try to msg someone I am given the message “why not try one of your matches”. Well, I tried one of my “matches” who was 50 and got the same advisement. I may be 69 but I look and act 55. If you believe that you should have the right to say no for yourself, I hope you contact POF and tell them so.

  70. Says:

    While it is free to use, PlentyOfFish offers premium services as part of their upgraded membership, such as seeing when a user profile was viewed, and allowing users to see whether a message has been read and/or deleted.

    • Sandy Lewis Says:

      I’m well aware of that. That’s totally besides the point. As I said, Markus said a while back that he would never charge for a membership. But the upgraded membership is fee based, SO HE LIED.

    • Sandy Lewis Says:

      And don’t you have a reply for any of my other complaints?
      What’s the matter? Do you think that maybe these complaints are TRUE?

  71. sandy lewis Says:

    Several complaints about you…

    Many years ago you said on your site that you would never ask for a membership fee. Subsequently, you created an upgraded membership and it’s fee based,…SO YOU LIED.

    You used to have an instant message feature. You eliminated the feature and previously said on your site that since you eliminated it, you have more members and fewer jerks. What is that supposed to mean? Does it mean that if someone isn’t a jerk, that they’re more likely to join……..and if they ARE a jerk ( and you don’t define what you mean by a jerk) that they’re more likely to not join, or get off the site if they were already a member….ALL BECAUSE THE IM FEATURE WAS ELIMINATED? Do you think people are so stupid to believe this?

    Also, when a member complained about another, you would accept their complaints as ultimate truth and have the member being complained about thrown off your site, without any right to defend themselves. You completely ignore the possibilities that there could be other factors about the person being complained about, not mentioned in the complaint, that would exonerate them from any wrongdoing, OR the person making the complaint could be lying through their teeth.

    And since you won’t be replying to this, all I can do is assume what your reply would be if you made one. I would think you would say something like…. it’s your dating site and you can do whatever you want to. Yes Markus, that’s right, it is your site and you can do whatever you like.
    You can:

    Lie to people about what you’re not going to charge them for…. and charge them anyway.

    Make comments about why you eliminated features, and try to justify it by some cause and effect relationship, when you know there really isn’t any, and act as if people are stupid enough to believe you.

    Kick people off the site when they didn’t do anything wrong.

  72. Gerschwin Says:

    I created an app that takes a picture with sound. Wanted to see about maybe a 2016 POF enhancement. Open to any thoughts

  73. phillip mccoy Says:

    I have set up 5 different accounts and everytime I get off enternet my account gets deleted. Why is it doing that

    • kirk Says:

      You got kicked off the site for some reason. POF doesn’t tell you that happened. But that’s what happens after you get kicked off and try to rejoin.

  74. Adsense – Adsense Says:

    […] Adsense Breakdown | Plenty of fish blog – Its coming up on 8 years ago in a few weeks now since I posted a cheque for 900k for 2 months of adsense revenue. I’m going to post the history of … […]

  75. Says:

    Sir, that is crazy earning you’ve earned. POF sold to Match Group, correct?

  76. Tally Says:

    crazy stats man


    I would just like to say that POS is the best dating app I’ve ever been on in my life I have been on here for over 4 years now and unlike other dating apps Marcus does not take somebody’s word when they turn you in to have you blocked and the website never crashes and I love the little fish that blows bubbles and it’s just an awesome app it’s put together great and Marcus does a wonderful job with it and despite the bad publicity that he’s been getting lately none of that is his fault like he tells you it’s up to you what do your honest and tell the truth on your profile if not then you have to face the consequences but by far I have recommended POF to all of my friends and the one guy I did fall in love with for 4 years came from POF as did all of my wonderful male friends I have thank you Marcus keep up the good work

  78. sandyclothing Says:

    can someone help increase the trafic to my site thank you!

  79. elliottkoch57814 Says:

    Eh come on la…must go motor as no other dates for road revision liao as all people book…haiz…. Click

  80. Misael Hernandez Says:

    hello I would like my money back I do not want to upgrade please refund my $39 thanks

  81. Richard Boyden Says:

    Rip off program! Haters of MALES women deleting accounts of men who point out FEMALE hypocrisy…Women can talk shit about men…treat men like shit and when they are “outed”…they come running to POF and the MALE account is deleted. PLENTY OF FREAKS run this program !

  82. Doubledare Says:

    I have a hughe problem. I hide my profile as I found the person I want to be with thanks to POF. My account was hacked and I have been receiving notifications that I have messages from up to 21 guys in 1 hour! When I tried to enter into my account, I was unable to, so I tried to send a re-set e-mail to my personal e-mail and I haven’t received anything. I think he change my e-mail to his and now hs a hold of my account!!! I’ve been trying to contact POF unsuccessfully as they require for me to log into my account, which is impossible!!! I just want my account deleted. My user name is Doubledare, so please spread the word. There were only 4 pictures in my profile, and that’s me, so I am afraid the hacker will do aomething and people is going to come aftwr me, not this annonimous piece of trash!!! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!

  83. FUn Says:

    Guys would be a lot better just ponying up for a hooker.

  84. FUn Says:

    There is a hidden statistic that the industry don’t want you to know: and that is that no guy has ever got his dick wet on an online ‘dating’ site. Guys should be boycotting these horseshit mindfuck, exploitative money-grabbing bullshit sites.

  85. POF aHole Says:

    I’ve got tits and a vagina and if you don’t dance to my tune I will BLOCK you and REPORT you to ‘Marcus’ and have your account deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. POF aHole Says:

    Seriously guys, stop making a fool out of yourself ‘pursuing’ these bitches. Let them stew in their own juice. POF is so crap it is not even worth trolling*

    *’troll’ profiles also make $$dollars$$ for ‘Marcus’😉 It is all about the ‘page impressions’ and ‘ad delivery’ you see😉

  87. POF aHole Says:

    I’ve been on POF EVERY DAY for FIFTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. POF aHole Says:

    Seriously guys, some of those bitches have been on that site longer than ‘Marcus’

  89. POF aHole Says:

    POF ‘audience refresh’ is like NEVER – same old, same old faces😀

  90. Earn Money By Placing Ads On Your WordPress Website | MH Themes Says:

    […] content for optimal conversion. In the early days, niche websites like Plenty of Fish would make anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 USD every month – just from Google […]

  91. Raul Snowder Says:

    Great beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept

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